@andy_schauer @4moreye14135025 Well in casual speech I'm sure you've heard people say "I own you" when they think they have a great deal of influence over someone. So clearly there's a relation.

I think you're trying to draw a hard line between chattel slavery and effective slave power dynamics.
@andy_schauer @4moreye14135025 Now if you want to say one was relatively materially worse, that's a whole bunch of empirical questions and value judgments on things like life expectancy and "standard of living".

But I think you're reaching for a way to say formal slavery is worse than slavery-like dynamics.
@andy_schauer @4moreye14135025 Of course one thing the old anarchists would say was that because a slave or a serf was a formal class, he had more rights because the situation was recognized. For example, black slaves working fewer hours per year than free labor. That wage labor is more expendable.

• • •

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9 Jan
@jurijfedorov @KirkegaardEmil @desiraethinking What is "history"? It's politics. Don't think so? Okay, at what presidency does "politics" end and "history" begin? Clinton?

There's no clear line. And what is "liberalism"? It's not a real thing. It's what comes from the University and spreads through all other institutions.
@jurijfedorov @KirkegaardEmil @desiraethinking That's what's real. The institutional nexus. If the Universities were promoting eugenics, that would be twitter's policy. And they'd feel super-strongly about it and would be mocking "save every baby" religious conservatives for their anti-eugenics by-god-try.
@jurijfedorov @KirkegaardEmil @desiraethinking So for "historians" to be "liberal" - of course! They are the heart of the University. What it "liberal" IS the University. It them permeates every institution because every institution is staffed by university-people at all meaningful levels.
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7 Jan
1/ What if "slavery" was just called something else? Blacks worked fewer hours per year than free white farmers, had better nutrition as inferred from height (blacks are actually slightly shorter than whites today), and their life expectancy ratio was roughly the same today.
2/ And their literacy rate was ~20%, higher than most of the world. Certainly higher than black africa

When you actually break down what data there is on slavery, and how most former slaves who had a choice after the civil war actually chose to stay on with their former...
3/ masters, how horrible is this really compared to how most of the world actually was at the time? In Russia, you weren't a "slave", you were a "serf", though every metric of human development was worse than a US slave.
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31 Dec 20
@osbornedynasty @DooKaHa1 They were abolished and new ones formed. You need to slow down and stop leaping to conclusions about what oter people think. Twitter is an extremely limited platform that I only use because it is a network monopoly - one of the newer "elite" structures.
@osbornedynasty @DooKaHa1 As for "traded in", there's no mechanism of "trading in". The people who ended feudalism are white people, and are currently the least controllable by elite institutions (which we can use various proxies to verify).
@osbornedynasty @DooKaHa1 The old land-monopoly governments ("feudalism") were abolished. There was a time where things were very free. Now things are beginning to close again for lots of reasons.

One of which is the dropping of genetic intelligence and importation of more easily controlled populations.
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14 Nov 20
1. Females are more susceptible to the authoritarian view of knowledge (credentialism) and safe-feeling consensus-based decision-making.

In a competitive world, this fails and patriarchies win. A successful patriarchal society then lacks competitors,
2. Females are better at navigating and gaining power WITHIN a society. This doesn't mean actually becoming the nominal leaders (though that sometimes happens), but in making kings out of males with authority/consensus elevating males.
3. Thus sufficiently successful patriarchal society becomes credentialized and heavily based on consensus. It then lacks innovation, everything is incompetent, it becomes suffocating and impossible for smart people to do anything b/c they're trapped in a web of difficulty.
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2 Nov 20
@A_J_Kerek @HendricksonAm @charlesmurray Two things:
1. That's conditioning. At no other point in history was any kind of race, clan, ethnic exclusivity that was not just a character / behavior filter, seen as immoral. That's something you had to be taught, and at a young formative age.
@A_J_Kerek @HendricksonAm @charlesmurray 2. Models of ethnocentrism-humanitarianism-individualism models show ethnocentrism always wins. IRL it's more complex, but ethnocentrism still mostly won in most of human history. You're telling people to do something that is evolutionarily disadvantageous.
@A_J_Kerek @HendricksonAm @charlesmurray If you're okay with that, fine. But you're creating a powder-keg kept in place by ideological conditioning. As soon as that lid gets lifted, and people return to baseline, you're gonna have something bad.

The solution is SOOO simple. Just keep em' separated.
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1 Nov 20
@BoyleLab "linking race to any traits" - you're futzing up the issue.

There are clearly different populations, they differ genetically. Whether they meet X level of heterozygosity or clusteredness for you to class as "race" or "subspecies" or whatever is irrelevant.
@BoyleLab How bout this: is it possible for Azerbaijanis and Latvians to have differences in genetic behavioral tendencies? Of course it is.

The fact that Azerbaijanis and Latvians are/are-not separate "races" is completely immaterial to answering any questions about that.
@BoyleLab For you to then say "But Azerbaijanis and Latvians only have blippity poo poo overall Fst distance" or to suddenly wax philosophical "do Latvians or Azerbaijanis even really exist" doesn't help answer the question regarding the cause of behavioral differences if there are any.
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