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Today, @SPhillipsAB announced that Alberta has created the conditions for 4.8 cent-per-kilowatt-hour solar energy. This news cements solar energy's place in any future scenario of affordable electricity in Alberta. #ableg #abpoli
Really, the only way that solar gets shut out going forward would be a government in denial about solar's part in our lowest-cost mix of electricity, whose members harbour irrational animus against solar or renewables.
Unfortunately, that is on offer in 2019. A few examples as evidence.
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I don’t like to get all hyperbolic, throwing around the word “game-changer” too often… but holy crap! Solar in Canada for 4.8 cents (3.6 US)?!? This *is* a Game Changer. #ableg #absolar…

To put this in perspective, I offer the following tweets…
1/ Last year I did some analysis for CanSIA on the relative value of wind and solar in Alberta. An issue with AB’s REP is that it does a great job of procuring lowest *cost* resources, but doesn’t distinguish differences in *value*…
2/ Why do wind & solar have different values? In short, because they produce power at different times. Wind tends to blow in the evening and tends not to correlate well with peak demand (see this week). Solar also struggles in winter but its daily pattern better matches demand.
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"Am I going to be asked tomorrow if I was on the grassy knoll?" @jkenney's defensive, victim-minded reply to fair questions simply asking to clarify his comment, "people of modest level of human capital".

Key words: defensive; victim-minded

#ABPoli #ABLeg
On the one hand, it's not inspiring leadership to react defensively, nor as if victimized.

Imagine this mentality & behaviour at the table discussing major issues with major consequences.

#ABPoli #ABLeg
Or, just imagine how you'd take it if anyone you hired, or the person at the drive-through window, spoke to you like this if you questioned anything they said or did.

On the other hand, he started with, "I'm happy to take your questions."

#ABPoli #ABLeg
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Since Tuesday’s meeting where the @albertaNDP and @Alberta_UCP voted together to cut funding for smaller parties in #ableg, I've run a few scenarios. Now that we know the final formula, it's actually worse that I thought. Here's some background on this:… /1
Under the NDP/UCP plan, as majorities get bigger, proportionately less money goes to small opposition parties, even if they reach the new magic number of four MLAs for official party status #ableg /2
This could be a mistake that comes from not paying attention to the details, but given the subcommittee tasked with coming up with a new formula has been working on this for more than *two years* it sure looks like a deliberate attempt to disadvantage smaller parties #ableg /3
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I feel the need to address one aspect of The Rebel Media’s recent video which allegedly “exposes” the two NDP MLAs who were involved in sexual misconduct investigations. The facts are extremely distorted in this video. #ableg #abpoli 1/5
Aside from my many issues with this coverage - having read the court file, there is no indication an “affair” took place between Deron Bilous and Heather Sweet. Bilous’ wife was absolutely fine with this casual relationship that took place while the couple were not together. 2/5
I invite anyone who can to view these documents to see this for themselves. To stretch this into “evidence” that these are the two NDP MLAs who were investigated for sexual misconduct is shoddy journalism - end of story. 3/5
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A thread. Minimum wage needs to be a living wage regardless of who is applying. 25+ yrs ago I was a teen in Alberta. At the age of 12 I desperately took any work I could get. We were poor. 3 kids raised by a single mom. #abpoli #minimumwage #ableg…
Most of the money I made went to food. Anything I had to spare went to personal hygiene and other necesities. There was no extra’s. I babysat. I detailed neighbours cars. I cleaned houses. Yard work, shovelled snow, pooper scooped and any other odd jobs people would pay me for.
I was looking forward to 16 when I could a ‘real’ job making ‘real’ money. Imagine my devastation when I had collected references and built a killer resume out of all my odd jobs, distributed that to every employer in town only to find that I was only entitled to a ‘student wage’
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Was this the first time @edmontonjournal put menstruation on the front page? But @NoWomanWithout is the second #yeg non-profit formed recently to collect menstrual products (see also All Cycles YEG).
It's part of a growing global discussion #yegcc #ableg…
Women and trans folk in shelters aren't the only ones impacted. Low-income girls who can’t access enough products are likely to miss school. Any woman surprised by an unpredictable period in public faces a desperate scramble. #yegcc #ableg (2/...)
New York City made emergency tampons/pads free in schools, jails and shelters. @TorontosMayor declared last May 28 "Menstrual Hygiene Day" and several university campuses now stock backup product. #yegcc #ableg (3/...)

