Tonight's debate made it clear the GOP think they can just go back to bullshit as usual.

They're dodging the metal detectors that were just installed.

I don't think they get it yet. They tried to get their colleagues killed, and their colleagues are in the majority now.
I mean, it's hardly surprising. Republicans have pushed every line of decency and faced no consequences so far. Why should this be any different?

I don't think they watched the DOJ briefing today. I don't think they appreciate how many fundraisers are seeking to detach.
Sheldon Adelson died today, which feels a bit too on the nose. He was a major GOP donor. He was what the right alleges George Soros to be, and now he's gone.

The remaining Koch brother doesn't want to be tied to this insurrection bullshit, either.
Obviously their base will vote for them no matter what, because they're completely broken and unsalvageable.

But people are really fucking angry and I don't think Republicans have grasped that this won't just blow over.
The Money is following through with the consequences.

A successful coup in the United States would be a worldwide financial disaster and not only did the GOP go right to the brink, they're insinuating they had no problem with it.

The Money is scared.
I mentioned this before: the dollar is a fiat currency. It's not based on a material good or resource. It's based on confidence in and credit of the US government.

If you destroy that, then suddenly it's completely worthless.

The Money is scared.
Now, while quite a few of you crazy motherfuckers would be perfectly happy to see everything burn down and enjoy the ensuing chaos, most of us wouldn't.

People want to hang out with friends and go to school and have sex and get married and have kids and maybe a quiet old age.
The majority of people have no interest in living out Mad Max, which it what a US coup would end up degenerating into.

You really think California would abide an illegitimate federal government? And they make up a huge chunk of GDP all on their own.
It would be at best a decade or more of strife in the continental US. While the fuckknuckles who jerk off to The Zombie Survival Guide might be in hog heaven, nobody else is really interested in seeing that come to pass.

Especially not The Money.
That's why businesses everywhere are dropping Trump, by social media companies are unafraid to block him and his followers, why huge brand are pulling their PAC fundraising to anyone who voted to overturn the election results.

The GOP scared The Money, and now it's angry.
I can't say for sure, but I can see a political reformation coming out of this; the GOP shifting centrist, peeling off centrist Democrats (might as well be GOP already) while shunning the hardcore right.

That 1/4 of the GOP that went in for Trump might be out in the cold.
Sure, that's millions of votes ... but they're voting for insurrection now. That's a paradox that can't be sustained.

The system will route around them. If it doesn't, there can't be a system anymore.
Again: I'm not into poli-sci. This is all based on my sense of the vibe.

But how many GOP politicians were *really* down with the culture wars? I mean, really.

They could give a shit about marriage equality or abortion. They just pander for the votes.
The GOP wants taxes low and businesses deregulated. They want a weak federal government. Bottom line.

They really don't care who you fuck, but they easily manipulate the people who are wacko enough to be wrapped up in that stuff. It was all for votes.
Except now those votes are a huge liability. Sure, they're a "base," but you can't win elections with just a base.

We might end up with millions of American voters disenfranchised not by malfeasance, but by their own desire to vote for insurrection and chaos.
When the GOP realize there are Democratic voters to be peeled off by catering to their desire for low taxes *without* being obsessed with who's fucking who, they might move center.

That'll leave their old base with no one to vote for.
There are millions of people who vote Democrat because of social causes who would rather vote GOP for financial reasons, but can't because they don't believe abortion should be illegal, that other races are inferior, etc.

The GOP might reconsider that fact real soon.
A potential realignment would be something like the GOP pivoting away from the Alt-Reich and toward welcoming Blue Dog Democrats into their coalition.

I dunno. We'll see. But the culture war thing is coming to a head and I don't think the GOP has realized that yet.
Many Democrats *really really* want to vote Republican for financial things, but also don't want to be neck-deep in MAGA shit.

The Democrats are a big tent party mainly because of social causes. Remove that barrier and the GOP is more appealing.
Example: a lot of business owners - a disproportionate number - depend on migrant labor.

Trump fucked that up with the white supremacy shit. They've been hurting.

They would *gladly* vote GOP if they ease up on immigration, because deregulation and low taxes.
Also farmers. Trump's trade war with China has resulted in what's essentially farm welfare. These last few years farmers made more money off government checks than selling anything at all. Soybeans gone to rot.

They would *love* their global trade back without the racism.
The tech sector? Holy *shit* has Trump and his madhouse been fucking with their money.

The import costs from China? That's buttfucked electronics like crazy.

Walmart and Amazon don't care about "free speech," they care about free trade and no tariffs.

• • •

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These people have goldfish memories.

Remember Axios? 60 Minutes? The town hall? The debates?

And back then, people were intimidated by him because there was still a chance he could win.

Now they want to put him in a room with reporters who have no reason to be scared? Image
No one outside of Newsmax or OAN is going to throw Trump a softball interview. I don't know how the administration staff would think otherwise.

And let's not forget, Trump will even shit himself in softball interviews because he's a complete imbecile.
And Fox, who are terrified about their sponsors right now, aren't going to let him sit for Hannity or Lou Dobbs or Tucker and get his dick sucked.

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It really hasn't sunk in that Trump's mob was coming to kill *Congress.*

I'm pretty sure there are Republicans who are brushing this off because they're convinced this was no threat to their own lives.

These people are incredibly stupid.
They're still convinced they can somehow harness a voter base that has become little more than a cult devoted to one man. They think one of them will be the heir to Trump.

Incredibly stupid.
That occured to me, too. The MAGA idiots might know Pelosi or McConnell, maybe Cruz ... but they couldn't pick any other member of Congress out of a lineup if you paid them.
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