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Few backbenchers like party discipline. That's well known. The most common response, though, is to focus on constituency service. Just see David Docherty's Mr Smith Goes To Ottawa for one of the first, comprehensive research statements on this
#abpoli #ableg
At this point, I can't help but conclude that, in the most recent case of chafing against party discipline in #abpoli #ableg, the MLA in question is fundamentally failing her constitutents. Their job, quite literally, is to physically represent their constituents in the Leg
Not liking party discipline isn't an excuse. Tensions with party leadership isn't an excuse. Dropping a bomb on media and then going radio silent? Really bad form -- what are constituents supposed to think about their rep's commitment to doing her job? #abpoli #ableg
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Conservatives in #ableg may be mystified by the apparent unwillingness of the LGBTQ community to "give them an inch" when it comes to matters related to human sexuality - be that GSAs, Sex Ed curricula, or other related topics. There's a reason for this. /1
It's a long series of betrayals that go back decades. But I'll start with the early 1990s, when Delwin Vriend was fired from his job for being gay. /2
It would be 1998 before the final SCC ruling on this case. Nearly a full decade where it remained perfectly legal in Alberta to fire someone because they were gay. The Alberta government fought including homosexuality under its rights legislation the entire way. /3
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I’ve compiled a list of donors, candidates and supporters of @jkenney’s party who’ve been caught making sexist, racist or homophobic remarks (or who’ve been caught palling around with sexists, racists or homophobes). What is wrong with this party? (1/12) #yyc #ableg #cdnpoli
Adam Strashok operated an online store that sold white supremacist and neo-Nazi memorabilia. [Source: Press Progress] (2/12) #yyc #ableg #cdnpoli
Nicole Williams posed for photos with the Soldiers of Odin. The Soldiers of Odin are a racist vigilant group that disseminates anti-immigrant and anti-refugee propaganda. [Source: Press Progress] (3/12) #yyc #ableg #cdnpoli
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Are there any non-white journalists/columnists that cover the Alberta legislature?

Seven vetted UCP candidates have made racist comments and a key member of Kenney's leadership campaign is a white supremacist.

I feel like this is not getting the coverage it deserves. #ableg
I mean look here:

"former campaign worker with alleged ties to white supremacists"

Why is it 'alleged' when there are posts of him making white supremacist statements and being a member of white supremacist groups.…
Whether you like this source or not it clearly shows that Adam Strashok lead a key part of Jason Kenney's war room. It's also clear that he is an open white nationalist.

There really isn't anything else here.…
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A question I always find myself wanting to ask capitalists, people who believe that "work is the best form of welfare", conservatives, and the assorted enablers of these discourses and systems:

How are your politics any different from eugenics, really? #onpoli #ableg
When you say that people "should get a job", you are tacitly admitting that you're fine with the commodification of the necessities of life.

Do you genuinely believe people who don't work should starve to death? Shouldn't have housing, water, heat, let alone pleasure?
Are you really so heartless, so callous, so lacking in compassion that you think people's lives are expendable on the basis of their "productivity" and "work ethic"?

Do you not understand how that makes you a terrible human being, and how that cannot be a baseline for society?
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You know, we post a lot of memes about Trump. Silly memes, angry memes... But there's really nothing to laugh at. Trump is a monster. And the people around him? They are monsters too. #USPolitics #cdnpoli #AbLeg #abpoli 1/19
Brazil has just elected a fascist. A more open monster, but I am not sure if he is really any worse. And in Ontario, with Doug Ford, the incompetent fascist regime has been elected. #onpoli #cdnpoli 2/19
Two more parties sit convincing people they are the governments in waiting; Jason Kenney's UCP, and Andrew Scheer's CPC. They are all cut from the same cloth. Don't let the smiles and dimples fool you. 3/19
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Thread) In light of some of the comments on this post and the unwillingness of the PMO to address why this candidate is an issue for folks let’s clear some stuff up
@liberal_party and @JustinTrudeau you have consistently framed yourself as a party that believes and supports survivors yet you actively campaign and champion a man found responsible for an act of sexual harassment. Why? Because you want a seat in Calgary.
His nomination was uncontested and so I’m going to guess you actively discouraged others from running for his seat. Calgary Center has historically been a safe seat for moderates so doubtful you would have struggled for a replacement. So this is the candidate you wanted.
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Let's put aside the weak attempts at deflection from the #UCP for a second and look objectively at how this party manages to attract far right/alt right groups. #abpoli /1
It's not secret that Jason Kenney has long been a hardline SoCon. Prior to being elected, he had a long career as a speaker on the shadowy anti-abortion talk circuit. /2
That makes him attractive to hardline religious groups that are generally opposed to LGBTQ rights and women's rights (especially WRT medical access). /3
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How much longer are we going to give the @Alberta_UCP the benefit of the doubt?

