#RamnathBiswas - "Round the world, Hindoo traveller".

This story is all about an Anushilan Samithi Freedom Fighter who traveled the world on his bicycle back in 1931-1940 for long time nine years in three phases and he started at the age of 35.
Ramnath Biswas was born in the
year of 1894 on January 13.His father was a strict Brahmin and gained respect for his notable social work and his mother used to be spend most of her time at the neighboring temple of Shiva,
Even today at his birth place one can find the temple and his ancestors in the village
called Baniachong, the largest village of Bangladesh(and also of the world).
Historically Baniachong will be in the district of Sylhet of Bangladesh & at the time of Ramnath’s birth, Baniachong had 40 thousand inhabitants along with large Hindus and minority Muslims.
lost his mother few years after his birth, and during early days schooling he lost his father. Since then he learnt to survive as -you came to the earth alone, live alone.
Ramnath started his career as a manager at the Jatiya Bhandar Samiti, a Swadeshi enterprise based in Sylhet
Jatiya Bhandar Samiti had a motor car repairing workshop and Ramnath learnt driving. During his tenure in this organization, he also learnt how to ride a bicycle and became quite expert at it. Then he left the job at Samiti and took up another job. During this time he secretly
joined the Anushilan Samiti.

However, his association with the revolutionary group became public and he was expelled from his job. During this time the First World War broke out. Ramnath joined the Bengali Paltan and went to the war in Mesopotamia. In 1924, he took up a job
with the British Navy and moved to British Malaya.
In 1931, Ramnath embarked on his first world tour on a bicycle. In his possession he had a pair of slippers, two wrappers, a bicycle and a box containing tools for bicycle repair. The bicycle frame had a metal board with the
message - "Round the world, Hindoo traveller". On 7 July 1931, Ramnath started his journey from Queen Street in Singapore. The expatriate Indians of Singapore gathered on the occasion to wish him success. He cycled through Malaya, Siam, Indochina, China, Korea, Japan and
reached Canada. In Canada, he was arrested and jailed for a month. In 1934, he returned to India. On his return to his native place the village arranged huge felicitation programme at the historic Eralia grounds. At the programme, while sharing his experience of his world tour
Ramnath described Baniachang as the largest village of the world.

In 1934, Ramnath embarked on his second world tour. This time he travelled through India, Afghanisthan, Persia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany
Netherlands, Belgium, France and reached England. He toured Scotland as well. The long arduous journey took toll on his health. In 1936, he returned from London in a ship via Port Said and reached Mumbai. After regaining his health and finess, he travelled to Santiniketan to
meet Rabindranath Tagore.
In 1938, he embarked on his third world tour. This time he travelled to Africa. From Mumbai, he travelled to Mombasa in a ship. He started on his bicycle from Mombasa and travelled through Kenya, Uganda, Nyasaland, Rhodesia and reached South Africa.
From there he travelled to the United States. He returned home in 1940.

After the Partition of India, his native place became a part of Pakistan. Ramnath didn't emigrate. However, when he wanted to publish a book on his travelogues, he couldn't find a publisher. He himself
founded a publication house by the name of Paryatak Prakashana and began to publish his books.
Unable to live as a Hindu amongst his own Muslim People, he left East Pak and settled in Kolkata. After his arrival at Kolkata, he began to publish his travelogues in @MyAnandaBazar
Ramnath wrote more than 30 books listed here is few important works

• Andhakarer Afrika
•Ajker Amerika
•Jujitsu Japan
•Tarun Turki
•Duranta Dakshin Afrika
•Bedouiner Deshe
•Bhabaghurer Bishwabhraman
•Maranbijayi Chin
•Mao Maoer Deshe
•Malayesia Bhraman
•Lal Chin
•Bidrohi Balkan
•Sarbaswadhin Shyam
•Holiwuder Atmakatha
•Tour Round The World Without Money

The Hindoo Bicycle Globetrotter who said the chants of #Vandemataram inspired him for the mission passed away on 01st November 1955.


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