The Ballad of Larry, Moe & Curly

The Three Trump Attorneys

Let's talk about Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani & Chris Christie
Michael Cohen served as Trump's personal attorney for about a decade PRIOR to Trump coming to the White House

And whatever bad image you have of attorneys, to call Michael Cohen a lawyer, is unfair to attorneys. He acted like the worst thug, a despicable monster of a human being
Michael Cohen's 'method' was to bully and to threaten to sue and then to sue. And then to behave in all sorts of unethical ways. He acted ALWAYS like a monster.

It tells us enough, that Michael Cohen was BLOCKED from joining Trump in White House, as BEING TOO TOXIC
Even so, for first 15 months, Trump would use Michael Cohen (worked for 'free' ie paid by Trump organization, not Trump personally) - in GOVERNMENT matters. Trump would call Michael Cohen on the speaker phone - to JOIN the discussions (knowing Cohen would RECORD that discussion)
Michael Cohen's lawyer's office was raided by FBI in April of 2018. That RAID destroyed Trump's freedom, because the FBI got all the evidence it ever wanted, to put Trump away for LIFE. They have been patiently waiting for Trump to become Citizen Trump - to process those crimes
As Michael Cohen pleaded guilty, turned State's Evidence, went to prison, he has turned and is now a RELIABLE witness into the Trumpomobster world. We will be hearing more of Michael Cohen.

Who blocked Michael Cohen's appointment to the White House? It was Chris Christie
The rejected Bond Villain The Chrischristie was Trump's friend from years prior, as NJ Governor back when Trump had casinos there. Chris was among first of Trump's rivals in 2016 nomination race to endorse Trump. Trump WANTED the Chrischristie as his Veep. He became his shadow
Trump WANTED Chris Christie as his VP. But Manafort was the money man (paid by Putin) who kept Trump afloat. Manafort told Trump he cannot have Christie. Putin demanded Trump to take Mike Pence instead (Newt Gingrich had been Trump's other choice)

Trump hates Pence to this day
When Trump couldn't have Chris Christie as Veep, he gave Chris the job of Transition Manager. Chris could fill the positions. This meant Christie could set himself for ANY post (either White House Chief of Staff or Secretary of State the 2 most powerful in any admin).
Chris Christie tried. He noticed Trump was not listening to Chris, and instead, was hiring criminals like traitor General Flynn, a Putin stooge. So Christie DID NOT JOIN the Trump Admin. But Trump TRUSTS Christie, and called him regularly, last used him in debate prep 2020
Whatever you think of Chris Christie, of these 3 alleged attorneys, he is the least insane. And Christie is likely to tell the truth. Especially admit clear mistakes, like that Trump lost his first debate

Trump does not treat the truth well. Nor those who tell it to Trump
If Michael Cohen was too criminal an attorney to join a Trump White House (too hot), and Chris Christie not criminal enough an attorney (too cold), we get the middle thug attorney friend of Trump (just right), now known as Pantsy McGrabliani.
Rudy Giuliani had been Mayor of New York City. Before that he was a District Attorney, processing mafia crimes. Trump and Giuliani knew each other well, long before Trump ran for President. Trump did NOT bring Giuliani into his White House staff either
Giuliani tried repeatedly to get into Trump's White House. His chance came with Michael Cohen's office raid by FBI. Trump needed to have evidence manufactured against Joe Biden for 2020 (Ukraine, Hunter Biden). With Cohen in prison, Trump gave this project to Rudy (paid by Putin)
When Giuliani ran the Ukraine Hunter Biden gambit, he was given a pair of Trump's thugs, lovely criminals known as Lev & Igor. In reality Lev ran it with Putin's instructions, with idiot Giuliani as their mouth piece. And Giuliani behaved as if he was some kind of Viceroy
When Trump tried to dump Giuliani as a scapegoat during his first impeachment, the thug past Mayor of New York went on TV to threaten Trump. Trump IMMEDIATELY stopped blaming Rudy and found someone else to blame.

This tells us Giuliani holds some SERIOUS dirt on Trump
Trump had no LEGAL case to overturn the election. Giuliani promised Trump he can do it, and milked Trump campaign for $20,000 dollars PER DAY in this sham, where Giuliani said one thing on TV - that Trump would watch - and something different in court where Rudy is under oath.
Now the alleged attorney Pantsy McGrabliani made his notorious cry 'let's have trial by combat!'

Trump feels betrayed. He sees Rudy being blamed as one of riot organizers. So Trump has ordered Giuliani not to be paid. And Trump is not taking Rudy's telephone calls
Now we have a Mexican standoff

Giuliani needs Trump's pardon. Trump is not PAYING.

