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According to Textbooks, He was a Freedom Fighter. Was he?
The true story of a Cannibal, Maulvi Syed Ahmed Barelvi & his death like a Rabid Dog.
Did you know, the concept of Jihad in Modern times had its roots in present day Rae Bareily and this Mauzvi believed his teachings,
in future will make modern Islamists in waging Jihad and attempting to create an Islamic state with strict enforcement of Shari'ah?
This Barelvi, was the first modern Islamic leader to lead a movement that was "religious, military and political," & to address the common people
and rulers with a call for Jihad.
Ahmad is widely regarded as the founder of the subcontinental Ahl-i Hadith (Jihad) movement and his teachings are highly influential amongst its members.
Born in Rae Bareli in 1786, Syed Ahmad received his initial education in his home town and
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On the night of the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, Marine Commandos of the Indian Navy (MARCOS) entered the Taj, one of the places held captive by LET. Their brief was simple—rescue the hostages and neutralize the attackers.

Praveen Kumar Teotia, ImageImageImageImage
the recipient of Shaurya Chakra was leading one of the MARCOS team..

He & his team saved more than 150 innocent lives but unfortunately, Four bullets ripped through his body; a lung was punctured; four ribs were shattered and splinters scattered all over his chest; doctors
attending to him declared that his life had been cut short, that he could never swim or run. But he proved everyone wrong.

Declared Unfit For Life, Praveen Fought Back & Became A Marathon Runner & the won the prestigious #IronMan Championship.

The First Bharatiya Divyang
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The #Asthi is still awaiting #Visarjan in #SindhuNadi at the country #AkhandaBharath.

Below is the Nathuram Godse's statement in court.

“On January 13, 1948, I learnt that Gandhiji had decided to go on fast unto death. The reason given was that he wanted an assurance of
Hindu-Muslim Unity… But I and many others could easily see that the real motive was to compel the Dominion Govt to pay the sum of Rs 55 crores to Pakistan, the payment of which was emphatically refused by the Govt…. But this decision of the people’s Govt was reversed to suit
the tune of Gandhiji’s fast. It was evident to my mind that the force of public opinion was nothing but a trifle when compared with the leanings of Gandhiji favourable to Pakistan.

In 1946 or thereabout, Muslim atrocities perpetrated on Hindus under the Govt patronage of
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Four Nehru things out of Plenty which you are not aware…

1 Pandit Nehru has always nursed the Communist Party of India with the fondness of an old woman who gave birth to her first and only child at an advanced age – Sita Ram Goel.

2 In September 1948, Nehru went to London
to attend a Commonwealth conference. On his return, he wrote to Patel that “even Lady Mountbatten was worried about” and “Members of the Parliament spoke about” Patel’s crackdown on communist leaders. In the same letter, he pointed out to Sardar that regarding RSS there was
‘”a widespread impression in England that they are Fascist communal-minded people”. So at this juncture removing the ban on RSS, he wrote to Patel, would make an impression that Indian state was encouraging “certain Fascist elements in India”.
Except Edwina, Nehru never gave
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In a big blow to Bengali culture & heritage, a section of the ancestral home of #RabindranathTagore (also called Jorasanko Thakurbari) has been converted into the office of Trinamool Shikshabandhu Samiti.

Details: (1/n) ImageImage
The Maharshi Bhawan of the heritage building, where Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (writer of #VandeMataram) allegedly met Tagore for the first time, has been remodelled.

(2/n) Image
The walls of the Maharshi Bhawan, which has been witness to the Bengali renaissance, have been painted green in colour.

The shade of doors and window panes, not to forget the flooring, has also been tampered with by the worker’s wing of the ruling party.
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Killing Sadhus and Sanyasis in front of Parliament.
It happened on this day in 1966, under the watchful eyes of Indira.
On November 7, 1966, a large group of people approximately numbered at 100,000 assembled at an open space near the Parliamentary complex. Led by a group of Image
ash-smeared, trishul-brandishing Naga Sadhus, the group had a single demand — a countrywide ban on cow slaughter. The gathering was anything but a surprise. Hindu organisations had been planning this moment for the last two years. But the magnitude of it caught most, especially
the government, off guard. By noon the leaders were extolling the virtues of the ‘mother cow’, and soon moved towards the main gates of Parliament and at that moment, Indira Gandhi ordered her forces to start killing the Sadhus.
The demand for a ban on cow slaughter had come up
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Let’s read the story of a Fighter, who according to British and Nehru Government was
“Highly Dangerous Individual”.

