Next on Trump's Hostage Video

We know it is insincere. And even in that, Trump cannot bring himself to saying Biden won, the election was fair, and congratulate Biden. It is a Hostage Video, issued under duress.

Why? Trump is afraid. Let's look at the timeline a bit
Of course Trump was watching the Impeachment on TV. He has no Twitter, he could not issue his counter-claims.

But SUDDENLY there was that live message from Trump, read by Gym Jordan. Where Trump denounced all violence... Why did THAT suddenly emerge?

Remember the timing!
Trump's declaration (via press release) was issued by Eric Trump's Twitter feed (no doubt sitting with dad). It is not written by Trump. It is written by professional press people, trying to protect Trump.

Trump ORDERED it to be written, and Eric to publish it.. because of..
The TIMING tells us what freaked Trump out. It was brave Republican Congressman, Dan Newhouse (R-WA) who was the ONLY House Member of GOP who dared to SPEAK into the Congressional record, his support of the Indictment ('with a heavy heart').

Trump is not smart. But he knows TV
Rep Newhouse did not warn anyone this was coming. No other House GOP dared to speak into the Congressional Record (and on live TV) on behalf of the Democrats call to Impeach. Some did issue WRITTEN statements, but nobody else dared to speak. Dan Newhouse did. His voice was heard
Trump knows THIS Republican voice - as a VIDEO CLIP will damage him MORE than Liz Cheney's written statement. And that is why Trump rushed to issue the statement that he is against all violence.

His Hostage Video builds on that disaster, attempting to do damage-control
The OTHER motivator on the Hostage Video is Trump's criminal liability in murder. Trump now KNOWS his speech will be presented as evidence of Trump inciting violence (which would not be protected by 1st Amendment, it is like yelling fire in a crowded theater)

Trump is in fear
Trump will be looking to shift the blame - he needs a scapegoat for January 6, and the most obvious two candidates are maganutter Congressman Mo Brooks and the alleged attorney Pantsy McGrabliani "Trial by Combat!"

Mo Brooks is already blaming White House in return.
Giuliani been trying to telephone Trump. He is refusing Rudy's calls. Rudy wants to BLACKMAIL Trump. Trump thinks he is safe by not talking to Rudy (the famous Ostrich defense, to reality, hide your head into the sand)

Trump is of course REFUSING TO PAY RUDY (what else is new)
Onto this, Mitch trolled Trump (he hates Trump vicerally, will destroy Trump but do it piece meal) - by saying Mitch won't tell which way he votes - he will be PERSUADED BY THE LEGAL ARGUMENTS

Haha Trump is BROKE. He can't AFFORD proper representation. He can't even use Giuliani
So while Trump IS a clear and present danger to America for 6 more days, Trump is now panicking about his own CRIMINAL LEGAL JEOPARDY that comes knocking on his door next week Wednesday, 1 minute past noon on 20 January

Stay tuned
PS - I missed that there was a SECOND speech at Impeachment debate, by Republican also declaring she'll vote to impeach. Sorry. My bad. It was two. The second was:

Rep Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) who also bravely declared she'd be voting to impeach with the DEMs..

• • •

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Thread 6: Brainwashing by Bannon

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I mean literally brainwashing. MOST OF YOU have relatives or friends who are inside the cult. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot find the truth. They believe in their brainwashing.

PERFECTLY SANE even intelligent people can be brainwashed. It is not 'stupidity'
Yes MANY of the Trump #cult45 are gullible and some are mentally simple, many are lowly educated. BUT plenty of smart, educated, successful people have fallen into the cult - and like any cult - they cannot get out.

They cannot find the truth.
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Now we get the analogy. Cancer.

If you learn from the doctor, that you have cancer, that is spreading that cannot be stopped, but must be cut out, the sane thing is to cut out as soon as possible, to remove as little as possible? Right?
I showed you, that the GOP accepted racists into their midst (Wallace). Then they made deliberate decision to abandon fighting for the political center, and embrace extremist views (Newt). Then GOP fell in love with conspiracy theories (Sarah Palin) and locked into a cult (Fox)
All this makes the current GOP a FRINGE party, a natural MINORITY party that cannot win general elections and only can win those elections where the race is artificially in their favor (gerrymandering) or cheating (voter suppression etc).
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Thread 4: Donald Trump Did Not Invent Trumpism

It was Fox. Fox created a Maga Nation (without that name) and promised their maga god Messiah would come some day. In 2015 when Trump came down that escallator, FOX proclaimed Trump as their dude

Trump didn't even know the lyrics Image
Fox News was born after Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine in TV news broadcasts.

Fox was set up from the start to be a PROPAGANDA channel. To give PARTIAL and BIASED news. Not the full picture. They brainwashed 1/3 of American electorate over 3 decades

Long before Trump decided to run, Fox had been building a voter base for an ultra-conservative (and racist) candidate. Who would 'defend America in a war against Christmas' and who would 'build a wall' to keep brown people away etc. A cult of white men who feared a changing world
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Aka let's try to do SPD again, Sarah Palin's Disease. Sorry, my 2nd Thread was longer than I expected with Newt.

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While George Wallace is the grandfather to Trump's run in 2016 (starting in 2015), there are not enough racist voters to win the election. Not even enough racists to win the NOMINATION of the GOP.

Trump needed to expand his support in 2015 & 2016. He needed INSANE voters.
The real prototype candidate to Donald Trump is Sarah Palin - a candidate so bad, she COST John McCain millions of votes in 2008 against Obama. Yes, exit polls are clear, for every 2 votes Sarah brought in to McCain she brought 3 votes to Obama. Net cost to McCain several MILLION
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Looking at the coming split of the GOP, next up is the era right up to Trump announcing his run in 2015. What happened in the decades right up to that moment. We get SPD, Sarah Palin's Disease. Alas, there is no cure Image
I like to joke that the GOP got infected by SPD Sarah Palin's Disease but many have pointed out that no, the GOP became sick well before Sarah. And the root cause is Newt Gingrich.

The first corruption of GOP as a politically viable party came via Newt
When the GOP came off its immense power era (2 terms of Reagan, record-national support, leading to rare 3rd term by one-term Daddy Bush) - then came suddenly the populist Bill Clinton - who stole the Republican thunder and stole the MIDDLE GROUND of politics
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First Thread: Before Trump

So my Ph D treaties on Twitter, about how Trump split up the GOP. We start with history of course. And we go to the political era before Trump. To the origins.

No. Not Sarah Palin.

No. Not Newt Gingrich. The origins:

George Wallace, the last racist Image
So reality check to my younger Tweeps, some who do not know this. Up to the 1960s, it was the DEMOCRATIC party that was the racist party and the Republicans stood for equal rights. Yes that is true.

The South had 'Dixie-crats' who were KKK Nazis, Democrats who were openly racist
The last Racist to openly run for President to win some (Southern) states - was former Democrat - turned Independent, George Wallace.

Democrats threw the racists out of their party and embraced the minorities, with a passion. Today it seems impossible to imagine DEMs as racists
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