I've been keeping track and *thirteen* separate candidates have made racist, homophobic, or anti-Science comments. This is a consistent trend.

Let me show you #ableg

First, some context. Every candidate has *passed* the UCP vetting process for candidates. This means that their background was looked into and they were approved before their comments came to light.

Read more here:…
I started noticing this trend a few months ago so I decided to sit down and put together an excel sheet tracking UCP candidates. So far:

- 7 have made racist comments
- 2 have made homophobic comments
- 3 have posed with the soldiers of Odin
- 2 have made anti-science comments
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Hey @NoLore , a while ago you asked me how many degrees of separation there are between the United Conservative Party and the white supremacist vigilante gang, the Soldiers of Odin.

The answer is zero.

Edmonton West Henday UCP candidate @nbwilliams21 seen with SoO.
Leila Houle and @LanceSCoulter seen taking photographs with thugs who are wearing their hoods in public.

To those keeping score, that means all three UCP candidates for Edmonton West Henday broke bread with white supremacists. #ableg #cndpoli

They're wearing their colours. Ignorance is no excuse.
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The Soldiers of Odin, a white supremacist vigilante gang, had a great night at the West Henday constituency association UCP pub night at Brown's Social House on Friday night. They want to thank all those who came out and to the UCP candidates for their support. 1/x #ableg
Here are Soldiers of Odin members, clearly marked with their patches, colours and hats posing for a photo with UCP West Henday nomination candidate @nbwilliams21 #ableg 2/x
@nbwilliams21 Here are Soldiers of Odin members, in their hats and with their patches, with UCP West Henday nomination candidate Leila Houle. #ableg 3/x
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I’ve compiled a timeline detailing @jkenney’s 30 year fight against women’s reproductive rights. Please think long and hard before you allow this man to make decisions about women’s health care, contraceptives, sex education and abortion. (1/43) #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
February 1990: Jason Kenney attempts to silence pro-choice activists at the University of San Francisco. (2/43) #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
May 1998: Jason Kenney attends an anti-abortion rally in Ottawa. Kenney appears in his capacity as co-chair of the Pro-Life Caucus (PPLC). (3/43) #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
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1/ So @jkenney, who has zero mandate to make deals on behalf of AB with foreign interests, is in India.

He talks to the infrastructure minister about leveraging the private sector re highways. Kenney, who couldn't understand the Carillion bankruptcy proceedings.

#ableg #ABpoli
2/ And he seems to have misrepresented himself as a minister. But, hey, we all pretend to be something we're not, right? Normal for a party leader to embarrass themselves like that, isn't it?

@UCPCaucus seems to think so. Doesn't seem to understand the ethics issue.
3/ So Kenney moves on to talk AB oil and gas with India's oil execs. We are told in his tweets about how great this market is as target for export.

JK still doesn't understand that we have no trouble finding markets; we can't get our product to them. So what assurances is he
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Jason Kenney's UCP are defending a candidate for nomination who said a Mosque would be a threat to Alberta's natural resources.

Why are they justifying her hateful views from just 3 years ago, instead of standing up for Albertans?

#abpoli #ableg #abndp…
Wait. There's more.

In December 2015, Cindy Ross said,
“Why is it the police and government are on the muslim side?”

And, she said, "this democracy thing" is "an illusion.”

Does Jason Kenney still want to keep Cindy Ross on the ballot?

#ableg #abpoli #abndp
In December 2015, Cindy Ross wrote,

“Stop sharia law creep in its tracks...Stop being so concerned about being politically correct. The faith itself says to kill the non Muslim (the correct Muslim) believers.”

Why is Jason Kenney standing by Ms. Ross?
#ableg #abpoli #abndp
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What irks me is the same people who started #boycottAW and #boycottEarls and #boycottTimHortons are the same people who are calling for this Ford vision of "free speech." In their mind, staging boycotts on businesses they deem don't support oil or Alberta beef are fine. >
But when students protest, peacefully, the speaking engagements of people like Faith Goldy, then suddenly they clutch their pearls and shout "Free speech," as though what free speech means is that horrid views deserve a platform at public institutions. <
#ableg #abpse #cdnpse
Actually, I'm not done. Apparently, this is going to be a rant.

