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13 Jan, 4 tweets, 1 min read
New Arendt biography made me think of Heller's account in "Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark Times" re: the reaction Arendt faced after reporting on Eichmann in Jerusalem. How she was rendered a pariah for questioning the notion of inherent, irredeemable evil. Deeply relevant today.
Once you've convinced yourself of the other sides inherent, irredeemable evil, you've given yourself license to stop thinking critically, and you end up justifying anything and everything to counter that evil. It's indeed a path for dark times.
Highly recommend Heller's biography. Arendt is not only a spectacular writer and thinker, she's also a deeply fascinating human. Impossible to easily box into a certain ideology.

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14 Jan
Tailwind CSS for Rails allows you to use Tailwind without setting up the entire JavaScript build pipeline, but still take advantage of purging for production. github.com/rails/tailwind…
I'm really interested in exploring just how far we can push the envelope on developing modern Rails apps without needing to setup the whole honking JavaScript build pipeline. Now we got Hotwire for in-browser ES6/ESM and Tailwind with pipeline purging. Looking pretty sharp!
Also, shoutout to @adamwathan for creating such a lovely css framework! It's been a long time since I've really had fun playing with CSS. I'm spoiled with incredible designers at Basecamp. But if I had to build something myself? I'd most likely use Tailwind! ✌️❤️
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2 Jan
Atlasssian: “Except as otherwise expressly permitted in these Terms, you will not.. publicly disseminate information regarding the performance of the Cloud Products.. or encourage or assist any 3rd party to do any of the foregoing” 😂 #BadPerfIsClassified atlassian.com/legal/cloud-te…
This is both insane and hilarious but why stop with classifying poor performance of your app? What about shitty service, is that also a trade secret? 😂
This so warrants an investigative report into what must be truly awful performance. Come on @verge or @motherboard or @wired or whoever 🙏. Please do some deep throat silhouette with distorted voice interviews that goes “it was awful.. so slow.. but we couldn’t say!”
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1 Jan
“Apple contacted and informed me that, after 6 years on the Mac App Store, Amphetamine had spontaneously began violating one of Apple's App Store Guidelines”, another day, another capricious, inconsistent, unfair, backdated, incompetent abuse of power. github.com/x74353/SaveAmp…
Love how all the good little authoritarians are showing up to defend the $2T monopolist: But why don’t you just lick the boot?! The man told you lick it! If you’d just lick it, everything would be fine. I really can’t understand why you don’t just drop down and lick it. Come on.
I’d strongly recommend Erich Fromm’s classic Escape From Freedom if you’d like to understand the psychology of boot licking more deeply. It’s one of my all-time top ten favorite books. Applies well in both business and politics. indiebound.org/book/978080503…
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28 Dec 20
If the only way you can manage to stay in business is by putting in an obstacle course when customers try to leave... please just go out of business.
It's okay! Not all businesses are meant to endure. Going out of business is a thing that happens when the product or service you have just isn't compelling enough for the price/market/branding/whatever you've targeted. Don't delay it by abusing customers and their right to leave.
And for crying out loud, don't expect any fucking cheers or parade when you go on to brag about "saving" your business by parking your scruples. This isn't a noble move! Whatever logic you're using to justify it to yourself will not translate well to a general audience. I assure.
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23 Dec 20
Hotwiring Rails expresses the desire to gift a lone full-stack developer all the tools they need to build the next Basecamp, GitHub, or Shopify. Not what a team of dozens or hundreds can do if they have millions in VC to buy specialists. Renaissance tech for renaissance people.
That's why I'm so pleased to rediscover the classics. Like @sstephenson said about Turbo Frames: "What if frames, but 2020?". So many powerful ideas lay in our past. The trick is to avoid nostalgia while steering clear of the present's blind turns.
Making tech more accessible to different ideas start by lowering the cost of participation. From teaching to tools. Focusing on the individual generalist, and their capacity to MAKE REAL THINGS is how I focus that mission.
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22 Dec 20
Hotwire aka NEW MAGIC is finally here: An alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire. This includes our brand-new Turbo framework and pairs with Stimulus 2.0 😍🎉🥂 hotwire.dev
That Turbo framework is a set of complimentary techniques for speeding up page changes and form submissions, dividing complex pages into components, and stream partial page updates over WebSocket. All without writing any JavaScript at all. turbo.hotwire.dev
Hotwire is all the tricks and tooling we used to build the front-end for hey.com. A refinement of years of research, experimentation, and SHIPPING HTML AT THE CENTER. It's been a revelation for us. Both for the web, and for our native apps.
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