Today is the jayanti of
Long Forgotten Freedom Fighter

Born on 7th November 1884 at Wardha, Maharashtra, was
inspired by Bala Gangadhar Tilak in joining freedom struggle.

In 1900s he went for United States for higher education and joined Washington University and in
1908, along with Pandit Kanshiram at Oregon he founded Indian Independence League.

Few years down the line, little
before World war 1, Khankoje met Taraknath Das, Lala Hardayal and this meeting lead them to start “Pacific Coast Hindustan Association” and eventually this association became Gadar_Party.

The WW1 saw him actively participating in IndoGerman Conspiracy propagating Gadar
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At one time, his clothes were tailored and washed in Paris and he maintained a permanent laundry in Paris to ship his clothes to Calcutta. He sacrificed all this luxury when he became attached to the Freedom Movement.
For long, it was said that MKG ImageImage
propagated the idea of Village Development and Cottage Industries...but the truth?
It was 1917 and in the Calcutta session, #DeshbandhuChittaranjanDas, put forward a plan for village reconstruction, which was to entail steps such as establishment of local self-government,
co-operative credit societies as well as re-starting the cottage industry.
Das was born on 5 November 1870 in Calcutta, completed his graduation from Presidency College in 1890. The same year, he went to England to qualify for the ICS, which was dominated by the British.
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Dhimmi Hindus should read this.

The Muzzies who purposefully left the train to Pakistan in 1947, plannned to seize Delhi.

Pyarelal Nayyar, was MKG's Personal Secretary for MANY decades & he wrote this when Nehru blamed RSS for Communal Violence during Independence. ImageImage
"There was a shower of bullets on the (Irwin) Hospital from a building across the maidan where the office of Dawn, the Muslim League Organ, used to be and from a mosque close to it.

The bulk of the Police force of Delhi was Muslims. A number of them had deserted.
The loyalty of the rest was doubtful.

There were rumors of Coup d’tat on the part of the Muslims. Searches of Muslim homes by the police revealed dumps of arms, bombs and ammunition.

Sten Guns, Bren Guns, Mortars and wireless transmitter sets were seized and secret
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Upavasa Satyagraha!
The first thing you get in mind after reading it is, Gandhi.
That's what the textbooks gave for us, but...
Ever heard about a freedom fighter who passed away in Lahore Jail after a
63 Day Hunger Strike ???
Today's the Jayanti of
just 24 when he sacrificed his life.
Member of Anushilan Samithi, learnt the art of bomb making from Sachindranath Sanyal and became an accomplice of Bhagath Singh.
His first stint of Hunger Strike was at Mymansingh Jail where he went without food for 20 days until the Jail
Superintendent Apologised for harsh treatment of Political Prisoners.
For most of us it's highly impossible to stay without food for 24 hours, maximum another 6 hours, but here was a man who lived without food for nearly 1,500 Hours to ensure the Political Prisoners &
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He was an ardent Gandhian who wanted Hindu-Muslim Unity only to get Slaughtered by Ms.

Read the story of #GaneshShankarVidyarthi – The Journalist Freedom Fighter.

Ganesh Shankar was his birth name and he adopted the pen-name 'Vidyarthi' – the seeker of knowledge. ImageImageImage
Ganesh Shankar was born on 26-Oct-1890 at Prayagraj & had his private education from his father and joined school when he was 12.
Poverty made him to leave studies after matriculation and join a job as clerk….meanwhile the fiery articles at Swarajya and Karmayogi attracted him.
After working with couple of newspapers and magazines, in 1913, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi started #Pratap, his famous revolutionary weekly, which identified itself with the cause of the oppressed wherever they might be.
The Popularity & Circulation of Pratap increased day by day.
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To the world, the White Revolution was flagged off by the person known as the ‘Milkman of India’. He is seen as the ‘brain behind Operation Flood’ – the chief architect, who made India the largest milk producer in the world. But, a little-known fact is that
is actually the person behind this movement, who started it all.
In fact, it was the brilliant pairing of Tribhuvandas Patel, Verghese Kurien and H M Dalaya that rewrote history for Bharat.
In Anand, it was said that if Patel was the Father of Amul, Kurien was the Son, and
Dalaya the Holy Ghost.
Born Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel (22 October 1903 - 3 June 1994) in Anand, Tribhuvandas founded the original Kheda dairy cooperative in 1946 that went on to become one of India's leading dairy brand — Amul.
When he was young, Tribhuvandas came under the
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From PFI to Owaisi, Congress to Communists, they want to glorify Tipu, never #AshfaqullaKhan. Why?

