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And no one is speaking up for us.

I’d like to see what happens to ophthalmology, any surgical specialty, really, when family medicine collapses.

Who’s going to share the care? pre-op assessment and testing? The post-op explanations? The monitoring of meds? The hand holding?
There is not a single other profession that would put up with a cut as high as 50-70% for over a year. This pandemic is allowing Kenney to destroy primary care, and single payer care at the same time. #CanadaHealthAct
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Last year, the @albertaNDP filed a Freedom of Information request seeking all correspondence sent to the Education Minister's office from school boards and superintendents re the K-12 school re-entry plan.

@AdrianaLaGrange denied these records existed. THREAD 1/7 #ableg Image
An investigation by the Information and Privacy Commissioner followed. It turned out there are hundreds of pages of records.

@AdrianaLaGrange's office simply lied. #ableg #abed 2/7
It turns out school districts across Alberta were begging the UCP government to give them resources to keep students safe. They raised serious concerns about the inadequate school re-entry plan. #abed #ableg 3/7
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THREAD: Just in case anyone is looking for them, here are the draft K-4 #curriculum documents produced during the NDP process. They were validated through public surveys and public focus groups. Note: Grades 5-6 and were not being developed at the same time. /1 #ableg #abed
Here's the draft K-4 Arts #curriculum from the NDP process. /2 #ableg #abed…
Here's the draft K-4 English Language Arts #curriculum from the NDP process. /3 #ableg #abed…
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Media Release: Despite vaccine rollout boasts, AHS puts needless barriers in way of nurses’ vaccinations… #abhealth #covid19ab #ableg
Despite the Government of Alberta news release boasting about Alberta’s vaccine rollout for health care workers, Alberta Health Services is putting needless barriers in the way of nurses being vaccinated. #abhealth #ableg
United Nurses of Alberta has filed a grievance against Alberta Health Services for a new policy requiring nurses to use unpaid leave or vacation time to be vaccinated against COVID-19. #abhealth #ableg
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We’ll be tweeting what we see today at #GraceLife church in Spruce Grove, AB. A number of known hatemongers are expected to show up today to protest the closure of pastor James Coates’ church.


#ableg #cdnmedia
We wrote a quick primer on some of the people expected to show yesterday:

Background: Coates was jailed in March for refusing to follow AHS guidelines of 15% capacity, masking and social distancing.

He continued to flout the restrictions, so a fence was erected around the property.…
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It still baffles me why teachers, grocery store workers etc are not able to book #COVID vaccines yet in Alberta.
Frontline essential workers are part of Stage 2 according to recommendations by NACI. Frontline is defined as: “having direct close physical contact with the public”
So to hear Premier Kenney say that he is basing decision on “scientific advice”, I am not sure this is accurate.
See attached figure by NACI.
Teachers, grocery workers are in “direct close physical contact with the public”.
#abhealth #abed #ableg
We are not asking a 25-year old healthy teacher to be ahead of a 65-yr old senior with chronic medical conditions.
We are asking to have them be on par with each other, as teachers/grocery workers are frontline essential workers, as per scientific advice of NACI.
#abhealth #ableg
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❗️Rapid Testing is Welcome, but Not Good Enough: A thread.

Here's a statement from @schill_dawg in response to today’s announcement about rapid testing in schools. #ableg #abed 1/
“The expansion of the rapid testing program in schools is welcome, but it is not enough. This decision is reactive – and late – when schools need proactive solutions in this race against COVID spread.

#ableg #abed 2/
"The government has made keeping schools open a priority, so they need to make keeping the safety of people working and learning in those buildings a priority.

#ableg #abed 3/
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Premier Kenney begins his presser by offering condolences to the royal family over the death of Prince Philip.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab

Kenney says more than 250k health care workers and associated staff will be able to book for their first dose on April 12.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Kenney says this is the first step of phase 2C.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid191ab
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Funny you should ask who was consulted:
1. AIMCO was consulted despite being in the mother of all conflicts of interest.
2. When it was clear that (1) was wrong they sent it to Peter Milburn in BC. He allegedly approved AIMCO's work, but has signed nothing. #AbLeg
What should have happened is Travis should have hired a consultant (AON) to look at relative strengths of the investment operations or turned to the Auditor General for help #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Peter Milburn was picked as the rubber stamper because Athana, the TBF Deputy Minister, worked with him in BC. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension

