It strikes me that much of the anti-CRT pieces that charge Black Christians with being CRT proponents go to great lengths to root CRT in European philosophical streams of thought. This despite actual proponents rooting their thoughts elsewhere in the Black intellectual trad.
So one has to ask the question: Why this tendency? Why press a movement often self-consciously located in one tradition into a tradition it sees as foreign to its thinking?

I'm sure there are many answers. But one answer seems to me to be it's an attempt to control the debate./2
A lot of the historical and philosophical excursus, insofar as it overlooks what the actual proponents claim, is simply another effort at colonizing thought, of insisting on a certain philosophical priority, and of demeaning the constructive thoughts of a group being rejected.
This is partly why so little progress is made or can be hoped for in these discussions. The critics aren't willing to take justice proponents at their word and engage their actual arguments and tradition.

Some need to "other" justice advocates both by (a) alienating the advocate from their own philosophical and theological resources and (b) positioning them within rejected and anathematized streams of thought in western society. It's a double-alienation that rigs the convo.

Disguised as intellectual history, little of it is really about understanding justice claims on their own terms. It's about power to control the discourse. Whoever frames the discussion wins. But, of course, winning a discussion so framed only ends in losing bros/sis's and truth.
My honest recommendation, though as someone who has engaged a lot of debates for a lot of years it saddens me to make it:

Simply ignore the think pieces and invitations to debate CRT, etc. Move on from voices seeking control of discussion by misrepresenting you. Go do the work.
So when @JawnO takes a hard pass on Carl Trueman's take by saying, "He ain't talking about me," John is, in fact, responding in the only way that makes sense if you care about the *actual* problems and can see the intellectual sleight of hand that's repositioning you.

@JawnO Well done, big fella. May all the rest of us follow suit. Ignore the distractions and the power plays in the garb of intellectual histories that aren't your history or your theological/intellectual starting points. Ignore the distractions and do the work. Neh. 6:3.


• • •

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10 Jan
This action is not just the GOP folks demonstrating fear of man, cowardice or political expedience. It’s not even merely a sincere hope for unifying the conference.

It’s an request, if considered, that fits a long historical pattern of the country accommodating the seditious interests and acts of southern actors.

That tendency began with the concessions to slaveholding states in the constitutional convention.

It continued with the country’s abandonment of Reconstruction and it’s turning a blind eye to the south’s racial terror and political sedition in counter-Reconstruction and the rise of the Klan.

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26 Nov 20
Earlier tonight, @AlsoACarpenter tweeted a link to the article below on CRT. It's a long article reflecting on several contributions in an issue of that journal. It's a good peek into the intramural discussions of people in the field. In the middle, Carbado lists CRT commitments.
@AlsoACarpenter If you have the time, you should peruse the article. But for those not inclined or who feel lost in a lot of the technical jargon, etc., here's a series of tweets quoting the topic sentences in the section where Carbado lists core commitments of CRT:
@AlsoACarpenter 1/ “One might start by saying that CRT rejects the standard racial progress narrative that characterizes mainstream civil rights discourse namely, that the history of race relations in the United States is a history of linear uplift and improvement.”
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19 Nov 20
Brothers and sisters, I want to make an ask of you.

It's not for me. It's for the gospel. It's for churches. It's for often-neglected, overlooked and avoided communities of people made in God's image.

I want to ask you to help us impact time and eternity.

Bear with me....
We have seen a revival of church planting over the last three decades. There are untold numbers of new churches in communities all across the country. Praise God!

We've seen an effort to support and revitalize struggling churches. And there are many comeback stories. Praise God!
But the vast majority of these new churches and these comeback stories exist and minister in suburban areas and in gentrified parts of cities. At best, the lion's share are only hood adjacent rather than hood located.
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17 Nov 20
Psalms 16
A Miktam of David.

Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge.
I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord;
I have no good apart from you.”
As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones,
in whom is all my delight.

The sorrows of those who run after another god shall multiply;
their drink offerings of blood I will not pour out
or take their names on my lips.
The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup;
you hold my lot.

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.
I bless the LORD who gives me counsel;
in the night also my heart instructs me.
I have set the LORD always before me;
because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

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4 Oct 20
So... we're going to big up Megan Thee Stallion for using a Malcolm X quote on Black women and a Tamika Mallory quote re: Daniel Cameron...

but we gon' ignore the lyrics of that song and the strip club representation of Black women in her dancing?

If we doing that, we trippin.
I agree that Black women are the least protected and honored members of our society. But we need to have a conversation about how *we* value them right along with the conversation about protecting them. "I'm savage" ain't it. Sexual exploitation ain't it.
I'm sorry. But it's not "heroic" to, on the one hand, seek fame and wealth by portraying the images and messages that dehumanize black women, while on the other hand decrying the other actors that exploit, abuse, demean and harm black women. It's not OK b/c you're a black women.
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12 Sep 20
While some mount defenses of slavery and slaveholding, the seminal event of the Old Testament that helps define God’s relationship w/ His people is His literal freeing them from slavery in Egypt. The exodus shapes their entire life and worldview, woven thru their celebrations.
You can only miss this if you’re identifying with Pharaoh and enslavers. That identification with the powerful and villainous blinds you to the wretchedness of forced bondage, makes you sympathetic to abstract justifications, and hard-hearted to those suffering the injustice.
But to read Israel’s sacred texts (i.e., the Bible), you read the history of their groaning in slavery which God heard, the celebration of deliverance in their poetry, and the ritual re-enactments of freedom on their highest holy days—but not one sympathetic word for Pharaoh.
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