Dec 18, 1927, a day before he was hanged by British, Ashfaqulla wrote
“I shall go empty handed but with the pain, that when will Hindustan be a free nation once again.
Bismil is a Hindu he says “I shall come, I shall come again and again, till I free Bharat from the foreigner”. I also wish to say the same as Bismil, but am bound by my religion. I am a Muslim, do not believe in rebirth; but if I meet Allah, I shall spread my arms in front of
him, and ask him not for Jannat, but just one opportunity to be reborn again to free India.

Ashfaqulla Khan was born on 22 Oct 1900 in Shahjahanpur, UP. His father’s family was Pathan while his mother’s was mainly involved in administrative services.
Khan had a flair for Urdu
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Today is the Jayanti of #PunditNainSinghRawat.

According to studies and his diaries, Pundit Nain Singh trekked more than 16000 kms

HJ/72/2 Pundit Nain Singh Rawat : Explorer Extraordinaire…
before joining the Survey Department, and as a surveyor he trekked more than 26000 kms. He discovered more than a 100 places, many rivers and lakes, mines and monasteries.

The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) of London honoured him, he was awarded the title of CIE.
The colonial rulers might not have wanted to make him a hero of Himalayan and trans-Himalayan explorations but it was hard for them to avoid acknowledging his contributions. Persons like Henry Yule advocated his case in the RGS by describing him as ‘Pundit of Pundits’,
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He could've become Multi Billionaire for his invention, the life saving ORS,
but he didn't file for a Patent.

With his treatment, the Case Fatality Ratio in the Refugee Camps came down to 3 from 3.3

Despite this, treatment was met with skepticism from the
scientific community with many journals refusing to publish his original paper, it would take 7 more years for oral rehydration therapy to be accepted as a good treatment for dehydration from diarrhea and other diseases.

Dr Dilip Mahalanabis was working in overflowing refugee
camps during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war when he came up with ORS, which The Lancet called “the most important medical discovery of the 20th century.’’

From his research, Dr Mahalanabis knew that a solution of sugar and salt, which would increase water absorption by the
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All For A Cup Of TEA – Part 1.

THE NAGA’s – How British and The Christian Missionaries Led The Destruction of their Culture & Tradition.
" ... the tribes on the Assam frontier should be brought within the scope of missionary activities as early as possible as the influence of ImageImage
persons skilled in the languages of these tribes, and devoting their time and attention to humanise these rude races could not fail of being useful to us and to them." Francis Jenkins, Chief Commissioner of Assam, 1824'

Bharath has been subjected to multiple invasions and
foreign rule leading to distortion of artifacts, heritage sites, literature and the overall history. The last of our subjugators — the British — left no stone unturned to ensure that we, as a country and as a civilization, are fed with lies and twisted narratives to an extent
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Delivered for 10 hours non-stop, Bhulabhai Desai's stirring defense of three #INA soldiers under trial had a profound impact on India's struggle for independence.
MKG was such a shameless creature that, when Desai was on his death bed, he went to meet him &
did not speak a single word citing his "Maunavrata".
Thanks to Teesta Setalvad’s grandfather, Chaman Lal, he extensively wrote how Gandhi and Congress let down a great patriot.

When he met the 3 INA Soldiers, he told them "I am your defence councel, either you will be saved or
meeting the sentence but we will not compromise the ideals for which Netaji and your army stood for".

Desai’s Argument - The position now is that international law has reached this stage that if liberty and democracy are to have any meaning all over the world, and not merely
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#BhupendraKumarDutta – In all his life, Bhupendra never took rest, from childhood till his death, he was fighting – for his people, for his country, the only difference is, he fought twice.

His fight continued even after independence.

His “Upavasa Satyagraha” for 78 days,
was the longest ever period of hunger strike in any country.

There’s a meaning if British forget, but when our own people erase these legends from our history?

This man’s story is truly gut wrenching, fights for freedom & sees the country divide into 3, settles in today’s
Bangladesh to protect Hindus, finally comes to Bharat when he looses everything.
Remembering the Forgotten Freedom Fighter on his Jayanti who our Prime Minister remembered while defending CAA in Parliament.
“I want to ask to the Congress leader, have you heard the name of
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The aftermath of the 1921 Moplah Terror had come to Doctorji as a shock.

