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The aftermath of the 1921 Moplah Terror had come to Doctorji as a shock.

Indian Muslims had proved themselves Muslims first and Indians only secondarily so that when the Khilafat was given up in Turkey, they withdrew from the allied movement for national independence. Image
The whole atmosphere was charged with Muslim fanaticism. ‘Allah ho akbar’ and not ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ was heard everywhere. Soon there were Muslim riots in Bannu, Kohat, Multan, Nagpur, Kanpur and elsewhere.
‘These are not Hindu-Muslim riots,’ he would say. ‘These are Muslim riots because in every single case it is they who start them and go on the offensive.’
These riots culminated in the Moplah atrocity, completed with arson, loot, murder, rape and forced conversion.
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Unable to bear the humiliation meted out by Jyoti Basu government, the World’s 2nd Doctor to create a Test Tube Baby killed himself on this day.

This is the tragic history of the Pioneer of IVF in India, the creator of India's first and world's second child using IVF, Image
Dr Subhash Mukhopadhyay.

The son of a Doctor, Subhash was born on 16 Jan 1931 at Hazaribagh.
Subhash earned his medical degree and his 1st Ph.D. at Calcutta University and his second Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 1967 in 'Reproductive Endocrinology'. Image
Dr Mukherjee’s story is that of a genius. He pioneered in vitro fertilization (IVF) in India with the aid of some general apparatus and a refrigerator in his Kolkata apartment.
He had been drawn to innovative gynaecological surgery from his early days as a medical student.
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Motherless at 4, marriage at 14, mother at 23, widow at 25, defender of Jhansi at 29, battlefield warrior against British forces at 30, veeramarana at 30!

On June 18, 1858, Jhansi Rani, "most dangerous rebel leader" in British occupied India , was killed at the Gwalior fort. ImageImageImage
Even if the Indians forget, Gwalior fort will never be forgotten by the British. This is because it is a fort that has witnessed the fiercest struggle against British colonialism. The last battle of Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bhai, was fought at this fort in Gwalior.
British army led by Hugh Rose attacked Jhansi in March 1858, and laid siege upon the fort. Lakshmi Bai escaped and was tracked to Banda, where Rose’s forces reported that “… though the fellows did their utmost, she got away She is a wonderful woman, very brave and determined.
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I dedicate my life as a small contribution to my motherland. I am alone responsible for this.

The 25 year old youth after killing Collector had shot himself & there was the note in his pocket.

Here's the story of #VanchinathanIyer who attained Veera Marana on this day after ImageImageImage
murdering Ashe, the district collector of Tirunelveli.

Vanchi as he was fondly called was born in 1886, and he had a good job in Madras govt, all this changed when he saw the bias by British towards Bharatiya businessmen.

Vanchi was greatly inspired by
V O Chidambaram Pillai,
the first Bharatiya to run a steamer service and break the monopoly of British.

V O C was a staunch nationalist and propagated Swarajya, the British were further angered when he entered their steamer business.

They connived with District Collector Ashe who was also
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The Condition Of His Grave Tells How We Honour Our Heroes!

Belated tributes for an Unhonoured, Never Remembered Freedom Fighter, an Exemplary Scientist, an Extraordinary Inventor
Satish was born on June 14, 1880, in Kurigram (now a part of Bangladesh) in Rangpur district of Bengal. He belonged to a poor family, yet due to his hard work and dedication, he was awarded a Master’s degree in chemistry from Presidency College, Calcutta. Image
Science and literature, though a lethal combination, makes this man stand out of the crowd. A simple linen dhoti with a shawl around his neck, Satish Chandra Dasgupta was man who never chose the normal road but preferred walking through a forest.

The Bengal Chemical Works Lab.,
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It was around 20-22 years back, I stumbled upon a book #TheMenWhoKilledGandhi.

Being a huge admirer of God Sent Godse, I was eager to know what was inside.

And thus I got exposed to the writings of #ManoharMalgonkar.

#Punyasmaran Image
I’m pretty sure, most of you have never heard his name, AND YOU WILL KNOW WHY, by the time you finish reading this thread.

The Men Who Killed Gandhi’ is a painstaking journey that began in 1960 as an assignment from Life International, and it came out as a story in its Image
February 1968 issue.

But, by then, Malgonkar had realized that his story and the research behind it warranted a book, much more than just a magazine article. So, he sat down to enlarge the story with inputs from several sources, of which the Kapur Commission’s report
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For every Sachin, there is Ramakant who coached him.

Likewise, for Vinayak, there was Ganesh, his eldest brother.

