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Stop paying (mostly) women, tell them to continue working in a crisis (significant emotional labour & mental load, care work & educational expertise) for free. It's never "free". Carrying the mental load, emotional labour & performing care - costs - paid or not. #abed #ableg 1/
The assumption that (mostly) women, should do any care work because it's the *right* think to do, adds to the 2nd & 3rd shift, gender wage gap & makes the work invisible. It literally "doesn't count" - except that if you don't do it you are a "cruel" "selfish" woman. 2/ #ableg
Imagine telling oil field workers they should work for "free" because prices have tanked, we're in crisis, "need" oil, but can't pay them. Ludicrous? It is - but for some reason it's totally reasonable to suggest this for care work performed by (mostly) women. 3/ #ableg
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By unpopular demand, a few comments on Bill 10, which was recently enacted by the Alberta Legislative Assembly, and expands the Government’s emergency powers during a public health emergency.

#ableg #abpoli
Bill 10 can be found here. Rather than discussing the whole Bill, I will focus only on the amendments to s. 52.1(2) and the equivalent changes to s. 52.21.

These provisions deal with the ability to temporarily change how a law operates during a public health emergency. There are all sorts of occasions where such a change would be warranted.

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“We are disappointed that the government has dictated that we lay off these valuable staff members, who are directly involved in supporting student learning, even in this new temporary model of online classrooms,” says Board Chair Anne Marie Watson. 1/
“We worked hard to keep these staff employed as long as possible, but we really wish we had not been forced into taking this action.” 2/
“This was disappointing news to us because two weeks ago Alberta Education initially promised that funding would continue as status quo for the rest of the school year,” said RDCRS Interim Superintendent Kathleen Finnigan. 3/
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Alright @Albertadoctors, @CMA_Docs, @FamPhysCan:

@ABFamDocs stated that March 31st cuts will lead to:

Reduced continuity of care

Poorer care outcomes for patients

INCREASED health spending

Let's make sure patient medical homes don't close and
physician survive.🥰

1. Government cuts 03.04J Care Planning - response:
- complex patients without plans should be seen weekly.

2. Government cuts in-facility billing - response:
- let's stop in-facility work - obstretrics, ER consults, etc.
3. Government limits payment for visits - response:
- let's do more frequent, shorter visits

4. Government target family doctors with cuts - response:
- let's refer to each other and become specialists in family medicine.
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🚨 Conservative shenanigans alert 🚨

Recently we saw a data-harvesting project pop up that looks a little shady. Here's what you should know about it #ableg (1/7)
This campaign to "thank Alberta's Medical workers" urges you to order a lawn sign from them. Proceeds do not go towards health care workers; the site claims that 'profits' will instead go to local food banks. After all the UCP layoffs maybe that's where those workers will end up?
It's notable that the site says they will be donating the 'profits.' If you dig into the terms, they make it clear that they're skimming into these donations to pay 'employee wages.' How much are they paying themselves with your donation money?…
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Hi, friends. Can I tell you about my doctor? Her pay, and the pay of doctors across Alberta, is being cut by the UCP government starting tomorrow. Yes, even though we're in the middle of a pandemic.
My doctor is incredibly committed to her patients, and to the wellbeing of Albertans. From the time she first opened her practive, she's allocated extra time to patients. I have never run out of time during an appointment, even when discussing 2+ issues.
This also means that she knows more about my life than she possibly could if we tried to cram a bunch of important information into less than ten minutes. It also means that I feel like I know her (in an appropriate doctor/patient way!), and I really trust her opinions.
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If you are not already motivated to stand up and fight for public education, we have some inspiring news for you!
We've received notice from our friends @backpackthefilm that their amazing documentary is NOW AVAILABLE FOR HOME STREAMING!!!
#abed #ableg
SOS has been facilitating screenings across AB since 2017. This film is incredibly impt viewing now more than ever!
Pls pay close attn to:
🍎How governments deal w public education during a crisis
🍎How vouchers divert public dollars to privately run schools
#abed #ableg
🍎The effects and growth of online learning (virtual schools)
🍎How inequity widens as a result of funding following students to schools of *choice*
🍎The possibilities (Union City) available when public education is properly resourced.
#abed #ableg
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1/ Dear Albertans:

The international price of oil is NOT an attack on #Alberta. It is a fight between the big players, and we are collateral damage. We are not significant to those players in part because we produce a comparatively small amount AND because

#abpoli #ableg
2/ the bulk of it goes to our nearest neighbor. So we are of zero consequence to the Russia/KSA contest.

When our leaders say it's an attack on AB, it's a lie.

