FB live: Kenney defends “consolidating the administration of the investment of” teacher’s pensions. “The taxpayer is on the hook” if ATRF mismanages funds, he says. Correct me if I’m wrong, but ATRF didn’t lose billions over the last year. #ableg
Says teachers should be grateful they have the security of defined pensions. Suggests it’ll save $20 million by consolidating administration and ATRF still gets to direct AIMCO.
Lots of questions about contact tracing. As noted in Dr. Hinshaw’s update today, contract tracers are catching up - now only 47% of infections from unknown sources, down from 80% in November.
Movement to shut down the conservative voice? Kenney says freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democratic society. Says if diversity is meaningful, it must include diversity of thought.
If you’ve ever expressed an opinion that is now politically incorrect you’re subject to attacks, he says. Also re Danielle Smith saying he doesn’t know why she couldn’t talk about certain subjects on her show. I recommend her response - she explicitly said it wasn’t her employer
But if public complaints had anything to do with Smith keeping her uneducated opinions out of the public sphere, I will gladly take a bow. politicalrnd.ca/2020/07/31/ana…
Why can 30 kids get together but not us adults? Kenney says it’s a structured environment with multiple layers of protection and there’s a chain of command; no socializing, symptom screens, action plans etc. Talks about the friend of a friend plying poker who took Covid to work.
Says Mr. Covid ads are aimed at the living room spread (paraphrased - health professionals have called it that). In classroom instruction is critically important for social and mental health.
Except for home schoolers of course - I said that, he didn’t.
If Trudeau calls an election how will that affect oil and gas? Kenney stutters and stumbles. Says the Libs are supported by the NDP and it’s a stable govt. Says he sees no reason for the PM to dissolve govt and last time PM campaigned against oil and gas
Oil well reclamation. Says thousands of jobs have been created and hundreds of wells have been created. Ooooh open pit coal mines. Kenney says they’ve been operating for 140 years all through the mountains. No biggie (my interpretation)
Says mines won’t be approved if not environmentally sound. Says we desperately need jobs. Says “there’s city folks” who “want to shut down oil and gas and all of it”. Dude has not read the rural room advocating for protection of environment.
Says Piikani First Nation is trying to get one approved and we should not stand in their way. Says maybe the person asking has been receiving emails from orgs asking for money like the Defend our Parks people. Yeesh
Metaphorically speaking, unless you’re living in a mud hut, you rely on metallurgical steel, he says. Do people still have to quarantine after a negative tests before they crossed the border? Yes. Once you’re here you’re under the 14 day requirement or the intl entry pilot
Prediction for the economy? Kenney says he’s an optimist. 2020 set a record for venture capital, we’re seeing record production in oil sands. As we come out of pandemic “there’s a lot of pent up cash out there” he says.
Says AB increased funding for ASIRT and ALERT (might have screwed that last acronym - sorry).
Freedom has always been the guiding value of Canada and Kenney says he has not enjoyed restricting freedoms under Covid - was a last resort only.
People asking why the govt added restrictions in Nov and Dec. Kenney says here’s some charts - look at the increase in infections and hospitalizations. Doesn’t mention it could have been avoided had he acted earlier but says we’re not out of the woods yet.
And that’s it - says he hopes to do one a week, schedule permitting.

And the benefit of not scheduling these in advance is that no one knows it was supposed to begin a half hour earlier.

• • •

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More from @Mitchell_AB

24 Oct 20
Oh no - I uploaded a video so I have to break the thread:

Jk says 1400 people attended the virtual AGM.

He says his caucus the best group he’s ever worked with even though he was also part of Harper’s cabinet.
Jason Kenney speaking style #UCPAGM2020

Telling a story about David Thompson who explored and mapped Alberta. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of his Métis wife.

Reading some quotes. Said Thompson was overwhelmed by the mountains and how to get to the west coast
JK: we face obstacles with the pandemic and economic issues. Like Thompson we don’t have a map but with principles, like personal responsibility and care for the vulnerable, we will make it through.

Think of the hundreds of thousands of Albertans here by choice
Read 57 tweets
24 Oct 20
Erin O’Toole is back to chat with the #UCPAGM2020 crowd. As soon as he stops talking about himself, I believe he’s going to do a Q&A.

He says if you’d have said “Wexit” five years ago, people would have looked at you funny. But says this is what 5yrs of Liberals gets you:
EOT “only in Canada would we want to put people on the CERB rather than putting people back to work.”
Says Canada shut down the pandemic early warning system and had to rely on “open data from China”.
EOT says Canada got everything wrong with pandemic response. Says Kenney has done far better than Ottawa.

Says AB “graciously” hosted the Stanley Cup and didn’t have any COVID cases.

EOT doesn’t follow what’s happing in the province outside of Kenney’s updates it seems
Read 46 tweets
17 Oct 20
Back to the #UCPAGM2020 part... four in my tweet threads I believe

Moderators have apparently found missing videos of resolution proposals. So we’re catching up with those a little late...
What the GIF. Anyway.

Update Article 8 - two changes to CA creation and operation

More missing videos 😬

Rationale: again allow CAs flexibility when President of CFO is unavailable please

Nay: who is in charge? Designate or CFO? Too confusing needs to be more precise
None in favour yet

Nay: additionally, phraseology issues, typical agenda language is overreach.

Read 19 tweets
17 Oct 20
And back to governance policy!!! I won’t be able to move my hands tonight. #UCPAGM2020

Committees again. Fundraising.

Yea: these are building a structure to assist elected council

Nay: fundraising committee is party only. Party is saying vote no.
Rebuttal: should be part of the role of fundraising executive to coordinate fundraising with 87 CAs


Each constitutional document is focussed on one particular aspect of the governance of the party and association. Should have Simple majority to pass
Yea: Article 10 is convoluted. Let’s get the documents in this year and fix it next year.

Nay: we didn’t know how the voting platform would work, now we do.

Was garbled.

Nay: doesn’t work, 50%+1 is adequate so we don’t have major obstacles
Read 27 tweets
17 Oct 20
Back for a Q&A from Kenney at the #UCPAGM2020
Q: masks don’t work can you and Dr. Hinshaw make a statement against Dr. Tams recommendations?

Jk: I’ve been critical of Dr.Tam when she gave bad advice, most of which came from WHO.
Jk: China restricted travel within China but encouraged travel out of the country. We don’t have a mask mandate here in the province.

Q: is there anything we can do to combat the federal anti-pipeline regulations?
Jk: TC Energy would like to invest and reduce the gas glut in AB. The province made recommendation and The federal govt has been sitting on it. They need pipelines. We’ve been approving in less than a year provincially. Longer pipelines needed, but under federal jurisdiction
Read 32 tweets
17 Oct 20
It’s that time again - governance policy! #UCPAGM2020

We’ve been warned that chat must remain respectful and unparliamentary language or disruption will be dealt with a warning and potential removal.

Seems I missed something last night...
Page 36 - SR-01
Cleaning up language in the policy book.

Probably not the fun kind.

If you’re following along, policy debates are the original grammar police where people fight over the placement of commas, adding and removing one or more words for clarity.

Moving the principles into its own constitutional document and out of policy declaration.

No one currently wants to speak against but we do have a speaker in favour.

Yay: just housekeeping but remember we need 75% for this to pass.

That’s 75% of whoever is here..
Read 38 tweets

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