Let us know more about Babarao as he was fondly called on his Jayanti.

Ganesh Damodar Savarkar was born on this day in 1879.

From his childhood, Babarao was ImageImage
interested in our Itihasa and Purana's & also Yoga Kriya which left a deep impression on him.

Babarao, had to cut short his studies, as being the eldest son, had to take care of his 3 siblings as their parents passed away.

(Vinayak Studied Law & Ganesh became a Doctor).
As I mentioned above, the sacrifice of Babarao left deep impression on his siblings and they followed his principles, FOR LIFETIME.

It was 1905, Babarao from Maharashtra, opposed Bengal's partition and at the same time, he took care of Abhinav Bharat,
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Nurtured By Biju Patnaik, Destroyed By Jyoti Basu.

He Conquered all the Ocean's of the world, Padma Bhushan Recepient and a successful businessman, but couldn't withstand the waves of political vendetta by Jyoti Basu.

The gut wrenching story of #MihirSen. ImageImage
The man who swam into world record books by conquering the English Channel and Palk Straits, said this
“I had undertaken this perilous swim not to gain fame or trophies but to prove once again to the world that Indians are no longer afraid”.

#MihirSen, after his World Record
famously said, “I wanted to prove to the world that Indians are not afraid.”

In 1967, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan.

Do you people know, how our
heroes gets treated in our country?

My opinion is, it depends on where you are, what you do, and whether you support the Image
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Bishan Tandon's book on events leading to imposition of Emergency, PMO Diary, said that Indira Gandhi was "terribly afraid" of this person becoming the CJI.

Remembering the multifaceted personality
#KSHegde, who LIVED & SERVED Humanity all his life. ImageImage
On the Jayanti of #KSHegde, a sincere tribute for founder of #NITTE , Ex Speaker of LokSabha, Ex VP of BJP and Ex RS Member from Congress.

Kawdoor Sadananda Hegde was born on 11 June 1909 at village Kawdoor of Karkala Taluk, Hegde did his primary at Karkala and moved to
Mangalore for Higher education.
He completed his degree and law from Madras.

K S Hegde started his practice in 1933 & helped Farming community, while he worked as Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor during the period 1947-51.

Hegde was elected to the Rajya Sabha as a
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We all have heard this in our childhood


It meant, the money which will never be returned.

Do you know it's origin?

This is the story of Gandhi cheating V.O.Chidambaram Pillai famously known by the epithet - Kappalottiya Tamizhan Image
VOC launched Swadeshi Steamship Co. in 1906 to compete & break monopoly of British India Navigation Co.

But British got him under sedition charges and he lost all the money fighting court cases and the steamship company was liquidated.

South Indians in South Africa
collected money for VOC and handed it over to Gandhi.

VOC, then under dire poverty, corresponded with Gandhi for more than 5 years but never got the money from Gandhi.

Between the middle of 1915 and early 1916, Gandhi exchanged a series of letters with VOC whose name does
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Was there a Satya Harischandra in Politics?

Yes, there was One.
On this day in 1964, he took charge as Prime Minister of Bharath.
In this thread 🧵, we will visit the timeline of the last nationalist PM Congress produced.

In his first broadcast as PM on June 11, 1964,
Adaraneeya Lal Bahadur Shastri said..

“There comes a time in the life of every nation when it stands at the crossroads of history and must choose which way to go. But for us, there need be no difficulty or hesitation, no looking to right or left. Our way is straight and clear— ImageImage
the building up of a secular mixed-economy democracy at home with freedom and prosperity, and the maintenance of world peace and friendship with select nations.”

His tenure was brief, but eventful.
Whatever he achieved & tried to achieve gave effective results and helped in
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For the integration of states, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had to travel across the country.

Much to his surprise , a young girl in her early 20s from Bangalore was often one of the pilots for his flights and soon became his close friend.

She would go into history as the first ImageImageImage
Indian lady pilot of independent India.

The life story of #UshaSundaram is divided into 2...
One as an expert Pilot & another as a compassionate mother for animals.

Will briefly explore both in this thread 🧵.

The year was 1946 when couple Usha Sundaram and V Sundaram
arrived in Bangalore and began their married life in the Garden city. They lived in a small bungalow on St Marks Road. A qualified pilot, Sundaram joined as the Director of Civil Aviation for the princely State of Mysore and in a few years, also became the principal of the
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Normally, these Liberals & Converted Xtians defense for Conversion is that,
"We were looked down, we were not allowed" so on & so forth.

But, #SonaramChutia was different, he reformed the Casteists and racial abusers with Knowledge and Wisdom.