(Didn't ask @doniveson his plans 😏)
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A lot of people are interested in the mess the the @AlbertaParty got itself into under the ELECTION FINANCES AND CONTRIBUTIONS DISCLOSURE ACT (the "Act"). A few thoughts. (Thread) 1/
When is an application timely? The Act is confusing. When a nominee has failed to comply with the requirements, the CEO is to file a "report" with the Speaker and that report must be brought before the Assembly within 15 days of the commencement of next sitting. 2/
The Act doesn't make clear what the Assembly is to do with the report. But if the speaker lays the report before the Assembly, the nominee may apply to the QB for relief. This seems to be specific and to address the @AlbertaParty's problem. 3/
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Some nuance here with the January employment changes: the drop is largely self-employment rather than employees. #ableg
But, and this is perhaps the most concerning graph from me this morning... the "gap" between where AB employment is and where it "needs" to be has increased dramatically, and for prime-age/older workers. Now ~60k. Second recession starting? #cdnecon #ableg
Here's a more detailed look at employment rates by age/sex in Alberta. Young men continue to fall, now ~12.5% below Oct 2014 (when recession started).
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Because, apparently, I'm back jumping in the mud on twitter, let me tell you a little @jkenney story. And no, this is not going where you think it's going. 1/n #ableg
During the PC leadership race, I learned that @jkenney was repeatedly mentioning me in his stump speeches, using a quote a bit out of context, etc. This was new territory for me. 2/n
@jkenney was giving a speech in Edmonton, and so I decided I should go check it out. After all, it's not every day you get quoted in a political speech. 3/n
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Your daily reminder that five vetted UCP nomination candidates made blatant Islamophobic remarks.

One opposed a local mosque saying it is like, "jailing the bank robbers in the bank vault." Another shared a post calling for Islam to be banned. #ableg

I am seeing a number of pundits claim that the UCP is not responsible for these candidates or for a rise in Islamophobia and hate speech

That's bullshit.

The UCP has disqualified more candidates for racism/homophobia that are *named* Todd then the NDP, AB, and Liberals combined
Cindy Ross was UCP candidate for Calgary - Fish Creek. In 2015, she made racist comments in response to an Islamic center being constructed in Fort McMurray.

Below are screenshots of some of her comments. She was not condemned by the UCP and her nomination was allowed to stand.
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It's time to talk about the right wing NDP shaming I see in Alberta. The NDP government took power after 44 years of PC's, and had their work cut out for them. They took power in the middle of a major recession, and were stuck with decades of infrastructure and health shell games
The PC's played hide the debt extremely well. Defer costs here, avoid upgrades there, freeze spending in another place. Shift costs to contracts instead of employees to make it look like labour spending was lower than it was. It takes money to fix that sort of mismanagement.
After 4 years, the NDP government has spent the money they had to to fix what needed to be fixed. They've done so with fiscal restraint in mind.
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The carbon tax made me stop using my clothes dryer. I now rack dry, and my clothes don’t wear out as fast. The #carbontax is helping me save money!
Because of the #carbontax I think more about where things come from. That makes me look for more local product & support Alberta producers.
Because of the #carbontax I now walk more to local shops and support our local economy. Less Bug Box & more #ShopLocal
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@Prem_S I smelled a rat when the blue dodge never got jacked up. Not even a levelling kit, ffs.
@Prem_S I also find it funny your media relations training team from Toronto told prospective candidates that Edmontonians are simple people and easier to manipulate than those back home in Toronto.
@Prem_S As well, if you think reminding your prospective candidates that they ought to remove tropical holiday pictures from FB so as not to sound out of touch with struggling Albertans means they won’t clue in you guys are out of touch, think again.
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As bad as it looked (Doug trying to pass off a UCP member who had considered running for leader as a random struggling small business owner he had met while campaigning), it was actually far worse than first appeared. h/t to @HandmaidAlberta for some fine sleuthing. #ableg 1/?
First, let's meet Dr. James D. Trofimuk, a Calgary dentist who briefly considered running for UCP leader. Here's a glimple of Dr. James' website as archived on the wayback machine. 2/?
It turns out Dr. James balked at the entrance fee and subsequently decided not to run for UCP Leader. Don Braid's column about this has been previously posted (thanks, again, @HandmaidAlberta!) but here it is again ICYMI. 3/?…
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Edmonton rolled out a juicy bonus this month for local homeowners looking to upgrade windows, furnaces and insulation.

But I’ll let you in on a secret. No one thinks this is a silver bullet.… #yegcc #yeg #ableg
#yeg will top up the carbon-tax rebate by an additional 20% for furnaces, windows, insulation... (as it does for solar).
But the bump-up is expected to convince all of 300 homeowners to take action this year (that's 300 of 300,000 eligible properties).
#yegcc #ableg
More is needed and the math shows why.
Read details on the upcoming pilot to get homeowners access to low-interest loans, paid off on the property tax bill.

