Crow is right. Numerous House Rs have received death threats in the past week, and I know for a fact several members *want* to impeach but fear casting that vote could get them or their families murdered.

Not spinning or covering for anyone. Just stating the chilling reality.
This is why, as I’ve written/said before, Republicans should have asserted themselves and held Trump accountable from Day One. Their silence in the face of his manifest abuses contributed to the formation of a cult that now threatens their lives. Never should have come to this.
And yes: Trump’s rhetoric the last 5 years has stirred constant threats of violence against immigrants, journalists, Democratic lawmakers and others. Republicans are not the only ones being terrorized here. All the more reason for Americans to band together and say never again.

• • •

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6 Jan
My goodness. Kevin Williamson this morning. Read every word.

"No one who has participated in this poisonous buffoonery should ever hold office again."…
"I have on many occasions criticized the abuse of the word coup in our politics, but that is what this is: an attempted coup d’état under color of law. It would be entirely appropriate today to impeach Trump a second time and remove him from office before his term ends."
"Trump’s media cheerleaders, who like to call themselves constitutionalists & patriots, are no such thing. They are, for the most part, profiteers who will justify anything if it helps them to hold onto one point of audience share as they peddle their various blends of snake oil"
Read 7 tweets
5 Jan
States administer elections in this country. States canvass. States certify. States appoint slates of electors to the EC.

Once those state results are certified, and EC votes cast, there is no federal role beyond Congress tallying them and the sitting VP announcing a winner.
This is very straightforward. Can members of Congress object to the count? Yes. But objections have historically been extremely rare and narrow in scope. They've also been ineffectual—because federal lawmakers wouldn't dare, with the stakes so high, usurp the will of the states.
This is what makes 2020 so special. The same folks who've screamed about federal overreach and #makeDClisten are now proposing Congress disenfranchise tens of millions of Americans and strip states of their electoral sovereignty.

It would be stunning if it weren't so predictable
Read 5 tweets
13 Dec 20
*Long thread alert*

I've spent 2020 writing "Letters to Washington" from across the country to elevate the voices of ordinary Americans.

This is the series finale—with a twist. It's unlike anything I've ever reported or published. Please give it a read.…
This isn't sexy stuff. None of these people are influencers. They are your neighbors, colleagues, friends and family.

They're all trying to make sense of this moment in America. I'll bet you are, too.

To that end—agree or disagree with these folks—you should hear them out.
Meet Chip. He's a socially liberal and fiscally conservative "hippie" who says "It’s [a] pity we can’t be more kind to each other."

Chip voted Trump despite his “lack of empathy for the Covid issue and his nonstop penchant for idiotic rhetoric." The consequence? Family breakage.
Read 23 tweets
4 Dec 20
9 of 10 Trump voters I’ve talked to believe mass voter fraud occurred.

8 of those 9 cite the protracted counting and Biden’s “comeback” after Trump led Tues night.

Again: Legislatures in MI/WI/PA failed America by not allowing pre-processing. This madness could’ve been avoided.
There was no reason—none—to deny clerks the ability to process ballots early. Other red states allow it. Makes perfect sense re: efficiency AND accuracy (less rush, fewer mistakes.)

But Rs there decided to indulge Trump’s war on mail voting. The consequences have been ruinous.
Some credit goes to Lee Chatfield, the Republican House speaker in Michigan, who refused to allow pre-processing—and now admits that was a mistake.

Will Republican leaders in other states follow suit? Hopefully. But I fear a tremendous amount of damage is already done.
Read 5 tweets
3 Nov 20
I asked four GOP campaign managers who lost to Trump in 2016 to predict the 2020 popular vote. They predicted Biden would win by:

-8 million
-6 to 7 million
-6 million
-9 million

But two of them picked *Trump* to win the EC.

Down that path lies madness.…
John Kasich's campaign manager, Beth Hansen, picks Dems to win the House and Senate.... Biden to win the popular vote by 8 million.... and Biden to win the Electoral College w/ 278 EVs. Total turnout: 148 million.
Jeb Bush's campaign manager, Danny Diaz, picks Dems to win the House and Rs to win the Senate.... Biden to win the popular vote by 6 million.... and Trump to win the Electoral College w/ 278 EVs. Total turnout: 150 million +
Read 5 tweets
2 Nov 20
I got something special for you.

VALENCIA COUNTY, NM is the ultimate bellwether of presidential politics—voted w/ the winner of every election the last 68 years.

Here’s what this place, and its people, are trying to tell us...

✉️Letter to Washington✉️…
Funny thing about the streak? Nobody here knew about it.

"I’ve never felt that people around here are real fluid in their political beliefs," said Dale Thule. "Maybe the swings back & forth are on account of people taking turns getting so frustrated that they don’t vote at all.”
I asked Kenneth Tiger (right), a Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat, how he thought Valencia County would vote this fall.

“Whatever happens, it’s not going to be good. I’ve already lost 30 friends in the past four years. It’s going to get worse."
Read 12 tweets

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