Trump needs Giuliani for Trump's Impeachment defense.

Giuliani's time runs out in six days to receive his pardon - so Rudy HAS TO THREATEN Trump.

This could become... entertaining

• • •

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15 Jan
Thread 6: Brainwashing by Bannon

I mean literally brainwashing. Please see psychological and sociological theories. I mean literally building a cult - that CANNOT FIND THE TRUTH

It is like the Branch Davidians (mass suicide)

Steve Bannon built this cult for Trump Image
I mean literally brainwashing. MOST OF YOU have relatives or friends who are inside the cult. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot find the truth. They believe in their brainwashing.

PERFECTLY SANE even intelligent people can be brainwashed. It is not 'stupidity'
Yes MANY of the Trump #cult45 are gullible and some are mentally simple, many are lowly educated. BUT plenty of smart, educated, successful people have fallen into the cult - and like any cult - they cannot get out.

They cannot find the truth.
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Thread 5: The Sick Puppy

Now we get the analogy. Cancer.

If you learn from the doctor, that you have cancer, that is spreading that cannot be stopped, but must be cut out, the sane thing is to cut out as soon as possible, to remove as little as possible? Right?
I showed you, that the GOP accepted racists into their midst (Wallace). Then they made deliberate decision to abandon fighting for the political center, and embrace extremist views (Newt). Then GOP fell in love with conspiracy theories (Sarah Palin) and locked into a cult (Fox)
All this makes the current GOP a FRINGE party, a natural MINORITY party that cannot win general elections and only can win those elections where the race is artificially in their favor (gerrymandering) or cheating (voter suppression etc).
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Thread 4: Donald Trump Did Not Invent Trumpism

It was Fox. Fox created a Maga Nation (without that name) and promised their maga god Messiah would come some day. In 2015 when Trump came down that escallator, FOX proclaimed Trump as their dude

Trump didn't even know the lyrics Image
Fox News was born after Reagan ended the Fairness Doctrine in TV news broadcasts.

Fox was set up from the start to be a PROPAGANDA channel. To give PARTIAL and BIASED news. Not the full picture. They brainwashed 1/3 of American electorate over 3 decades

Long before Trump decided to run, Fox had been building a voter base for an ultra-conservative (and racist) candidate. Who would 'defend America in a war against Christmas' and who would 'build a wall' to keep brown people away etc. A cult of white men who feared a changing world
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Third Thread: The Conspiracy Theory Voters

Aka let's try to do SPD again, Sarah Palin's Disease. Sorry, my 2nd Thread was longer than I expected with Newt.

So now let's do Sarah Palin properly, in her own thread. Image
While George Wallace is the grandfather to Trump's run in 2016 (starting in 2015), there are not enough racist voters to win the election. Not even enough racists to win the NOMINATION of the GOP.

Trump needed to expand his support in 2015 & 2016. He needed INSANE voters.
The real prototype candidate to Donald Trump is Sarah Palin - a candidate so bad, she COST John McCain millions of votes in 2008 against Obama. Yes, exit polls are clear, for every 2 votes Sarah brought in to McCain she brought 3 votes to Obama. Net cost to McCain several MILLION
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Second Thread: The incurable SPD

Looking at the coming split of the GOP, next up is the era right up to Trump announcing his run in 2015. What happened in the decades right up to that moment. We get SPD, Sarah Palin's Disease. Alas, there is no cure Image
I like to joke that the GOP got infected by SPD Sarah Palin's Disease but many have pointed out that no, the GOP became sick well before Sarah. And the root cause is Newt Gingrich.

The first corruption of GOP as a politically viable party came via Newt
When the GOP came off its immense power era (2 terms of Reagan, record-national support, leading to rare 3rd term by one-term Daddy Bush) - then came suddenly the populist Bill Clinton - who stole the Republican thunder and stole the MIDDLE GROUND of politics
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First Thread: Before Trump

So my Ph D treaties on Twitter, about how Trump split up the GOP. We start with history of course. And we go to the political era before Trump. To the origins.

No. Not Sarah Palin.

No. Not Newt Gingrich. The origins:

George Wallace, the last racist Image
So reality check to my younger Tweeps, some who do not know this. Up to the 1960s, it was the DEMOCRATIC party that was the racist party and the Republicans stood for equal rights. Yes that is true.

The South had 'Dixie-crats' who were KKK Nazis, Democrats who were openly racist
The last Racist to openly run for President to win some (Southern) states - was former Democrat - turned Independent, George Wallace.

Democrats threw the racists out of their party and embraced the minorities, with a passion. Today it seems impossible to imagine DEMs as racists
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