As someone who has embraced a more progressive and “liberal” part of the Christian tradition, I can fully attest that this is true. I’m sure that some of my friends who knew me at a different part of life feel that o have changed. But no.
I went to seminary at an institution that I would not consider at all progressive, though I had many professors who were. But I learned how to read and understand scripture in a much different and healthier way in seminary.
I didn’t lose faith or orthodoxy. I learned even more how to think and how to be a Christian. I learned so much.

I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to think about and explore my faith.
I remember after I had publicly announced that I had become an Episcopalian, I saw post from a now erstwhile friend on FB that was a sub that I believe was directed at me.

The first was that the person they were talking to with the post was letting bitterness rob them...
...And their family of growth.

Now this might totally have not been about me at all whatsoever. I think in some ways it spoke to and gave voice to some of my own fears and concerns.

But I even think of how different I am. Ans how people interact with me (or don’t).
And I realize that people might/likely think this of me (I’ve also had some gnarly interactions with some people so there’s that too).

But the truth is that I feel way more rooted and grounded in the faith and in who I am as a believer than I did before I became Episcopalian.

• • •

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16 Jan
It’s funny how, when Black people leave toxic church spaces we are the ones called “divisive.” We always have to bear the weight of judgment and have to explain ourselves.

When you see Black people leaving a predominantly white church space en masse, you should be asking...
Why are so many people walking away? Why are their stories all similar or exactly the same? Why is this not being addressed by leadership? Why does it feel like it’s being swept under the rug? Why is Black folks’ departure deemed as their issue or fault?
Why does the leadership of my church or organization only take the slightest of responsibility (if any at all)? Why do the sermons end teaching in my church seem to change for a season directly after departures? Why are the Black folks who remain given promotions or visibility?
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16 Jan
So the Chipmunks movie where they’re in a ballon race with the Chippettes and there’s a baby penguin they’re taking to it’s mother. There is a specific scene that gets me. I literally only ever saw the movie once then a couple years ago the clip circulated and it destroyed me.
Also, the Brave little toaster was a lot for me TBH.
I know that the question was as a kid, but no cap Toy Story 3 upset me so badly. From the very beginning. I fought fears the whole movie and when it got to the end I cried. I literally wept leaving the theater while all the kids there were happy. Still can’t watch it.
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14 Jan
Ok, dream interpretation folks. I have had a couple of dreams that I’m pretty sure are Holy Ghost dreams, but I have not trusted myself to interpret them. So I’m going to throw it out there.

And I’m tagging @TheAmberPicota and @isierranichole since y’all be knowing
So first of all, I had a dream where I was at a church that I used to attend (one I left re: racism and misogynoir) and I was called on to be part of a panel. I was in the church but it was like I was zooming myself onto the panel. I didn’t know why I was there but I was.
The pastor was there ans they were talking about having “courageous conversations” but I didn’t feel like I really got to speak. So then the scene changed and I was in an old house that was being renovated.

A current friend of mine was helping to renovate the house.
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14 Nov 20
So I’m going to share some of by banned/censored cartoon stuff with y’all. This thread will contain clips and stuff so be warned. I don’t know why I’m going this but somehow my brain is here so that’s where we’re going tonight until I get too creeped or tired to keep on.
So you might be asking, “Why is she into this? That’s a weird hobby.” IT IS.

I have Whoopi Goldberg to thank. There was a contest and of Hollywood Squares who said this was his hobby and she told him to look up Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs.
I was in high school at the time and it sparked an interest for me. This was before YouTube and I spent a LOOONG time looking for this cartoon (beyond descriptions) online.

This is the version of it that’s on YT rn. I’m goi f to comb through my files and see if I have it all.
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14 Nov 20
Let me try this again. So I’m watching the Looney Tunes Golden collection tonight on shuffle and this cartoon came up. It’s called “Old Glory.”
This cartoon came out in 1939, two months ti the day before Germany invaded Poland and WWII began. Of course there had been all kinds of cussery going on in Germany before that, but it’s notable that this cartoon came out when it did.
If you didn’t, I invite you to watch the cartoon. Look at it’s telling of American history. Look at who it centers (and who it leaves out and erases).
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13 Nov 20
I’ve been sitting here freezing for probs the last hour. I finally turned on both the heater and the “fireplace,” my fancy space heater that is where my fireplace looks like a fireplace.

I love Chicago but the cold is gonna take me out.
And before y’all come in here. I KNOW it gets colder.

I need y’all to also understand that 41° in Chicago ain’t the same 41° that I had in Virginia.

I would literally be wearing flip flops today if I were still there. I miss it so much.
To clarify, I didn’t wear flip flops in 41° weather in VA. It just didn’t feel as cold.

Missouri 41° is cold, but it’s not this Lake Michigan cold.
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