Yes, I would like a high performance router capable of handling up to a dozen devices in an affordable price range. What are my options?

Ah. Leftover ship designs from Babylon 5.

That's ... that's great, Asus. Thanks.
What have you got for me, Netgear?

Oh. I see.

Something that looks like a TIE Fighter fucked a Cylon.

Yes, it will look very cool.

In the closet.

Where routers go.

Where no one can fucking see it.
Incidentally, this is the one I went with because it was the only ASUS router Best Buy had in stock.

I love their hardware. I love their interface.

But Jesus Christ I'm not going to zoom the router around with my hand making noises with my mouth.
I put my router on a high shelf, arrange the antenna for signal and then just leave it there. It's so far up I can't even see it.

When possible I put it in a closet.

Like, am I the weird one here?

• • •

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More from @Nash076

13 Jan
Catching up on The Stand and woooow they truncated Nick's story a whole bunch. Damn.

The stuff this adaptation considers extraneous is baffling.
The acting is great. Cinematography, effects, direction, top notch.

But the script is just killing me.
9/10 of Nick's story so far was cut. Not exaggerating.

No jail, no sherriff, no sheriff's wife, no inmates. Pfft. Gone.
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13 Jan
Tonight's debate made it clear the GOP think they can just go back to bullshit as usual.

They're dodging the metal detectors that were just installed.

I don't think they get it yet. They tried to get their colleagues killed, and their colleagues are in the majority now.
I mean, it's hardly surprising. Republicans have pushed every line of decency and faced no consequences so far. Why should this be any different?

I don't think they watched the DOJ briefing today. I don't think they appreciate how many fundraisers are seeking to detach.
Sheldon Adelson died today, which feels a bit too on the nose. He was a major GOP donor. He was what the right alleges George Soros to be, and now he's gone.

The remaining Koch brother doesn't want to be tied to this insurrection bullshit, either.
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11 Jan
I checked. It's there.

We going to get a surprise tonight, or is the State department done with his shit and are just trolling him now?
And now it's changed. A little.

Well, this is gonna be our weird thing for today, then ...
I want it to be true.

It could be true.

I doubt it's true.

And if it's not, someone at state is just *done* with him ...
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10 Jan
These people have goldfish memories.

Remember Axios? 60 Minutes? The town hall? The debates?

And back then, people were intimidated by him because there was still a chance he could win.

Now they want to put him in a room with reporters who have no reason to be scared? Image
No one outside of Newsmax or OAN is going to throw Trump a softball interview. I don't know how the administration staff would think otherwise.

And let's not forget, Trump will even shit himself in softball interviews because he's a complete imbecile.
And Fox, who are terrified about their sponsors right now, aren't going to let him sit for Hannity or Lou Dobbs or Tucker and get his dick sucked.

They already had to smack some of their "personalities" down over the Dominion lawsuit.
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10 Jan
"Erased from reality?" What, was Milo on the wrong side of the Snap? Does he need the Avengers?

Someone go call Tony Stark for him, the poor dear.
The fact Milo has never once had a single moment of self-reflection or inclination to change his ways is why you don't go out of your way to "save" the cultists.

They don't want it.
Milo honestly could have built a redemption narrative.

Really! Apologies. Repentance. A book of self-reflection.

Even without being sincere he could have rebuilt a reputation off the back of the disgraced one and returned to making bank.

And he just couldn't do it.
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10 Jan
It really hasn't sunk in that Trump's mob was coming to kill *Congress.*

I'm pretty sure there are Republicans who are brushing this off because they're convinced this was no threat to their own lives.

These people are incredibly stupid.
They're still convinced they can somehow harness a voter base that has become little more than a cult devoted to one man. They think one of them will be the heir to Trump.

Incredibly stupid.
That occured to me, too. The MAGA idiots might know Pelosi or McConnell, maybe Cruz ... but they couldn't pick any other member of Congress out of a lineup if you paid them.
Read 7 tweets

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