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#TransDayOfRemembrance is an apt time to post something I wrote some years ago during Pride Month.

Stalking, physical and verbal assault, inappropriate and non-consensual touch.
But before I get to it, I would like you all to bear in mind that I grew up with the conservatism of the 1980s, when the AIDS scare meant homophobia and everyone believed you could catch it from toilet seats and that breathing "LGBT air" would make you gay;
when sex education meant learning how to put a condom on a banana and learning the correct anatomical names but nothing about sexual orientation, sexual/gender identity or gender expression;
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In honor of #TransDayOfRemembrance I’m sharing two stories that I reported out over the past three years. The beauty of following Karla & Michelle for so long is that I witnessed the arc of justice @Longreads…
I wrote about Michelle, a trans woman from El Salvador who received asylum in the US & who is working & studying as she always dreamed @Longreads…
And I produced a radio story for @reveal about trans women who migrate to the US & the story includes deeply moving testimony from an asylum court judge #TransDayOfRemembrance…
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Noch ein zweiter Thread, weil es im ersten nicht mehrgepasst hat: Wenn ihr etwas tun wollt, redet mit Menschen. Schaut dass heute niemand alleine sein muss.

Dieses Jahr ist besonders hart, weil dank der Pandemie unsere Supportnetzwerke wegfallen.
#TDoR2020 #TransDayOfRemembrance
Schreibt Freund*innen ne Nachricht. Fragt nach wie es ihnen geht. Und hört zu wenn sie reden wollen. Seid einfach da. Zeigt, dass wir nicht alleine sind. Es sind kleine Gesten, die wirklich helfen können.

CN Transfeindlichkeit

Und langfristig? Helft uns eine Gesellschaft zu bauen, in der wir nicht dauernd unsere Existenz rechtfertigen müssen. Sagt etwas, wenn ihr transfeindliche Aussagen mitbekommt. Widersprecht ihnen. Schützt trans Menschen.

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CN Gewalt, Transfeindlichkeit

Heute ist #TransDayOfRemembrance. Der Tag an dem wir den Opfern von transfeindlicher Gewalt Gedenken.

Es ist ein Tag der sehr wichtig und gleichzeitig unheimlich schmerzvoll ist. Ein gutes Ende für die #TransAwarenessWeek.

CN Gewalt, Transfeindlichkeit

Wir leben in einer Gesellschaft, in der wir regelmäßig unser Existenzrecht verteidigen müssen, in der wir dafür angegriffen werden, dass unser Geschlecht anderen nicht ins Bild passt. Ich kenne keine trans Person, ohne solche Erfahrungen. #TDoR2020
CN Gewalt, Transfeindlichkeit

Wir leben unter ständigem Druck, viele von uns in ständiger Angst vor solchen Angriffen. Manche von uns wurden verprügelt, teilweise bis ins Krankenhaus, andere von ihren eigenen Therapeuth*innen fertig gemacht.

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Y’all remember that one transphobic book that @Target removed from its shelves?

Don’t get too happy, the very next day it was returned to shelves.

Trans people are a joke to corporations
Love knowing that @Target thinks my very existence is somehow worth the “discourse” that TERF authors keep trying to sell
‘If not even the seemingly trans-friendly Target could keep Shrier’s book off its shelves for a single day, the controversy is also yet another reminder that the idea that writers like Shrier and Singal are somehow subject to “cancel culture” and “censorship” is self-victimizing’
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This is #TransDayOfRemembrance, the culmination of #TransAwarenessWeek
So, what are Trans Rights? Trans identified ppl across Europe have every human & civil right. They can't be fired or refused housing. On average there is just one murder a year in the UK & across Europe.1/…
And there have been no murders in Ireland.


Conflating their lives & mortality rates with those of prostituted people is dishonest. Unsurprisingly, trans identified males who work as prostitutes servicing men in North, Central & South America, lead short, dangerous lives. But that has nothing to do with 'Trans Rights'. 3/
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Stirring hatred of minorities leads to violence and deaths. Across the world 350 trans people are known to have been murdered in the past year, 11 in Europe.
In the UK, a relentless anti-trans press campaign and political discourse has led to record levels of violence, ...
... harassment and discrimination in the workplace directed at trans people.
Worldwide, trans women are by far the most likely victims of violence and murder, particularly those who are black or of mixed ethnicity. Brazil, Mexico and the US have the highest ...
.... murder counts.
The figures for each year are compiled by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project…
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Today is #TransDayofRemembrance. We mourn the loss of transgender individuals who have been victims of bigotry and violence. In 2019, we have lost at least 22 members of the trans community to transphobia and bigotry, and the rates of violence and hate crimes are not going down.
Trans women of color, in particular, experience violent crime at a truly epidemic rate in this country. The data is clear: swift and sweeping action must be taken if we are going to stop the rampant brutality targeted at trans women of color.
No American should live in such horrendous fear for their very life. When in Congress, I will advocate for comprehensive reforms to discriminatory healthcare, employment, and housing policies, and I will work to change the institutional bias against the transgender community.
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This #TransDayOfRemembrance I want to stress the importance of preserving our memory in death. It's scary to think about, but many trans folk are at risk for being erased post-mortem. Here's a quick resource thread (unfortunately most resources at hand are a bit US-centric).
This post on the @OrderGoodDeath blog is a great place to start, first up, especially regarding the legal side of things to prevent being erased as a trans person postmortem.…
In that same vein, one of the integral parts of making sure you're all set up legally for your death, something that is far more dire as an LGBT person to be when your identity is at risk, is advance directives. Here's a @TheGoodDeath video on those.
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Please take today, #TransDayOfRemembrance, to think of the 22 transgender people killed in the United States this year and keep their loved ones in your thoughts. The following images are courtesy of @TheAdvocateMag:… (thread)
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For #TransDayofRemembrance I want to tell you a story.

Last Nov/Dec, I was homeless. @realDonaldTrump had just been elected. I was living in my car. I was cold. I was hungry. The pain from my chronic lower back issues was horribly bad, every moment of every day (1/x)
Sleeping in my car was making it worse. I could barely stand, let alone go grocery shopping or walk longer than about 10 min, w/o being totally wiped out for the next day or 2. I was receiving no medical treatment for being #trans, for my #AtrialFibrillation or my back pain (2/x)
I was unemployed, had no degree, didn't pass, and I was severely depressed.

Only a few ppl know this, but I think it's time to talk about it. I almost died last December. I didn't have much $, but I was doing research on the best methods to kill myself that'd be effective (3/x)
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