🧵 on the freedom fighter, Image
who also wrote 14 books about Vaishnava sect at Assam on his Jayanti.

Sonaram Chutia, popularly known as "Vaishnav Pandit" lived for 98 years but went down without even a stamp in his name.

Throughout his education, Chutia witnessed insulting comments from upper caste boys Image
and instances of disrespectful mistreatment from religious establishments towards certain communities.

It is said that these experiences prompted Chutia to take up his cause against casteism and racism.

Born on this day in 1915 at Jorhat district, Sonaram completed basic
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I wanted pictures of #AshutoshKali, but I'm getting Ashutosh Rana's instead.

Marxist historians mention him as a Terrorist who waged war against British.

This is the plight of heroes who died fighting for our independence.

On this day in 1965, Ashutosh Kali,
an Anushilan Samithi revolutionary freedom fighter passed away.

Ashutosh was born in Faridpur in 1891.While studying in Sylet college he joined Anushilan Samity and made contact with Pulin Das, leader of Anushilan Samity.

He participated in Chandrakona dacoity,
murder of Jatindramohan Ghosh, DSP, (1915), and the Indo-German Conspiracy.

He was given the responsibility of organising groups in Mymensing & was confined to jail from 1916 to 1938 in different jails.

He went underground during WWII to organise the secret organisation of
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Our Bharat without The Northeast Looks like this.

Nehru & Abul Kalam Azad were ready to Merge it with East Pakistan.

One Congressman went against party line.

Remembering #GopinathBordoloi, the savior of Assam and arguably entire NorthEast.


If you are not in Image
good books of Nehru Dynasty, then you are wiped out of history..

It took Vajpayee govt to recognise and award Bharataratna for the 1st CM of Assam.

Gopinath was born at Assam in 1890 and after completing his masters from Kolkata returned back to Guwhati & started practicing Image
law in 1917.

His years at Calcutta & association with Anushilan Samithi & also Tagore molded him for the greater cause of independence..

In 1921, Congress established INCAssam (Until then Assamese had to visit Calcutta) Gopinath joined as a member, his active participation in
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On his grave, it is written, born June 6, 1903.
Born Again 16 December, 1929.

While the Sikhs both from India & Gadar Party of USA were fighting
for Independence there was a Bast Sardar busy converting people.

He lived for 97 years & regarded as India's foremost Evangelist, Image
Church Planter who single handedly established more than 10,000 Churches much before Converted Rice bags of South spoiled the demography.

Bhakth Singh Chabra or
Brother Bhakth Singh was his name.

Born to a Devout Sikh family on this day in 1903 at Punjab, Image
Chabra was a devout Sikh in his childhood.

According to his website,
In 1926, he got an opportunity to visit England for higher studies & he promised his parents not to get converted.

Once in England Singh got fascinated with their lifestyle & started practicing their habits..
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Indira Gandhi said in Parliament and I quote

"We have lost in #GuruGolwalkar, a famous personality who was not an MP, but held the respected position in nation by the force of his personality".

Remembering ShriGuruji on his Punya Smaran.

I'm listing few moments of history ImageImage
which is not revealed by Dynasty & their affiliates.

“The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is moving ahead rapidly towards building a highly significant all-India organisation… A new dimension to their growth is their efforts to gain entry in the villages.
M.S. Golwalkar laid a lot of stress on this aspect in the winter camp of Wardha,” reads a CID report dated 30 December 1943.

“We can see the recent well spread out tour of the present chief of the Sangh, M.S. Golwalkar as an example of such efforts. In the last month of April,
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What if I tell you that the Fort in the picture was captured using Monitor Lizard....?

That's the story of Tanaji Manusare conquering Sinhagad using his pet Ghorpad, Yashwanti.

The story is written as a Ballad by Venu Gopal Narayan and originally published in @Swarajya ImageImage
Once upon a benighted age,
Our land lay under a foreign horde.
Hampi had fallen a century before, and,
Even the Rajputs now rarely roared.

A Turkic sultanate ruled the Northern Plains,
Which itched to expand its empire south.
It eyed the Adil Shahis of Bijapur,
Who reigned from
Nasik to The Pennar’s mouth.

Under these trammels lay ancient Bharata,
With her traditions in tatters, and her head bowed.
Infidels in our own homes, ‘kafirs’ to our liege,
Our spirit was broken; we were cowed.

Zakat and Jiziya were our new ways of life,
After hammers had
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The 24th Maharaja of Mysore, #Rajarishi #NalwadiKrishnarajaWodeyar shouldn't be confined to just 1 region Mysore, his life and times should be celebrated across Bharath and there's a reason for it.