Also, can we fix how electrical bills currently discourage conservation? Thoughts?… #yegcc #ableg
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Dear #ableg:

Please understand that if I wake up tomorrow morning with some random Kenney fanboy/sock puppet account appearing in my @s trying to stare me down and silence me, I will respond in exactly the same fashion that I did today: I will hit back. 1/?
I have spent almost all my life involved in political action of some sort: fighting to provide children hot lunches in school; fighting for pay equity; fighting against discrimination; fighting for FNIM rights. I have always had to punch up. 2/
I have been called every name in the book. I have had 999 mediocre white men tell me I'm not good enough and then stood there in amazement as they stole my ideas, using my exact damned words and taking credit for it. And those were my allies. 3/
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Albertans don’t care who you live with. Nor do we care what party a lawyer ran for when he was 22. But we do care that our tax dollars are not wasted. That’s clear as mud in the 1500+ comments on this article. /thread #ableg #cdnpoli…
Jason Kenney has posted 82 messages on this controversy over the last 36 hours. We still lack the basic facts to prove that Kenney paid for his primary residence in Calgary and that he deserves $10,000 of our tax dollars per year for his secondary condo in Ottawa. #ableg #cdnpoli
Let’s give Kenney the benefit of the doubt that: (1) that his primary residence was in the basement of his mother’s retirement home in Calgary; (2) Kenney’s secondary residence was a condo near Parliament in Ottawa, and (3) Kenney paid his mother rent. #ableg #cdnpoli
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STATEMENT: I cannot even begin to explain what the last 24 hours have been like… I received my first death threat (a man told me I should be hanged)… (1/8) #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
I’ve been harassed relentlessly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… I’ve been told I should be fired and disbarred… (2/8) #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
And—I’ve been called every name in the book (including: a “liar”, “nasty”, an “idiot”, a “low life”, “deplorable”, a “fraud”, a “pyscho”, a “pinhead”, “creepy”, a “fag” and an “asshole”). (3/8) #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
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The child is napping and I have some thoughts on this news given my familiarity both with the folks breaking elections financing law and the elections financing laws themselves. #ableg
Both the Alberta and federal governments have introduced laws to regulate elections advertising. This is, by and large, a good thing. We don’t want billionaires buying elections.
So how did the Alberta government do this specifically? They put financial reporting requirements on orgs doing political/election advertising and introduced spending limits around elections.
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THREAD (1/13) Today @RachelNotley gave an update on the Calgary Cancer Centre. I'd heard about the project's crazy history so I decided to look into it. Here's what I found: #ableg #yyc
(2/13) Lougheed opened The Tom Baker Cancer Centre on Oct. 23, 1981. According to the Herald, there were "20,000 patients from across Southern Alberta on its admission roles (sic)" and this was expected to grow by 10% each year for the following 5 years.
(3/13) The Tom Baker reached capacity in 2003 (yes... 2003!) and it was no secret that the government needed to build a new facility. In 2005, the PC Health Minister said she thought the idea of a new centre was a "done deal"
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Just in: A poll from Edmonton firm Advanis finds that 73% of Albertans support the province's Bighorn Country proposal, while only 16% oppose. 11% neither oppose nor support. #ableg #abparks
The poll was conducted between Dec. 10 and 19 and included a sample size of 1,077 randomly selected respondents. News release says this is considered to adequately represent the population with a margin of error of +/- 3%, 19 times out of 20. #ableg
Apparently, support crosses party lines, with the majority of UCP and NDP supporters A-OK with the proposal, says Advanis. #ableg
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I remember how he sometimes struggled to champion decency and civility in the legislature. I remember when I was covering the #ableg during the Bill 44 debate, and how he agonized between loyalty to the party line and pushing for greater acceptance of LGBQT rights.
He could be generous and responsive to a fault. When he was minister of health, I remember being at an event, where people buttonholed him with their frustrations with the health care system. He gave his phone number to everyone & pledged to investigate their cases individually.
But I think the role in the #ableg he enjoyed most wasn't as a cabinet minister, but as a speaker, where his talents as a teacher and master of ceremonies really shone. (And TBH, I think the ham & performer in him loved the pomp & circumstance, too.) #ableg
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1/ If after reading all the accusations and evidence surrounding @jkenney's illegal activities, you still want to vote for him, you aren't looking out for Alberta's best interests. You're buying into lies, cheating, and deviant behavior at Alberta's cost #ableg #abpoli #yeg
2/ @jkenney has proven time and time again that his interests come before Alberta's. He came here campaigning to be the #pcaa leader while still receiving his MP pay from Ottawa. He's paid others to run suicide campaigns to dirty up his rivals to ensure a win. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
3/ @jkenney promised Albertans that he would stay humble and earn every vote, but we're learned he's done just the opposite. He's cheated, lied, paid people off, ran illegal campaigns, and took illegal donations. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
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