This is important because the AIMCO "business case" is nothing more than a marketing flyer. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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An Alberta pastor’s battle with health authorities to ignore COVID-19 guidelines is drawing some troubling figures to a protest this weekend.…
We'll be watching on the day to keep you updated on who is on the scene, but here are a few of the figures who have indicated they might be stopping by:
Steven Lane is a founder of the Urban Infidels, a faux-biker hate group he started after leaving the Soldiers of Odin. A regular attendee of Alberta’s protests, he has repeatedly made racist and violent statements online ahead of time. UI is staunchly anti-Muslim.
3/ Picture of Steven Lang in his Urban Infidels jacket. He has
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- 1521 new COVID cases in Alberta on 15630 tests (9.3%+)
- 5 new deaths, up to 2007
- 333 in hospital (-7), 83 in ICU (-)
- 13059 active cases (+872)

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab

674 new variant cases in Alberta, now accounting for 45.5% of all active COVID cases.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
All 674 new variants cases reported in Alberta on Friday are of the B.1.1.7 variety.

No new P1, B1135 cases reported.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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The PC-initiated, NDP-continued curriculum #AbEd development was no secret. #AbLeg

A thread of publicly-available curriculum development documents BEFORE the @Alberta_UCP :
A nice 2017 infographic showing the process:… Image
The 2016 162-page Curriculum Development Framework (show me a UCP document this complete and thorough):…
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ needs to show you just how shoddy the AIMCO "business case" was. Travis and the MLAs stick hard to two claims:
1. AIMCO has a better return pre-VOLTS
2. This will save teachers and GOA $41 mil per year
Both are not true. Here is a screenshot of the return chart from the business case that some bearded mook at AIMCO wrote. It looks like AIMCO is outperforming over the 10-year time frame. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
The mook from AIMCO (and Peter Milburn after him) fail to recognize that the 2008 return still INCLUDED CO-MINGLING OF FUNDS BETWEEN THE PRE-1992 FUND AND THE POST-1992 FUND.

#AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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- 1429 new COVID cases in AB on 15000 tests (9.4%+)
- 340 in hospital (+7), 83 in ICU (+4)
- 3 new deaths reported, up to 2005
- 779k total vaccines

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab

717 new variant cases found in Alberta.

Variants now represent about 45% of all active cases.

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
Hinshaw says B117 variant is 50% more transmissible, P1 being twice as infectious.

Adds that B117 seems to cause more severe illness than original.

Unsure if other two strains are more severe outcomes - evidence still coming in.

#yeg #yyc #ableg #covid19ab
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“Alberta continues to take extraordinary measures to control the spread of the virus,” says UofA President Bill Flanagan.

I actually can’t tell if that was a troll - it was delivered expertly.

Money for universities is good news though. Especially for science. #ableg
This update is on $20M for the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation, applied virology institute.

It’s rather uplifting to hear the gains they’ve been making in research and development in HepC vaccines. I lost a cousin to that a year ago yesterday🥲
Dr. Houghton says they’re working to make Alberta, and the UofA a “globally competitive site for biotechnology” and says that is possible through support from the government.

That had to be a troll 😏
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We asked, thousands of teachers answered.

✏️ 91% are unhappy with the draft & 3 in 4 teachers are “very unhappy.”
✏️90% are uncomfortable teaching the new curriculum
✏️95% of principals are uncomfortable supporting the curriculum in their school and community.