It definitely hurts us, but we have no clout to stop it. We can't compete for the markets, and the pipelines
3/ don't make much of a difference to that big picture. We'd have to multiply our production massively before we break into the Russia/China/US club, and even then we don't have the ease of market access. Our main market remains our biggest competitor.
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Premier Jason Kenney is pushing tens of thousands of Albertans into unemployment amid a deadly pandemic by cutting crucial supports for Alberta students.

#25klaidoff #ableg #abed
On Saturday afternoon, the UCP released a brief statement indicating that funding for educational assistants, substitute teachers, bus drivers & others was being withheld from schools during the pandemic.

In total, Kenney is cutting $128 million from the school system.
NDP Education Critic @shoffmanAB noted many students are already struggling as they adjust to learning at home. Now, there will be substantially fewer supports to help them.
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Yesterday I was inconsolably depressed. I woke up from a stress induced nap, and immediately found out that my son and other children with ASD or other special needs had lost their support staff at 1pm on a Saturday. I understand all parents are dealing with

The stresses of job loss, financial strain, children losing instructional time, but I have to say that this whole situation has been especially hard for those who have special needs or are parents of those with special needs. There is already a deep and pervasive worry for

My Children’s futures at the best of times, given their challenges. Now I have to navigate trying to fill in the gaps that are left by stripping my 4 year old from his EA who has been working tirelessly to support my son and his teacher during this crisis. My son’s

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1/ So. The cuts of @AdrianaLaGrange to #abed stop delivery of lessons to kids with special needs and those without internet access.

This is @UCPCaucus fraud. How?

The govt is responsible for delivering education, but it's funded in part by federal transfers and the
2/ locally-collected Education Property Tax.

So these services have been paid for.

@jkenney now refuses to deliver them to those most in need. But he's keeping the money.

So nothing for those kids, but still spending millions on his oil propaganda pals.

That's corrupt.
3/ And I am not using the word "corrupt" as hyperbole. It's literally corrupt to take money and then refuse to deliver required services through firing the people who deliver them.

Every Conservative who objects to tax fraud should be howling for resignations.

And @UCPCaucus
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Cancelling of classes by #abed was a necessary measure to help limit the spread of #COVID19AB. Teachers and support staff worked tirelessly for the following week to transition their resources to a virtual delivery method. Many skipped their ‘spring break’ in order to do so.
Because our family is with the Catholic School division, we started online learning last Monday (our Spring Break is in April). I am going to provide you with a bit of a *reality check* about what our first week of structured online learning is really like.
My husband is a principal with the district and I work full-time in academia. So, one could say we are well-equipped to educate our children with the assistance of teachers online.

(Narrator: they were not)

We have three children in grades 2, 6 and 8.
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It’s hard to stay quiet on the Government announcement timing today.

It’s feels like Alberta is on the brink of a multi-generational economic downdraft. Which could have been softened, somewhat, by a steadier hand on the tiller at the #ableg.

But the calculated fiscal
ruthlessness displayed to lay-off 25,000 Albertans - with the sole reasoning being a fiscal transfer of liability to t/ feds - well that means we are already at the bottom of a different kind of trough.

As long as there is a “war room” for $30M a year, which has been a circus
of failures - and some very curious gaps in governance - then we are simply being lied to about the fiscal “urgency” behind this move.

The timing, a “tweet” with 15 minutes notice to the boards, on a Saturday afternoon?

It exposes the essential truth about this Government and
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Look, I know I'm a politician & anything I say is going to be seen as partisan. I get that. But up until recently, I wasn't overtly political. And today, I can't stop thinking like my pre-politician self about the govt's decision to lay off 20,000+ Albertans in a pandemic. #ableg
I'm thinking about it as someone who worked for school boards for years - who knows how much the trustees, the administration & each school's staff valued the people who worked with them delivering the best for the kids in their schools, including all the support staff. #ableg
I'm thinking about it as a spouse of a school administrator who audibly gasped when he heard that so many of the people he works with everyday - who were promised their job would continue - are being let go. By their gov't. During a pandemic. #ableg
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A memo to school boards today from Alberta Education deputy minister Andre Courbold tells boards they should give layoff notices to school support staff as soon as possible so they can apply for EI and other federal programs. #abed #ableg
"Substitute teaching is a casual occupation under federal employment rules. Our direction to school authorities is to limit the use of substitute teachers effective March 31 so these individuals can apply to the expanded federal employment insurance program..." #abed #ableg
"... as well as other federal support programs." #abed
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Dear @AdrianaLaGrange

Why are children w/disabilities who are now home schooling going to lose their EA? Why are you creating 2tiers of education - one for kids w/out a need for an EA and a completely unsupported learning environment for those who do?

