01.12.21 YOU SUPPORT WHAT YOU SEND YOUR ENERGY TO--CREATE A BETTER REALITY FOR ALL. Hi, my old and new friends. I've missed you as I have had to focus on different things that were happening. I hope you are well and safe.
About a year ago, I was shown the social tumult that we see happening now. I was driving down the road when I saw it all, and I had to pull over to the side of the road so I could release all the emotion I felt when I saw it all. I was devastated.
I know many of you are confused and hurt and don't know what to think or who to believe right now. I want to tell you again, you are never alone, you are loved, and your soul groups know where you are and how you serve here on Earth as a lightworker.
One of the reasons I have recommended, so many times, studying the Ascended Master Jesus's advice in the Christ Letters was to help get you ready for what is happening now, and what will be happening in the future.
If you have studied the Christ Letters, you know that your reality is a function of your own thoughts and beliefs, creating an energetic response that designs and runs the set of circumstances you live in and deal with.
You also know that your own energy spins out beyonds you, and magnetically seeks energy of the same vibration to bond with. As my friend Nikola Tesla said, everything is about energy, frequency, and vibration.
Within the energy of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, as well as the hundreds of millions of lightworkers like you who are here anchoring light, there are innumerable choices for your energy to bond with, to create the reality you live in.
Humanity is in a mess in many regards. Whereas many Third Density civilizations ascend to Fourth Density positive while they are still in their hunter-gatherer stages, Humanity is hundreds of thousands of years overdue for their own ascension process.
I was updated last week, and the Ascension Harvest is still scheduled for sooner rather than later (yes, the month and year is known to those who need to know it). Our collective efforts as lightworkers can make this Ascension Transition a little easier, or a lot harder.
When your light energy spins out beyond you and seeks similar energy with which to bond, it is so important that your energy is that of light, and not human darkness. This is the reason I have spoken before about propaganda and its effects on Humanity and lightworkers.
Working together, if we all send out light energy at high frequencies, we can raise the very low vibration of the Collective Consciousness right now. But, if you are caught up in the Human drama, politics, and conspiracy theories, you aren't sending out light energy.
Since everything in Creation is sorted by its "harmonic resonance," or vibration, the way to change the situation here is not to focus on the micro, or macro, tumult that is going on here. It is to RAISE THE VIBRATION, so that the tumult can no longer exist.
I've told you before how the planetary vibration of Earth had to be lowered from the very beginning to facilitate Duality, which is a system which offers the widest variety of both dark and light choices, in order to facilitate souls' achieving polarity of dark or light.
This was the basic issue, which gave way to more issues, which have stunted Humanity's ability to move forward towards their own Ascension to Fourth Density, negative or positive.
As we move forward in this Ascension Transition, now that the frequency fence that kept humanity in isolation was removed, there will be greater influences of both the light and the dark here from other places, trying to sway souls to follow them.
If you could see through the energetic veils that keep this planet in Third Density status, you would see tens of thousands of ships hanging in space around the planet, as we have called in help to stabilize the vibration and try to raise it, to help Humanity during this period.
It will become more and more difficult, as we move through this period, to know who is telling the truth and who is gaslighting you and trying to make you feel like nothing you do matters. I will offer a couple of suggestions to help you sort through the propaganda:
First of all, anyone who is asking you to ignore or act against the concepts of the Law of One--that of Living in Service to Others by extending unconditional love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment to all, is not trustworthy.
Anyone who is asking you to "other" yourself, to blame, to hate, to condemn, anyone who does not look or think like you, is asking you to live in Service to Self, not Service to Others. Anyone who is asking you to participate in violence is doing the same.
I ask you for your help, on behalf of Humanity, to raise the vibration by seeking out ways to love and serve the most vulnerable, the most needy, the most impressionable, among us, in whatever way you are able to serve them.
Your Service to Others, your living the Law of One, will ensure that your own energy spins as pure light, at a high vibration, and protects you as well as raising the energy of the Collective Consciousness.
Your living the Law of One will also ensure that the energy field around your body--your auric field--will support all of your body's energetic portals (your chakras) opening, so that you can be continuously nurtured by high vibration energy coming into you.
I know that it is hard to focus on Service when there is so much opportunity to focus on really awful things that are going on, and that may, in some cases, get worse. But, you protect yourself and your family by focusing on raising your own vibration by your Service to Others.
Nothing that is going on here on Earth was unforeseen. There is no need to worry about it, as this Ascension Transition period was meticulously planned. There is no possibility the light will not prevail. We have every scenario covered in multiple ways, with multiple souls.
Rather than fixating on the negative, I ask you to concentrate on your Service, on your own vibration, and Let It Be.
Those of you who have been with me for awhile know how much I love music. In fact, the music of this planet is enjoyed throughout the galaxy. And today, I'm going to leave you with a song that is has been around a long time.
This song, I hope, will remind you, not to worry, and to focus on the energy of light and not darkness. Much love to you all, my dear friends.

• • •

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