Can Industrial Revolution, Economic Progress & Sanatana Dharma be linked?

Yes! ImageImage
it can be and our Maharaja proved it.

That's the reason, we Kannadigas of Mysore region worship the Arasu's even after 75 years of getting independence.

Brief 🧵 on our benevolent Nalvadi Maharaja on his 139th Jayanti.

04:06:1884 - 03:08:1940

Before proceeding further,
we should
remember that, they were under Madras Government & even after being a vassal state, they achieved what British could dream of....

Let us divide Maharaja's contribution into People Welfare, Health Care, Industries and Education.

A For The People
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It was May 1974 and one man asked 17 lakh Railway Staff to stop working and brought India to a halt for twenty days.
“always for the people and never with the establishment”.
This is how one can tell about George Fernandes in a single sentence, and that was his clout.
#Jayanti Photo George Fernandes addr...Image
Fernandes was already an iconic anti-establishment figure when he organised the strike of Indian Railway workers in 1974, which was possibly one of the reasons Mrs Gandhi declared the Emergency.

Before that, he had made a name for himself as an organiser of strikes that would
bring Bombay to a halt.

George Fernandes is arguably the most important non-Congress and non-Hindutva politician in post-Independence India.

Often described as a rebel, he pursued every cause he took up with passionate devotion, heedless of the many ups & downs in his life.
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The Tragedy was HIS DEATH.

He was Executed By Joseph Stalin on 28 October 1937 and his death was acknowledged only after 20 Years.
Along with him there was another victim, Virendranath Chattopadhaya, the younger brother of Sarojini Naidu.

#AbaniMukherjeeJayanti. Image
In their quest to destroy the land of Sanatana & to appease 1 particular dynasty, Communists of India Forgot their own founder who died fighting for Bharat's Freedom.

This is an inspiring story of Abaninath Mukherjee, an Anushilan Samithi freedom fighter & 1 of the 7 people Image
who established Communist Party of India.

For a set of freedom fighters, the lure of Marx & Russia proved fatal. They were drawn to Bolshevism by Lenin and met their end at the hands of Joseph Stalin.
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Andhra Ratna Diggirala Gopalakrishnaiah

The Freedom Fighter in the image was an Economic Post-Graduate from Edinburgh University.
Surprised? Read On...

He passed away at a young age of 39 & in poverty after spending everything he earned for Gandhi & Congress.

#UnsungHeroes ImageImageImageImage
Please do read about the legend who formed a Swayamsevak Sangh & named it on Shree Rama.
A small tribute to a remarkable Sanatani on his jayanti.

He was born in Penuganchiprolu village in Krishna district on June 2, 1889 into a Brahmin family. His father was Kodandaraamaiah and
mother was Seetamma. He studied in high schools in Gunturu and Bapatla town.

He went to England for higher studies. After graduating with MA degree from Edinburgh University, he worked with Ananda Kumaraswamy for some time and translated Nandikeswara' s Abhinaya Darpanamu from Image
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The Queen of Malwa, apart from being a brave queen and proficient ruler, was also an erudite politician. She observed the bigger picture when the Maratha Peshwa couldn’t pin down the agenda of the British.

Ahilya (Born : 31 May 1725), Jamkhed ImageImage
did not come from a royal lineage, most deem her entry into history a twist of fate.
Her father, Mankoji Rao Shinde, was the Patil (chief) of the village.
Malhar Rao Holkar, spotted an eight-year-old Ahilyabai at the temple service feeding the hungry and poor, he decided to
ask her hand in marriage for his son Khanderao. She was married to Khanderao Holkar in 1733.

Khanderao was killed in the battle of Kumbher in 1754, leaving her a widow at only 29.

When Ahilyabai was about to commit Sati, her father-in-law Malhar Rao refused to let it happen.
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These Communists doesn't have their own identity, they always hijack other's and claim it as if it belongs to them.

Take for example AITUC.

AITUC was established by Narayan Malhar Joshi, a Brahmin and Gokhale follower.

#NarayanMalharJoshi (5 June 1879 – 30 May 1955) ImageImage
co-founded the All India Trade Union Congress in 1920 along with Lala Lajpat Rai.

In 1911, Joshi established an organization called the Social Service League. The League conducted training programmes for volunteers, whose services were later utilized for relief work among
people suffering from famines, epidemics, floods & other disasters, and also for welfare programmes among the poor and the destitute.

He was president of Bombay Textile Labor Union, during his tenure N M Joshi established an organization called the Sahakari Manoranjan Mandal.
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