#ableg (continues below)
The education minister is writing off kids w/ disabilities. They won’t have an Assistant so their learning outcomes this year will not be supported as they should.
@AdrianaLaGrange is trying to save a buck off kids w/disabilities. During a pandemic.
I didn’t think @jkenney’s cabinet could distinguish itself w/ even more tone deaf actions.
But for writing off kids w/ disabilities, the Educ. Minister has proven there’s more than one member of Executive Council whose commitment to the public interest is questionable. #ableg
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This government has just announced that they are forcing divisions to lay off thousands of working people in the middle of a global pandemic and a massive economic crisis. #abed #ableg…
These workers - educational assistants, office administrators, bus drivers, and other education workers - are our friends, neighbours, family members. Many of them are already supporting families challenged by this crisis. Many of them are single parents.
The answer, the province says, is to force even more workers onto federal financial support programs, at a time when those programs are already massively stretched and when the feds have asked employers to keep people if they can through wage subsidies.
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COVID-19 is creating stress for many Albertans, including those concerned about paying rent at the end of the month. Today, I was pleased to join Premier @jkenney to announce 4 measures: residential tenants cannot be evicted in April for non-payment of rent; #ableg #COVID19AB 1/3
second, for the duration of the State of Public Health Emergency, eviction protection will continue for tenants who work with their landlords to establish a meaningful and reasonable partial payment plan; 2/3
third, no one will see their rent increase while Alberta's State of Public Health Emergency remains in effect; and fourth, no one will pay late fees for missing their rent payments over the next three months. For more info, read here:… #ableg #COVID19AB 3/3
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We are in a bigger room for today’s Hinshaw and province #COVID19AB update #ableg
Premier Jason Kenney is at today’s presser. He says there are 542 cases in AB today, deaths remain at 2.
Max size of group gathering is immediately reduced from 50 to 15. Immediate closure of certain types of non-essential biz
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This must absolutely be corrected. The idea that "this whole thing started with a lunatic making false claims on Twitter." This is a reference to @karliwithakay's tweet last week, which @shandro and @jkenney used to incite a poor-us pile-on. 1/? #ableg
Read @karliwithakay's tweet for yourself. This is a citizen expressing concern about potential conflict of interest, which is her right—an obligation, even. But UCP types have repeatedly portrayed dissident women as unhinged, crazy, etc. A pattern. #ableg
Shandro has noted that Vital Partners is a brokerage, rather than a health insurance corporation. Okay, fair. But the tweet was not offside and certainly not "lunatic." Frankly we don't know right now how the Shandros will or won't benefit from the minister's decisions. #ableg
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THREAD: Let's be clear on what happened. A Minister of the Crown went to the home of a doctor to yell, scream, insult, berate, and intimidate him. A private citizen. In front of his wife… his children… and his neighbours.

This is unacceptable. #ableg
We are in the middle of a pressing public health emergency. Albertans are nervous. Many are losing their jobs or closing their businesses. Some have been given the scariest diagnosis they’ve ever received… and some are fighting for their lives in the ICU. #ableg
We need steady leadership focused solely on our response to the coronavirus pandemic and the health of Albertans.

Instead, the Health Minister is going to the home of private citizens at night and publicly threatening them. #ableg
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And thank you in particular to the journalists who reached out to find out more about these concerns of public interest and quickly decided to follow up on the Health Minister attacking private citizens who dared to ask for accountability of their government. #ableg #Shandemic
I’ve asked @Shandro to take down these tweets that incorrectly portray my comments about the issue of conflict of interest. He still has not done so. These comments were intended to diminish my credibility and character and deflect from the actual COI concerns.
After releasing his tweet thread in which he inappropriately tagged me 3 times, I was harassed with racist and misogynist comments for days. And also told to go “die.” I locked down my acct briefly to regroup and I have been afraid for my physical safety this past week.
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This is your daily pension announcement: All hands on deck edition!
Every day I descend in to the filth and muck of the Alberta pension decision making apparatus to sift out an undigested nugget of truth. Today I have sluiced several nuggets. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension
Well, there have been developments that give me hope! Yesterday, Travis appointed Tim Wiles to the ATRF Board. Not a #petrosexual. Not a consort of W Brett. That is a victory in itself. Tim is currently the CEO of the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corp. #ABLeg
Tim also spent some years as a Deputy Minister with a number of ministries including Treasury Board and Finance and Education.
At the same time, Maria Holowinsky was reappointed to the ATRF Board for another term. Given Travis' record in this area these are both welcome moves.
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Let's talk for a minute about conflict of interest and "blind trusts" for a moment, because apparently @shandro and the rest of the #UCP have forgotten some fundamentals. /1 #ableg #abpoli
The purpose of a blind trust is to decouple a person's fiscal interests from whatever public role they may be carrying out. Basically it means that for the duration of your public office, you cannot exert direct legal control over a business entity you own part (or all of). /2
This is a reasonable consideration for many who pursue public office, although it is even more important for those who wind up in ministerial roles because their actions in government can dramatically shape entire sectors of the state for years to come. /3
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