Imagine a school that teaches one how to die without leaving a body behind.

The term Rainbow Body or Light Body comes from the realization, through Dzogchen meditation practices, that we are, in essence, pure light in perpetual motion.
Light/Atomless Body
Small rainbow body
The human collectoce is rising in frequency—ascension. We are letting go of limiting vibrations, succh as fear, shame, guilt and we are expanding our consciousness by remembering our Divinity.

We are all sparks of God with amnesia.
We may feel uncomfortable symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, or disoroentation, as we are met with higher frequencies.

This is due to the activation of our currently dormant Light Body—our Divine image as perfect light beings.
Once activated, we have more access to our divine nature. As we ascend our physical, etheric, spiritual, astral, casual, electromagnetic, mental bodies, we literally become a being of pure Light.
Our consciousness & higher dimensional functions are purposefully blocked by certain energy structures when we incarnated here. We are literally in a waking sleep, or living out an illusion.
These blockers are being removed, and that is what is activating our Lightbody.

Integration w/ our Lightbody is a karmic bypass technology not subject to the rules of karma i.e. cause and effect. This means rapid consciousness expansion w/o working through so many karmic issues
There are Angelic beings who are assisting in the removal of these blocking structures—which are not visible in the third dimension—which is accelerating the activation of our Lightbody.

These crystals located throughout our head/bodies are responsible for blocking telepathy,
And other clairgognizent abilities. They also prevent the merge of our Divine feminine/ Divine masqueline energy bodies, block our life force/pranic tube flow located in the lumbar, & keep our heart centers closed.

This prevents us from fully grounding & causes confusion.
But the removal of these structures is currently flooding our system w/ Light from our Higher Selves & raising our consciousness & frequency very quickly.

Our potential is being freed by the removal of other blocking structures located in our pelvic area, legs & spine.
These structures prevent us from embodying our Divine Light Body & may cause depression, anxiety etc.

There are even astral structures–that are related to our past lives— that block the flow of energy.

Removing these structures frees up our potential.
Our consciousness/Higher Self, is its own sentient being but is also a collective of everyone's higher selves—we are all one.

The aforementioned blockages in place play a role in ensuring our seperation from our Divinity & God so that we may live out a 'human' experience.
The realignment of body consciousness coupled w/ the removal of these blockages reactivates our Lightbody.

Once all of the body's circuits are calibrated & the axiotonal system (acupunture meridians w/ spin vortexes of electromagnetic energy/light) is rebuilt,
Our Oversoul sends energy & light to reharmonize our various bodies.

Masters who achieve Lightbody are fully recalibrated & their 5D life force system fully activated. They are reconnected to their tube of Light from their Oversoul...which is our way home to God.
There are many ways of reaching ascension. Awakening to the Matrix has a massive clearing effect on not just yourself, but the collective.

Those of us who "take the redpill," are profoundly affecting all incarnations over space & time.

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