So Ben Shapiro wants to know what the difference between Donald Trump saying the election was stolen and Stacey Abrams saying she was a victim of voter suppression is.

Donald Trump tried to coerce government officials and sent an angry mob to overturn the results.
Stacey Abrams did not do that. She acknowledged that Kemp was the winner under the system we have, and then went on to dedicate herself to the hard work of overcoming the bias built into the system in order to gain enough power to correct it.
There is also the fact that Stacey Abrams is right and Donald Trump is wrong, but for me the question Ben is asking is more about what they do. We can't fully rule out the possibility that Trump sincerely believes he's right, too.
I say we can't fully rule out that possibility but I'm not interested in verifying or falsifying it. I don't care what Trump believes. From my vantage point outside his skull, I am not convinced he believes anything.
He's both said and shown us that for him, the truth is what's good for him and things that are bad for him are fake. His net worth is how good he feels. Polls, news, job reports, facts... they're real if they help him. Fake if they don't.
He can completely contradict his own stated positions within a single conversation or speech, sometimes in the same sentence. When he does that, which version does he believe is true? The one that he's saying, when he's saying it. Because in that moment, it's good.
So does Donald Trump really think the election was stolen via massive coordinated fraud? Well, losing the election hurts. And proving that it was fraudulent would help.
Donald Trump did not start out with a bunch of hypotheses about Dominion and Smartmatic and "hammer and scorecard" and so on, which his aides validated by bringing him information.

He instead started from the position that he couldn't legitimately lose.
And so every cock-and-bull story off the internet about how Venezuela or the CIA or the Girl Scouts of America or the Blue Meanies was rigging the votes against him became true to him, because they were good and helpful for his purposes.

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16 Jan
.....his resignation is effective January 20th. January 20th. He's not even resigning! He just wants credit for it.
If he wanted to make a statement that says he's disgusted with Trump but cannot in good conscience leave his post in a pandemic, I'd be like, yeah okay whatever. But to make a statement that he's resigning and then stay in his job until it ends anyway?
Yeah, Trump is really the king of "let's not and say we did".

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16 Jan
Emily Kaldwin, robbing a cash register in

*low chaos* "Technically this doesn't count as stealing because I'm going to use this 37 cents to fix the economy."

*high chaos* "Technically this doesn't count as stealing because I murdered the owner and the dead can't own things."
I think my least favorite thing in Dishonored games is how finicky cash registers are to interact with and how they have, like, three coins in them that you have to aim the reticle at very precisely or you'll accidentally close the register trying to take them.
It could definitely use a "loot all" mechanic for cash registers where you just hoover up the contents as it opens.
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15 Jan
One of the features of the TTRPG combat system I'm working on right now is that the enemy/NPC side gets a number of actions each round based on (not always strictly even to) the number of combatants on the heroes/player side.
This helps balance combat on the fly, and can result in situations that emulate TV Tropes like "Mook Chivalry" (the enemy's reserves stand around cheering and jeering instead of all rushing at once) , or where there's waves of minions popping up until the central problem resolves
It also provides for an analog to the 5E concept of bosses with "legendary actions" where the solo big bad can make additional attacks in between player turns while waiting for its actual turn. A big solo threat facing five PCs would attack like five separate creatures would.
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15 Jan
The idea that Trump's actual reliable base is closer to a third of the electorate than half of it, as they so often love to claim, continues to bear out.
And this sharp drop among Republicans is a fair omen for conviction in the Senate trial.

Like, these numbers shouldn't be seen as a direct translation to where Senators will fall, but... if 40% of Republican Senators voted to convict him (20 out of 50) and 96% of Democratic Senators voted to convict him (48 out of 50) then that's 68 votes, which is enough.
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15 Jan
Noodling around with tabletop game design today and I think I've found a lens I like better than narrativist/simulationist/gamist: the story/world/game distinction.
I think it's probably easiest to explain this distinction in terms of death. If you make a game that doesn't have rules for dying -- character death will never be an outcome of any result from applying the rules -- that's a game where no one dies.
Some people encountering a game system like this for the first time will immediately go, "So in this world, no one dies? That's ridiculous. Why is the villain sending assassins after the heroes? They would surely know death is impossible in this world."
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15 Jan
Oof. I've had a bit of a scary time with my insurance this year. Resolved now, but.

First, due to the mail sabotage, I didn't get my paperwork until 1/7/21. I could have figured out the online stuff without it and made payment before January 1st, but. Everything happens so much.
When I got the paperwork and set up my online access, it said my coverage was voided for non-payment and could be cancelled, but it was also asking me to make a payment to activate. So I did. First try, it gave me a confirmation number but never went through.
I didn't write the confirmation number down because I expected it to be emailed to me as well. Another silly mistake on my part. There was no email, no authorization or deduction on my bank account, and it didn't show up in my payment history.
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