Indian Muslims had proved themselves Muslims first and Indians only secondarily so that when the Khilafat was given up in Turkey, they withdrew from the allied movement for
national independence.
The whole atmosphere was charged with Muslim fanaticism. ‘Allah ho akbar’ and not ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ was heard everywhere. Soon there were Muslim riots in Bannu, Kohat, Multan, Nagpur, Kanpur and elsewhere.

‘These are not Hindu-Muslim riots,’
he would say. ‘These are Muslim riots because in every single case it is they who start them and go on the offensive.’
These riots culminated in the Moplah atrocity, completed with arson, loot, murder, rape and forced conversion. The nation was dazed. And Doctorji wondered:
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Tribute to Maharani Durgavati on her birth anniversary. She was born this day, the 5th of October in 1524. Maharani Durgavati led many battles to victory including one against Baz Bahadur, the Sultan of Malwa, and two against Mughals, herself commanding her army.
It was the third battle that Rani Durgavati lost against Akbar’s Mughal forces where she attained Veergati.

Durgavati was an expert in the sciences, politics, administration, art of warfare including use of guns, archery, sword-fight, horse-riding, and hunting.
Following is an extract from #SaffronSwords Book II (Book I:…) on the 3rd and last battle Maharani Durgavati fought against the Mughals:

"The Rani, positioned on her elephant, continued her resistance, killing the Mughal soldiers one after another with
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#ShivSena president #UddhavThackeray & #Maharashtra CM #EknathShinde have organised a show of strength on #Dusseshra. But, over 100 years ago, the festival was used to protest against the British & popularise swadeshi
#Savarkar #Tilak #Bengal #Dussehra2022 #Dashera #Maharashtra ImageImageImage
This is also about the historical links between #Maharashtra and #Bengal & how people from #Maharashtra supported their Bengali brethren in their fight against the British colonialists

#Dussehra #Dussehra2022 #Dasara #Dasara2022 #LokmanyaTilak #VDSavarkar #Savarkar #swadeshi
It was on #Dussehra day in 1905 that #VinayakDamodarSavarkar, a student at the Fergusson College in #Pune, organized the 1st such bonfire of imported clothes with stalwarts like #LokmanyaTilak & #ShivramMahadevParanjape & a huge crowd in attendance
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On February 18, 1956, the then minister of health, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, introduced a new bill in the Lok Sabha. She had no speech prepared. But she spoke from her heart. “It has been one of my cherished dreams that for post graduate study and for the maintenance of high
standards of medical education in our country, we should have an institute of this nature which would enable our young men and women to have their post graduate education in their own country,” she said.

The plan for a Central PG Medical Institute was envisioned in 1946 & the
1st PM of India, Chacha Nehru didn't find it important...

It took 10 years for Maharani to collect adequate funds & lay the foundation for Bharat's Number One Medical Institute & Hospital.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) was born.
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In his first broadcast as Prime Minister on June 11, 1964,
“There comes a time in the life of every nation when it stands at the crossroads of history and must choose which way to go. But for us, there need be no difficulty or hesitation, no looking to right or left. Our way is
straight and clear—the building up of a secular mixed-economy democracy at home with freedom and prosperity, and the maintenance of world peace and friendship with select nations.”

We had our First Accidental Prime Minister and it was
#LalBahadurShastri - “A Man Who In
18 Months Made A Mark Not As A Puppet, But A Leader Worthy Of Respect And Admiration.”

It is a pity that Shastri died prematurely without implementing most of his ideas on economic reforms, deregulation and decentralisation. But it is a national shame that nobody in India
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To integrate the provinces, the Dept of states was wstablished in 1947 with 2 important men at the helm.
One was Sardar Patel and the other was
#VappalaPangunniMenon – who tragically is an Unsung Hero.

he was an invaluable asset to the Sardar Vallabhai Patel and it is VP Menon’s signature which is on every Instrument of Accession.

Menon’s story brings to light the Nehru-Patel rivalry and the first prime minister’s insecurity with his deputy and his not-so-favourable treatment
of Patel post-independence.
It also brings to light that while Nehru might have been good with words and writing eloquent letters to chief ministers, he was not good when it came to strategising and handling matters relating to administration.

Had there been no Patel & Menon
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