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Just a reminder of who runs Unite Albertas SM accounts... Ezra Levants ex producer at Sun News Media Matt Wolf and Nick Koolsbergen, Harpers Director of Issue Management.. If Alberta isnt in business anymore... how are all these SoCons employeed *cough Brad Wall cough* #Ableg
2) If you all don't know who Jason Kenney's Chief of Staff, Nick Koolsberg is... let me give you a brief tour (ignore the fact he lives in hoodies, no need for that distraction)..
When harper was ousted he went to save Christy clarks ass...…
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So @DavidStaplesYEG, the @EdmontonJournal columnist with an uncanny ability to deliver the very hottest of not-even-wrong takes, offers a column on the new K-4 Social Studies curriculum that is astonishing in the multitudinous ways it manages to bungle the details. #abed #ableg
So let's start from the top. Staples alleged that the draft K-4 curriculum was being kept under wraps in order to something-something-NDP-bad, & not (say) b/c it's a prelim draft & this is just an early phase of the feedback & review process. #abed #ableg
It's a very early draft. It's expected to have rough edges, and that's why they're gathering initial feedback from the people that signed-up to participate in this preliminary review process. This stuff is completely routine, even mundane. #abed #ableg
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Today for Father's Day, I'd like to pay tribute to my father, Ruthven Shepherd, who passed away Thursday morning w/ all of us at his side:… #ableg
Dad grew up in Trinidad, 4th of 10. He loved electronics & working w/ his hands. He learned to build bread boxes out of coconut oil tins & sold them to get $2.50 to buy a do-it-yourself crystal radio kit. He stole a telephone handset to craft a speaker. #ableg
He went on to vocational school and took pleasure in learning various trades (woodworking, metalworking, electrical) alongside regular classes. He was in the top 10 students in every subject. Top student in some. #ableg
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Morneau starts off with a joke that isn’t funny; says last time he was here there was a sense of worry. Says they worked hard to come up w/ sol’n
Weird. Solution involves the pockets of Canadians instead of enforcing the law🤷🏻‍♀️
#KinderMorgan #ableg #cdnpoli #yycchamber
Now a protester. A women yelling. Saying pipeline will never get built. She is being booed out. And escorted out. 😱 #yyc #ableg #cdnpoli
Morneau says hard things are hard 🧐
Guess he is smarter than us eh? He is using our money.
Says he was a strong defender of the project. Now thanking people who have been working on this project for longer than him.
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The #ableg building is beginning to fill up for the Sixties Scoop apology. The smell of a smudge ceremony lingers in the air.
Inside the house, the public gallery is packed with Indigenous folks here for the Sixties Scoop apology. #ableg
Notley begins the Sixties Scoop apology by acknowledging we're on traditional treaty land, and the connection of Metis people with this land. #ableg
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This argument gets dumber every time it's used, so it was just a matter of time before Jason Kenney picked up on it. It's been thoroughly refuted many times, but here are some examples to show just how fallacious it is. [THREAD] #ableg #cdnpoli
The premise of the "environmentalists can't use oil" argument is that if someone uses a particular product or service, they don't get to criticize any activity of the industry, or related industries, that supplied it.

But what if this was applied to other goods and services?
Public Schools: If you went to a public school, you're not allowed to criticize teacher's unions. You must approve all funding that school administrators demand and support the construction of new schools and universities, even if there are already ample spaces.
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This photo surfaced yesterday of a teacher in Black face at Strathcona Christian Elementary

I'm disappointed this flew under our radar. Let me use this thread to explain why Blackface is racist and why action needs to be taken. #ableg #yeg

Black Face originated in Minstrel shows.

For context, minstrel shows were racist and were meant to depict black people as “dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious and happy-go-lucky.”

You can see some examples below.
One infamous minstrel show was Jump Jim Crow. It mocked a physically disabled Black slave and was performed widely

'Jim Crow' gained a pejorative meaning amongst Black people and was used to describe laws of racial segregation. You may recognize the pose from ‘This is America.’
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1. Let's put this in context. In Cabinet in Ottawa, Jason Kenney agreed to Canada's Paris climate targets, the same targets we still have. (Toronto Sun:…). #ableg #abpoli #abclimate #cdnpoli
2. Mr. Kenney has been waging an all-out rhetorical assault on carbon pricing, claiming they're ineffective and costly. The vast majority of economists of all stripes disagree: they are the lowest-cost, most efficient policy for addressing climate change.
3. Mr. Kenney apparently also disagrees now, realizing that as a free-market conservative who professes to believe in climate change, he HAS to support carbon pricing. #ableg #abpoli
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Ok, one more tweet thread on #ucpagm then I gotta be done for the night.

I’m including Kikki and Dr Jay, why? Because we see eye to eye, agree on most shit, I like them, and unashamedly, I hope the message gets lifted.

This thread is about kids

My kids
Your kids
Albertans kids

You don’t own your kids.

Yes, the are “yours” but they are not YOURS.

