Following @POTUS lead: he’s not despairing, so I won’t. I welcome arguments, research, & discussion but don’t @ me with negative crap or be blocked. I’m providing facts from which I’m going to weave a theory on what might be going on.
At the least, they’re interesting facts.
Key concepts in this theory include Time, JULIAN, 11 (11:11), the @VP, Merry Christmas, This is Not Another 4-Year Election, dark to light, and the protest reportedly scheduled for Sunday Jan 17. Bottom line: Is “Time and Date” the Trump card?
Some calendar history:

*Roman calendar, based on lunar phases, pre-45 BCE.…

*Julian calendar, solar (dark to light) introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE. Year began in March (March 25, Lady Day).…
Gregorian calendar, introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 (among his other actions was to update the Index of Forbidden Books). The Gregorian Calendar was adopted by Catholic countries initially, then gradually by others.…
Great Britain adopted it with the Calendar (New Style) Act of 1752, to include the Colonies. Adoption by Great Britain generated The Calendar Riots of 1752, due to the removal of 11 days (folks went to sleep on the night of Sept 2 and woke up on Sept 14).…
The Calendar Act applied to the Colonies, but District of Columbia was never a colony. Refs are Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and the Residence Act. Not making Philadelphia the capital despite support, and structuring DC as a non state was deliberate.
Is it possible that DC technically operates under Julian calendar (even if civilly under Gregorian)? Still digging thru Federalist Papers which @mikepompeo posted at the new year in case clues there.
If so, wrt Electoral College: Jan 6+11 days=Jan 17, date protests planned.
Time is almost secretly kept at the Naval Observatory, domiciled w/in same circle as VP residence. Would it follow that official DC calendar is similarly kept by Naval Obs? (Related: intg to read Book of Enoch alongside, ref mvmt of stars, which at core is how time is calc'ed.)
We know Founding Fathers hid secrets in the layout of District of Columbia. Did they hide other secrets to save the Republic from dangers of Foreign Force and Influence 250 years hence?
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15 Nov 20
Is central control of the shadow government being run out of a small town of 23000 on the Mississippi, in flyover country Iowa, home of the first caucuses? Simply too many coincidences to ignore. @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
*Media & AP
*Electoral direction/Dem Party
Since 1972, Iowa has held the first presidential nominating contests in the country. This new direction was decided at the 1968 Dem Natl Convention.…
XiCCP has not one, but two keys to this city, a surprising small town visit for a world leader. The first in 1985, and again in 2012 as VP to visit "his old friends."…
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14 Nov 20
Remember the 2019 Kentucky Derby? In the heat of excitement, media called the race for Maximum Security, deemed pre-race favorite…but disputes were submitted to the judges, who disqualified him & Country House is the horse that holds the 2019 title & wears the garland of roses.
Media can “call” races all they want. It’s officials and judges who decide them. @realdonaldtrump and team are raising disputes in a public forum, yet media (mass & social) persist in circular confirmation to promote the narrative that #CoupPuppet Biden is the undisputed winner.
It’s a deliberate strategy typical of yellow journalism. But circular confirmations in journalism have existed in the US since at least the 1830s.
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13 Nov 20
In today's "dog comms" news:
Turkmenistan's newly unveiled golden dog statue merits reporting in all the major news outlets. Turkmenistan you might recall borders Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan (HBiden $), etc. It's a poor country despite rich natural resources, w a secretive gov.
It's on the Silk Road and one part of the former Tartarian empire. I find the architecture and sculpture interesting, and surely symbolic.
Dogs in mythology brought me to this article on Anat, ancient Canaanite deity (sometimes called Anit or Anti, like the prefix of "antifa"). Godess of sexuality and fertility, among other things she was referred to as the daughter-sister of Baal.
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12 Nov 20
Morning musings...
recalling that Greek letters are often used as symbols, I started digging on Eta as a symbol: used to represent conformal time in cosmology, efficiency in telecommunications and elasticity in economics.
It's interesting that telecommunications were particularly inefficient last night.
In economics, it refers to how much demand for a product changes with a change in price. Yesterday's recommendation on gold was to sell, anticipating a price drop.…
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11 Nov 20
How many times have we heard we're watching a movie?
So what's @realDonaldTrump favorite movie? Citizen Kane (homonym of Cain, brother of Abel, rhymes with McCain and McLean, VA (clown HQ)). Let's watch, shall we...?…
But first, background on this award winning 1941 film. Written by Orson Welles & Herman Mankiewicz, it's the thinly veiled story of media magnate Wm Randolph Hearst, whose methods of yellow journalism reaching 20mi readers emphasized sensationalism & "human interest" stories.
Hearst along with Pulitzer (a Hungarian-born yellow journalist prior to being known for his eponymous prize) both sensationalized and often made up, news. They famously made up Cuban atrocities, contributing to the Spanish-American War.
Competed in propaganda leading to a war.
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25 Oct 20
I keep wondering about the Ugg-slippered Lululemon-clad white girls in these protests, screaming at black cops and raiding Trader Joe's demanding "reparations."
How did they all get "called to action"?
I keep remembering this pic, not for Fauci and Soros and Gates Sr and the rest of the who's who, but for David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize winning popular historian and Yale Skull & Bonesman, on whom Bush bestowed the Medal of Freedom. ImageImage
There's disagreement on who said this quote, but consider how history books are selective about the info they cover, increasingly so in K-12 textbooks. Eg, history book disappearance of the Empire of Tartary.
Imagine, how will @POTUS accomplishments be represented if he loses? ImageImage
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