1/ Whelp QAnon has found some more Hopeium to explain how the plan will come to fruition so let me break down how an influencer is explaining this to his followers.
2/ They now think that Trump was not running for just another 4 year election in 2016, rather Trump was approached by military intelligence to run and his entire win has been and still is a military operation. (so far this is canon)
3/ They believe that the start of the plan was for Trump "to drain the lower swamp" in the first 4 years. The swamp composed of every industry: banking, movie, pharmaceutical, food, you name it they controlled it; but Trump has handled most of it in 4 years.
4/ Why have there been no arrest? Well they believe that Barack Obama before leaving office signed an executive order to pardon anyone of any crimes they commited prior to Trump coming into office. "This is why no one was held accountable when the Trump took office."
5/ The main enemies of QAnon could not be tried for their crimes prior to Trump (Hillary email scandal, Clinton Foundation, FISA spying on the Trump campaign). They can only be tried for crimes committed after Trump was in office.
6/ Therefore, new crimes had to be discovered. This is what the military has been doing with Trump and Qteam for 4 years "they have been catching these deep state actors in the act committing crimes and collecting evidence."
7/ QAnon are turning to what Trump said in his speech on January 7"there will be a smooth, orderly transition of power.” Because there was no mention of Joe Biden. Rather they will see the realization of the plan and their coming golden age: which is the end of democracy
8/ "We are transitioning from the defunct USA Corp to the Republic (not Biden). Trump will not technically get a “second term” and as he tweeted, “won’t be at the Inauguration Day in January”. "
9/ What does this mean to QAnon? Well "This means there won’t be an Inauguration Day. This was the last recorded term of a President who served in the “American Corporation”.""
10/ Well HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE YOU ASK?!? Well of course there is an answer: They believe that Trump dismantled the Banking Act of 1781 from England. The US is going back to being a Republic & Trump will be the first President of the new republic with the Constitution fully intact
11/ At this point even I am confused and not really following, but basically they believe that they will be returning to some pure constitutional republic that was pure and perfect in 1776. So where does it go from this?
12/ They believe that March 4, 2021is the start for the new Republic. March 4 was the start date of the new President until it was changed in 1933. Why do they believe all of this? Well at the end of his Jan 7 speech Trump said “Our incredible journey is only just beginning.”
13/ QAnon obviously latched on to that statement and the are using it to provide hope tot heir movement that No matter what it looks like in the media it is all about optics; be cause the Military and Qteam have thought of everything.
14/ They are still believing the disinformation pushed by Trump, Powell, Wood and Watkins that Trump won an overwhelming victory and will be the President. Additionally, they are still pushing the narrative that certifying a fraudulent election as Pence & Congress did is treason.
15/ Now get ready for some legal witchcraft: QAnon is waiting for Trump to invoke the insurrection act. Trump is still the President of the US until January 20 and he has the capacity to invoke this act, to deal with the traitors in a military tribunal.
16/ But Marc-André why has he not done so yet? What is he waiting for? Well my readers as QAnon influencers are explaining it the insurrection act involves the military and the people would have accused him of being a dictator.
17/ Trump has given everybody ample opportunity to come clean regarding the fraudulent election: the Supreme Court, DOJ, congress, and the VP. Their fake insurrection carried out by ANTIFA/BLM is the nail in the coffin Trump needed to not be seen as a dictator.
18/ QAnon influencers are saying to the adherents not to underestimate Trump and this military operation. Apparently, "Trump often appears weak before he wins (read The Art of the Deal)." Because that is a military operation strategy manual duh.
19/ They further explain that Big tech banning the President gives the President the opportunity to use the Emergency Broadcast System he set up in 2018 to contact all Americans for what they will need to hear regarding the next steps for the Republic.
20/ Their final message is that Trump has all the evidence he needs, he will never surrender and the best is yet to come so do not watch the MSM, don't give up and keep the faith... as I have said many many times it is not about evidence but faith for QAnon.
21/ Their faith is not in America, it's not in Democracy it's in Trump & Q. They objective is to destroy democratic institutions. Will they show up to upcoming protests probably not en masse as these protests are ANTIFA deep state traps. But after Jan 20, after march 4 who knows.

• • •

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15 Jan
So I am not convinced that this was "planned" in the traditional sense. There is a difference imo between the individual who came with nylon cuffs, vs those who stole items, vs the one who smeared shit on the wall, vs those who were there for the gram.
As @travis_view mentioned the threat made by the QAnon adherent is from a Qdrop. Now belief in QAnon is ideologically linked to anti-government narratives and promotes violences as a solution whereby all QAnon enemies will be arrested and executes
I do not think that this individual had any idea he would be making his way into Capitol Hill when he arrived in DC. However, an opportunity to do so presented itself to him and he took it.
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14 Jan
In QAnon world influencers have been pushing a message to not attend any rallies or protests on the 17 or 20 as there are all false flag events set up by the Deep State/Antifa/BLM government to perform mass arrests of patriots. Not attending is a widely accepted narrative.
Now this does not imply there will be no QAnon adherents, symbolism, flags, etc. At these events. But for the majority they do not wish to attend as they believe the real inauguration is March 4th (if that confuses you see this thread )
Other actors on the far-right that are planning and promoting various events as I said to @BrandyZadrozny nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1…
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14 Jan
Amar makes an excellent point, not only has there been the creation of large and very active public groups in a matter of days, already there are side communities and chats that are starting to form. Community building in an extremist ecosystem is a sign of sustainability
An important and often overlooked elements of online exteemsits communities is the are not all about plots and planning violent acts. Most of the content is account community building and finding a network of like minded peers. These are ultimately friend groups.
The radicalization to violence happens in these communities friends as they move towards smaller groups of like minded actors and may move their content to closed and private communications.
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