A reader keen on Micro Frontends sent me to micro-frontends.org.

It has a demo with React + Vue + Angular on the same app. Wow! I wonder what's the performance!

Ran a quick lighthouse test and was stunned to see a 💯...

You won't believe how. Drumroll...👇
They only use 8.3kb of JS! Amazing!! How? Lazy loading chunks?

I clicked around... nope. Everything is interactive with no extra js downloaded.

See how fast and performant it is for yourself micro-frontends.org/1-composition-…

What is this dark magic?!?!? I was starting to be sold.
Then I viewed source: github.com/neuland/micro-…

Here's the secret: The demo doesn't use any frameworks. Only web components and vanilla JS.

Feeling misled. Why not address critics' #1 concern upfront? Is microfrontends only usable with WC's?

All I know is this wasn't convincing.

• • •

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13 Jan
Let's de-stigmatize changing your mind!

Quote tweet this with a strong opinion you used to have and no longer do.

I'll offer some in thread
"Time travel debugging is only for showing off in demos"

"HSL is better than RGB because you can control hue, saturation and lightness as independent variables."

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24 Nov 20
A reader asked about mental models that I learned from my finance days, that are still relevant for developers.

Here's a quick thread in no particular order, let me know what resonates or mystifies:
1. The Role of Confidence (Being a Con Man)

- People are attracted to confidence for interviews and promotions
- We aren't as objective as we think
- Jobs which traffic in confidence are prone to bullshit

I've actually written about this one already:
2. Opportunity Cost vs Sunk Cost

- Assess each choice relative to your other options.
- For employers: be great at finding and evaluating options in ways they care about
- For your self: Accumulating options = Building wealth
- "Making past mistakes look good" is not an option
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25 Oct 20
I was asked about why declarative programming is at the heart of "newer" trends in tech all the way up and down the stack, from React to Terraform.

I replied in an email but here it is as a quick thread:
DOM APIs are imperative, which encourages manual setup/teardown of event listeners, and intermingling of business and presentation logic.

At best this is just quite verbose and disorganized, at worst this creates runtime bugs and memory leaks. Lack of structure is painful.
We use React/Vue/Svelte to organize code into declarative components, help us organize the above and automate the boring parts. It also lets us *share code* much easier because the markup, state, and styles are scoped to the component, so they don't leak to the rest of the app.
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18 Jul 20
Resharing advice I gave to a friend:

**Don't play games you don't want to win.**

We often get caught up in other people's games. Ladders, likes, follows, points. Winning can bring a short-term rush, but feel empty after. These games are traps for competitive, ambitious people.
The primary beneficiary of you being #1 on Product Hunt is Product Hunt.

The primary beneficiary of you being Employee of the Month is your Employer.

The primary beneficiary of you going viral on Twitter is Twitter.

Youre surprised *everything* around you is designed this way?
"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes." - @naval

Characteristics of stupid games:

- Zero sum
- Finite game
- Single number
- Regular schedule
- Costs them nothing
- Rules clearly stated
- Winner irrelevant in 1 year
- Timing matters
- Microcopy matters
- Social proof matters
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10 Jul 20
💁‍♂️ How to Play Long Term Games:

Systems > Goals
Discipline > Motivation
Trust > Distrust
Principles > Tactics
Writing > Reading
Vulnerability > Confidence
North Stars > Low Hanging Fruit
Trends > News
Habits > Sprints
Questions > Answers
Problems > Solutions
People > Projects
Listening > Arguing
Empathy > Enmity
Values > Metrics
Actions > Reactions
Health > Wealth
Forgiveness > Revenge
Automation > Decision
Delegation > Control
Growth > Fixed mindset
"Yes, and" > "Well, actually"
Community > Solo effort
Identity > Outcomes
Science > Social Science
Integrity > Capability (h/t @chamath)
Designing > Forecasting
History > Geography
Micro > Macro econ.
Resilience > Perfection
Redundancy > Efficiency
Lasting > Winning
Wisdom > Intelligence
Drive > Inspiration
Investing > Spending
Proactive > Reactive
Data Structures > Algorithms
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1 Jul 20
🚨 The @Coding_Career Handbook is here! 🚨

It comes in 3 flavors.

The Handbook: 450+ pages of everything I have learned about building an exceptional and *sustainable* coding career. This is the ultimate guide for the 4-8yrs from Junior to Senior Dev!

The Community: Every book should have a community section (). We get so much more out of it when we can *talk* to fellow readers!

I stepped down from my active /r/reactjs moderator role and will be personally moderating this new @discord!
The Creators: For those who want to peek #BehindTheScenes, I have put up 2+ hours of Author's commentary and 10 hours of recorded writing sessions to show you how @Coding_Career was put together.

I'm also doing some Workshops (to be recorded) where you can ask me anything live!
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