#ableg #abed 1/
“We wanted to give teachers time to review the documents and provide their feedback to us since the government failed to engage teachers in the curriculum process. But the preliminary data is overwhelming: this draft curriculum is fatally flawed." -@schill_dawg #abed #ableg 2/
“Teachers are the experts. Teachers know what will work in a classroom and what will not, and they are overwhelmingly telling us that this curriculum won’t work for Alberta’s elementary students.” -@schill_dawg #abed #ableg 3/
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16 years in the news biz. Covered the terror attack, Whyte riots, wildfires, dozens of murders, spent 20mins alone with Travis Vader once...first time I ever had security backup was tonight. Outside of a church! Good thing too as some guys really didn’t like us. 🙄
#yeg #ableg
We’re outta there. All good. Aside from the usual “fake news” & “Trudeau lover” we were told that we’re “going to hell” & we’re both “pu$$ies” amd “wimps”. But Ed worked in the Remand for 30+ years so I’m pretty sure he woulda been my Bodyguard and carried me out like Whitney.😂
*it’s worth noting, as I did in a previous tweet, that one member of the church apologized and said the people insulting us were not members of their community. But I also didn’t hear anyone ask the aggressive people to stop insulting us, including over a megaphone.
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👋🏼Hi, just your average Alberta teacher here. I’m going to go ahead and express some major frustration with the unacceptable job our @UCPCaucus and @jkenney is doing in regards to #COVID19AB. So read on or scroll by... #ableg #RealTalkRJ
When the presser started yesterday, I thought, “This is it. We’re going to take action.” Because let’s be real, things are bad. Very bad. You’ve seen the numbers. We’re watching idly by as variants become dominant. This is not a good place to be. @UCPCaucus #ableg #COVID19AB
But alas, @jkenney fell short of actual leadership like he’s done so many times before, implementing half measures to save livelihoods, not lives. When he lamented that we are reaching immunity in part b/c of the amount of people who have been infected? 🤦🏻‍♀️ #ableg #COVID19AB
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- 1,351 new COVID cases in Alberta on 14,051 tests (9.6%+)
- 333 in hospital (+5), 79 in ICU (+3)
- 1 new death, now up to 2002
- 11464 active cases (+655)

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image

575 new variant cases in Alberta.

4,951 active variant cases (43.2% of ALL active COVID cases) Image
Variant cases to date:

b.1.1.7 : 7512 (+563)

B.1.351 : 26 (+4)

P1: 23 (+8)

#yeG #yyc #ableg #covid19ab Image
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Yes, #ableg, I’ve seen “the letter”.

It’s a Nothing Burger, and here’s a short thread on why:
Every MLA who signed this letter desperately needs their right-wing, pro-freedom base to support them in the next election, or they’re going to lose their jobs. The economy isn’t great, the pandemic response is unpopular, and they can’t afford to lose any more votes. #ableg
There are new threats on the right. If these MLAs lost even 10% of their staunch supporters for not speaking up publicly against the restrictions, the NDP could flip some seats, or someone else - like the Wildrose Independence Party - could elect a handful of MLAs. #ableg
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1/This morning @ShayeGanam asked me what Alberta should do about the potential of losing 50-75% of oil/gas jobs by 2050. My reply:

1. Better leadership (political and business)

2. Create a coherent climate plan

3. Create an energy transition plan

4. A sense of urgency!
2/Here's my interview with Chris Severson-Baker of @Pembina about urgency for @jkenney govt to put in place a robust climate plan to reassure investors worried about climate risk.
#ABleg #OOTT #CDNpoli
3/Here's my Oct. 22, 2019 (day after federal election) column arguing that a showdown between #Alberta and #Canada is inevitable given AB is 36% of national GHG emissions, O&G is 26%, and oil sands are 10%.…
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The Calgary and Edmonton medical staff associations are currently holding a briefing about the third wave of COVID-19. Going to tweet any interesting details in this thread. #yyc #yeg #ableg
They say the numbers look grim, as modeling data shows that in a week from now, the number of COVID variant cases per day will double. They say this means hospitals and ICUs could become overwhelmed before the end of April.
President of the Calgary Medical Staff Society, Dr. Scott Beach, says he hopes recommended actions being proposed here can help finally bend the curve downward.
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From looking at fitness Instagram there’s apparently ~50 gyms in Calgary/Alberta who will be defying public health orders tomorrow.

Will be interesting to see the response given the lack of enforcement with certain religious groups recently.

I also wonder how much of an effect more generous financial assistance would have had both earlier in the pandemic and now. #ableg
The government is also going to be dealing with the fallout of trash Comms around the staged reopening plan and the focus on hospitalization numbers, along with the lack of moral authority from the vacation scandal.

People are tired, but this government exacerbated it. #ableg
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We have been overwhelmed with concerns from students, parents, teachers, subject matter experts and more about the curriculum put forward by Jason Kenney.

#abed #ableg
We’ve heard from Albertans that the curriculum being proposed will not prepare students for advanced education, for their careers and for their lives in general.
Premier Kenney's curriculum jeopardizes our economy by not providing children with the essential critical-thinking skills they need to succeed in a modern workplace and by implementing outdated educational practices that discourage more parents from choosing Alberta.
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