Part of what universities do is teach students to become engaged citizens, active participants in society and politics. Part of that can mean peaceful protest. >
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At the office of MP Deepak Obhrai, who will be joined by a journalist allegedly attacked by UCP supporters last weekend. #yyc #ableg #cdnpoli
A statement from the MP says the journalist was attacked following an outdoor concert in the northeast, and was triggered "by the journalist's views on a UCP nomination". Recently there was a case of alleged ballot stuffing during a nomination process #ableg #yyc
Journalist Kumar Sharma (left) says a group of men attacked him last weekend following a concert
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To understand the kind of politics we're in for with a Kenney-led conservative campaign coming, let's take a short jaunt down memory lane: the fake citizenship ceremony saga.… #ableg #abpoli
1. In 2012, Kenney was adamant about holding a citizenship ceremony at now-defunct Sun News TV's ("Fox News North") studio. Sun Media demanded that bureaucrats comply.
2. We're left to speculate as to why. To boost ratings with their flagging TV network? To give Kenney an uncritical platform to woo cultural communities? To distance their brand from Kenney-friend and host Ezra Levant's racist screeds?
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It’s important for people to understand the substance of the Saskatchewan carbon price reference case that Jason Kenney supports. Let’s start with a few accurate premises, then draw some logical conclusions about Kenney’s positions.
See:… #ableg #abpoli
Premise #1: SK’s case DOES NOT argue that Gov’t of Canada (GoC) lacks the jurisdiction to price carbon.
Premise #2: Indeed, SK accepts that GoC has the jurisdiction to price carbon across Canada (as virtually everyone does, see… ).
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Jason Kenney is one of the most anti-LGBTQ2+ politicians to ever hold elected office in Canada. If you don’t believe me, here’s a timeline detailing @jkenney's 20-year fight against LGBTQ2+ equality. (1/28) #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
January 1998: Jason Kenney refers to the Vriend case (which held it was unconstitutional to exclude gays and lesbians from human rights laws) as a “virus” of judicial activism. (2/28) #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
January 1998: Jason Kenney urges Alberta Premier Ralph Klein to invoke section 33 of the Charter (a.k.a. the notwithstanding clause) to block human rights protections for gays and lesbians. (3/28) #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli
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1. Today my partner and kids sat behind a table of seniors having lunch. We got to sit and listen to them talking about upcoming elections. And how we're being hurt by Indians and immigrants and the Chinese.
2. As we sat with our indigenous kids we were treated to older people talking about how they would vote for parties that would make sure immigrants and minorities would stay in line and 'follow the rules.'
3. They ate their lunch cooked and served by immigrants, sitting beside aboriginal children, discussing how they would vote to keep immigrants and minorities from wanting too much.
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Still legal in Alberta!

‘I still have flashbacks’: the ‘global epidemic’ of LGBT conversion therapy… #ableg
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1. @jkenney and #UCP are supporting SK’s challenge, which argues that fed carbon price can only be constitutional if it applies to every province, incl Alberta, not just those without their own price, like SK and ON. #ableg #abpoli
2. In other words, Kenney isn’t just proposing to waste AB’s $ on lawyers to fight a legal loser: he’s demanding that Ottawa collect carbon charges in Alberta, not just SK & ON. #abpoli
3. I’m not kidding. The fight Kenney wants to wage is to demand Ottawa extend its carbon price collection to Alberta, instead of exempting Alberta from Ottawa’s tax in favour of a made-in-Alberta design that accounts for Alberta’s unique circumstances.
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[Thread] With Canada's Conservatives going into a full court press in Alberta, I think it's worth taking a look at what we might expect from a Kenney-led government. #ableg #abpoli /1
The first point to bear in mind here is the fact that we are seeing the same tactics being played out at all levels of government where conservatives are running. /2
In Alberta, we've had Kenney running around making all sorts of dog-whistle politics claims about how "great" he will make Alberta, but he has been surprisingly silent about just what that means in terms of policy. /3
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The Rempel experiment. I contacted 10 people that I personally knew, who were Twitter users and not very political, or yet #BlockedByRempel. I asked them one simple favour. To ask Michelle Rempel a fair immigration based question as non-partisanly as possible. #cdnpoli #ableg
Questions asked were, "While I agree that irregular immigration had increased, could we find a solution that didn't require rhetoric" or variations of it, asked directly to Michelle Rempel via a reply to one of her Tweets. #cdnpoli #ableg #BlockedByRempel
If not blocked the first time, to ask a second question along the lines of "What about your policy for irregular immigration would differ from the Liberals?" Or a variation of that. Well, the results were shocking/not shocking. #BlockedByRempel #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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