THREAD #motherandbabyhomesreport is an example of classic whitewash.
the techniques are widely known; narrow the scope & limit the enquiry. Used to great effect in Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday & Grenfell. So what appears to be an open, honest, legal, proper & well-meaning
effort is in fact a smokescreen for a concerted effort to above all else, protect the institutions involved. Our former Minister for Children, Catherine Zappone, it would appear, tried valiantly to do this properly. She oversaw the Tuam Babies excavation which confirmed that tiny
human remains were buried underground in a mass unmarked grave. She spoke of how difficult the process would be, politically, legally & technically to exhume all the bodies. She asked the pope during his visit if the religious orders would pay reparations. It would appear she did
her best & was bona fides. What did the incumbent do? Exclude survivors from the workings of the Commission. Far from being central, they were NOT even at the table. They were outside the tent. The report was delayed then LEAKED. But worse still, Roderic O'Gorman tried to
bury the files. He was given the dirty job to pour cement on the seals for 50 years. By which time, survivors would be long dead. IMAGINE the callousness of that. Just because MSM news cycles move on, does that mean that we should just......forget? This happened just before xmas!
In only NINE Sitting days, he passed legislation to seal the files. With a vague promise to do his best to enact legislation to make tracing by children & Mothers more possible. There are countless stories of survivors filing countless unanswered FOI requests with Tulsa & trying
in vain to access their Birth Certificates. It is unconscionable. Every bit of the State's handling of this has been at worse incompetent & at best, downright defensive. The UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women criticised the scope & limit
of the Commission from the outset. Why were only 14 #motherandbabyhomes included & only a sample of county homes. Why? Why weren't court orders granted to force religious orders to hand over records. Why is it so difficult for individuals to trace records? Why did the State
sit on the Magdalen evidence until a self-funded, Historian Catherine Corless discovered that 796 tiny remains, lay in a pit on the grounds of a #MotherandBabyHome creating international media scrutiny, embarrassing the State into taking action.
State has shown us again and again that the political will is only to limit damage and make this go away. Babies still lie in mass graves. We have NO IDEA of the true figure. The number 9000 is the tip of the iceberg. Finding the bodies would be a priority, one would think?
The report called homes 'refuges' & denied adoptions were forced. Babies were sold like puppies, handed over to rich American couples for "headage' of 3,000 pounds per child. The Bon Secours owns the largest private hospital empire in this country. Where is their accountability?
This investigation should have been done, properly by the UN whose war crimes experts have the technology & assets to find mass graves instead of this shambles. As a nation state we do not go to war but we waged war on women & children for 80 or our 100 years since Independence,
overseen & indeed FUNDED BY the two parties that are STILL IN POWER. It is any wonder they want to limit the gravity of this? This is our gravest moment. Women & children were sacrificed to appease an ideology for 80 or our 100 years as a nation. #wewillbeheard

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15 Jan
Please read and share!

"Public discourse around sex increasingly seeks to deny basic facts of human biology."

A Letter "The Reality of Sex" has been published in the
Irish Journal of medical Science. @IrishJMedSci

@FondOfBeetles @SwipeWright
THREAD: How "Gender Identity" is taking precedence over sex in Ireland.

In Ireland we have Self I.D, a man can change his legal status, his SEX, by filling in an A4 form. Image
The Hate Crime Bill which is going through the Seanad Éireann at the moment lists "sex characteristics" rather than sex.
It doesn't provide an interpretation for "sex characteristics" yet it provides one for "transgender identity".… ImageImage
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THREAD: Those of us who are calling out the great harm Trans activism & Ideology is doing to our children, will remember this day for as long as we live.
Keira Bell has won.
Here's our analysis of a complex judgement today in Bell v Tavistock, at the Royal Courts of Justice /1
This is a landmark judgment for doctors looking after children with gender dysphoria: in essence the judgement states that children do not have the capacity to make an informed decision to take puberty blockers bc they cannot fully understand the impact the drugs will have. /2
There's insufficient clinical data to guide that consent. This impacts HERE @HSELive : GIDS could not provide the court with basic information about how many of their patients have Autism Spectrum Disorder, despite this being highly prevalent in children with gender dysphoria. /3
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We welcome any & all MSM coverage of the conflict of rights that has come about bc of the GRA & Trans activism.
The more light shone the better.…
We are a grassroots group. We have members all over Ireland & we are growing everyday.
The reason we keep growing is because our message is resonating. We are calling out the unintended consequences of Self-ID which are catastrophic for child safe-guarding & which obliterate Single-sex provision.
The trans identified males in Limerick are fully-intact males./2
Male bodies do not belong near women in vulnerable states whether that is a prison, a hospital ward, a refuge, a toilet or a changing room. We know that the vast majority of people on this island agree with us. The scope of the article is narrow. The Why? is not examined./3
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This is #TransDayOfRemembrance, the culmination of #TransAwarenessWeek
So, what are Trans Rights? Trans identified ppl across Europe have every human & civil right. They can't be fired or refused housing. On average there is just one murder a year in the UK & across Europe.1/…
And there have been no murders in Ireland.


Conflating their lives & mortality rates with those of prostituted people is dishonest. Unsurprisingly, trans identified males who work as prostitutes servicing men in North, Central & South America, lead short, dangerous lives. But that has nothing to do with 'Trans Rights'. 3/
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29 Sep 20
Ireland is supposed to be a shining beacon of progress these days...

but in fact, we have sleepwalked into a nightmare.

As we send out our first tweet to the world, our thoughts go to the female inmates of Limerick Prison.

If no one else will speak for them, we will.
A violent male-bodied person with a stated intention to kill & rape women has just been transferred to the Female Estate because they had a Gender Recognition Certificate.…
We condemn in the strongest possible terms what is nothing less than State-sanctioned torture of the most vulnerable women in society, 79% of whom are typically survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Rape.….
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