Yes, the creator gave them to you to take care of

No, you do not own them

Our world struggled with the ownership of PEOPLE for years, in some places it still does, but not in a democratic society
So this three is about #abed, #ableg our schools, parenting and the work I have dedicated the last 25 years of my life to.

I have 4 kids

Right there we gotta take a look at the language trick we play on ourselves. I say, I have 4 kids, but that isn’t about ownership.
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[Graphic Language] Jason Kenney disgustingly equated LGBTQ2+ rights to polygamy and incest. Sadly, he’s not the only Conservative who has attacked the LGBTQ2+ community. Here is a list of offensive remarks that have been made by other Conservatives… (1/6) #hoc #ableg #lgbt
Harold Albrecht (@Albrecht4KitCon), the #CPC MP for Kitchener Conestoga, warned same-sex marriage “would succeed in wiping out an entire society in just one generation…” (2/6) #hoc #ableg #lgbt
Tom Lukiwski (@TomLukiwski), the #CPC MP for Moose Jaw  Lake Centre  Lanigan, proclaimed "There's A's and there's B's. The A's are guys like me. The B's are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases." (3/6) #hoc #ableg #lgbt
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And I'm back at the #ucpAGM once again. Today it's all policy resolutions, all the time. I shall be inhaling coffee. Here's my wrap from yesterday, when there were around 3,000 people here.… #ableg
And we start with a point of order. So. Um. Cool. #ucpAGM #ableg
Here’s the pile of governance, special and policy resolutions, by the way. #ucpAGM #ableg
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Alberta wasn't debt free. Alberta was good at hiding its debt acorns in the wilderness. It was hidden in an infrastructure deficit the Heavy Construction Assocation estimated as high as $16 billion. In the fewest staffed hospital beds per capita in the country... #ableg
..hidden in closed hospital wings, and outside the province with the doctors and nurses who left. In the red on the financial statements of non-profits who were slammed with demand following Ralph's social service cuts... #ableg
... it's in waitlists that hold the names of thousands of people waiting for access to affordable and social housing. In the waitlists for disability services, seniors housing, supported living... #ableg
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This is a must read article by my friend @gajagwyn
Here's some highlights:
"Gwyn Morgan: Turns out Justin Trudeau is more like Pierre than we feared"
#ABLeg #ABPoli…
"After inheriting Stephen Harper government’s zero-deficit balance sheet a little over two years ago, Trudeau’s budgeted 2017–18 deficit has rocketed to $18 billion"
PET “I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that (communism) for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”
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Thread: Kenney's take on safe injection sites is horribly misguided, even in a vacuum, as @DShepYEG points out. But, in a larger context, it also suggests something more concerning. When you're Premier, you're in charge of a great many things. #ableg
Whether it be healthcare, education, infrastructure, the environment, or harm reduction strategies for the opioid crisis, the Premier is the person at the head of the table. It's too many things for one person to know intimately enough such that he/she can make decisions alone.
I'm of the belief that the most successful politicians are the ones who will listen to the experts in whatever the respective field may be. Want to craft the best policy to deal with the opioid epidemic? Talk to the experts in that field. Don't shut them down.
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Incredibly disappointed to hear such ignorant rhetoric from @jkenney on harm reduction & supervised consumption sites in #yql:… #ableg
As noted in the article, Kenney's comments run counter to #yql law enforcement, front line workers & local gov't, all of whom support the innovative, life-saving initiative.… #ableg
Before moving forward, the City of Lethbridge conducted research, visiting SCS sites in Europe. Sites in #yql will include addictions counselling, harm reduction supply distribution, nursing services. #ableg
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The #ucp policy process is irrelevant. Parties are not and cannot be bound by party policy if they form gov’t.

Think I’m wrong? Ask the #cpc defenders of the traditional definition of marriage how that policy worked under CPC govts. #ableg
Rather than waste time with it, I’ll propose something here instead.

I love the flat tax. Love it. It’s fair.’s fair for the wrong reasons. It doesn’t benefit those who need it the most.

Alberta has both a revenue & a spending problem. Fix both.
So instead of a flat tax, eliminate all income tax for individuals.

Cut it out. Dead.

Instead, implement a 10% consumption tax. That will level the playing field and stabilize govt revenues.

However, that still impacts the low income far more than the high income.
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New @CDHoweInstitute report out today on AB's MinWage. Recommend reading.… I have some thoughts. 1/n #ableg
2/ First, it's a nice overview of various theoretical effects, positive and negative, of the MinWage hike. And has useful data.
3/ But, since its result that MinWage increase may lead to "the loss of 25,000 jobs" is the headline-grabber, I'll focus on that.
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Here's Notley and NDP record on oilsands. 1. Called us embarassing cousins #ableg
2. Introduced a carbon tax while oil patch was shedding hundreds of jobs a day #ableg
3. Put a cap on our oil sands and raised taxes as unemployment surged to 9% #ableg
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