If you are like every other Democrat, you’ve spent the last 4 years screaming, —without evidence— that the 2016 election was rigged/hijacked. And yet that election produced zero electoral irregularities. Zero statistical anomalies.
Imagine the exploding heads if 100% of these bellwether counties had voted Hillary instead of Trump in the ‘16 election, making it the 1st time in history that these voters in these counties didn’t match with the election results. And yet that’s what happened in the ‘20 election.
The number of bellwether counties that did not match with the results of the general election going all the way back to 1984:

1984: 0
1988: 2
1992: 1
1996: 0
2000: 0
2004: 1
2008: 1
2012: 0
2016: 0
2020: 18 <———👀

To me this is one of the biggest red flags that the election result was artificially produced.

In 2012, 100% (19/19) of those counties voted for the winner (a Dem) & in 2016, again, 100% of them voted for the winner (a Repub) but 4 yrs later only 1 of 19 voted for the winner?

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11 Jan
I really do feel like our ruling class politicians have our best interests at heart. No I really do. Public safety seems to be their top priority. Here’s proof.

We are:
Not allowed to run our businesses for reasons of public safety

Not allowed to gather & worship freely for reasons of public safety

Not allowed to question government appointed heath experts for reasons of public safety

Not allowed to speak freely for reasons of public safety
Election laws changed with millions of mail-in ballots mailed out to everyone including dead people for reasons of public safety

Not allowed to observe the counting of votes for reasons of public safety

Not allowed to question the election outcome for reasons of public safety
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10 Jan
The fact that you haven’t even attempted to explain any of the irregularities that I pointed out in the thread is telling. So far all I’ve gotten from the left is, “People hated asshole Trump! Dats why!”
Imagine if all of the bellwether counties had gone for Hillary in ‘16. And she had won both Florida and Ohio (easily) but narrowly lost in the battleground states where Republican poll workers forcefully blocked Dem observers from observing the counting process.
That would’ve been all the proof they would’ve needed to overturn the ‘16 election & deny Trump from being inaugurated. But they had absolutely zero electoral irregularities/anomalies to point to in the post-election data indicating that a rigged/unnatural outcome had occurred.
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20 Dec 20
Exactly right. I swear history starts today for the Left. They act like Trump didn’t run for president only 4 years ago... back when he was much less popular with Republican voters. A good chunk of Republicans didn’t vote for him in ‘16 because
they thought he would be too liberal. Others Rs didn’t vote for him because they thought he would be too hot-tempered/pro-war.

He proved to be none of that.

And that’s why he gained 12 million more votes in 2020.

And yet we didn’t see this strange no-down-ballot phenomenon.
Despite being much more feared & unpopular with Rs in ‘16, we didn’t see them voting top of the D ticket and yet voting down ballot R like they claim happened this election for which they cite as the reason for why Biden shattered records while down ballot Dems got crushed.
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20 Dec 20
If Hillary had fallen just below 270 EVs, but had won the swing states of NC, FL, IA & OH (comfortably even) but lost in the swing states where Rs blocked Ds from observing, and where they stopped counting & then resumed again with huge spikes for Trump...
And where only 1 bellwether county voted for her opponent (the winner), despite these counties exhibiting near 100% consistency for decades.
And saw her party experience a Blue Wave—flipping 12 seats in the house & winning 27/27 “toss-ups”— while she ends up losing to a guy who goes on to gain more votes than any other presidential candidate in history despite being a cadaver...
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18 Dec 20
Another reason why it’s impossible to rig a national election in America: Our country has election laws/safeguards that have been in place for decades. If one party was going to rig 3-4 swing state cities (as Republicans claim happened in 2020) that party would...
... They would have to change those laws in those swing state cities at the last minute. And they would have to do it through a corrupt judiciary rather than through the legislature as the constitution clearly lays out.

And if they were do it through a corrupt judiciary, than we would expect to see a corrupt judiciary declining to even hear the evidence post-election. They would most likely simply decline to hear the cases.

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18 Dec 20
They knew they couldn’t beat Trump in those battleground states in a fair, OnePersonOneVote fight. So instead, they made it as easy as possible for fraud to occur. At the last minute...
...right before the election, they circumvented the legislature (in violation of the constitution) & relied on a corrupt judiciary to help them change key election laws, laws that have long served as vital safeguards

in ensuring that our elections are kept free, fair, and transparent. And they continue to rely on this corrupt judiciary, post-election, to keep the evidence from being heard and reaching the light of day.

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