So many years since 19th January 1990 but that black night still haunts us all. It is matter collective shame to us all Indian Hindus that fellow Hindus are forcibly evicted from their homes only due to their religion without any fault and we just stayed silent.
We Didn't outrage, didn't take out enough morcha and forced govt at centre to take action against the Muslim radicals who raped our threatened kashmiri Hindus to leave back their properties, businesses and women and leave the valley permanently.
They were humiliated by govt officials in their makeshift camps and remained without food, proper shelter in those bitter cold days.
But they never gave up. Picked up their lives from the pieces and rebuilt their lives from scratch.
Blessed with inherent intellect they made sure they shine in every field they went in. May it be art, governance or any industry.
They dazzled like real diamonds keeping their pain deeply buried in their hearts and still keeping their hopes alive that someday they will return to their roots, their pradadise, their own land of Kashyap Rishi, the veneered Kashmir valley.
Was it their fault that they always obeyed law of land wherever they are be in India or abroad? They never thought of taking revenge of the genocide they were subjected to and picked up guns.
Probably it is this reason that they were royally ignored by all govts and the criminals involved in this worst genocide never brought to law and never got punished. Few years before our honourable courts said this case is too old to be opened again.
Really? Are we not having little shame that there are lakhs of fellow Hindus who are ribbed off their homes, businesses, their women brutally raped and cut into pieces?
Tagging fellow kashmiri pandits we know here and dedicated to all we don't know. To assure that India stands with you. We will not stop till justice is delivered to you all. We salute your courage and honesty shown all through these years.
@sunandavashisht @dharmicverangna @ashokepandit @rahulpandita @TheSkandar @AdityaRajKaul 🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳

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15 Dec 20
This is something I am always worried about. Some points to be discussed upon is essential. Please do share your thoughts also on this. These are my opinions, you can always differ🙏
Major reason of C section are late marriages of girls. In pursuit of careers when ages surpasses/
Girls remain either unmarried or delay motherhood. This results in pelvic muscles getting hardened and not expand naturally during delivery, ultimately leading to doctors forced to do C sections.
Many girls are overweight before marriage it compounds the problems further /
Due to wrong eating habits and lifestyle girls are increasingly suffering from PCOD PCOS since adolescence only. So reproductive health is disturbed even before marriage only. This makes basic conception very difficult further making normal deliveries more difficult /
Read 13 tweets
3 Dec 20
Every democratic right to protest is acceptable. But
*Mass gatherings in times of corona where max ppl are without masks.
If it was reason when Hindus were banned going to mandirs during festivals then why this is allowed today?
*They are causing discomfort to common people by blocking roads.
For same reason शोभायात्रा देवी procession गणपती procession all was banned giving public health reason only. Now also we are having deadly third corona wave in Dehli.
So this is allowed? Are rules diff to law abiding normal people and so called protestors?

*They are giving anti national slogans here one word against govt and Arnab was tortured sameer had to spend so many days in jail.
Read 4 tweets
3 Dec 20
Got this on Facebook.. Very valid points to ponder upon
साधे गणित
सर्वात जास्त गहु कुठे पिकतो - पंजाब
सर्वात जास्त गहु कोण खरेदी करते - FCI
कोणाकडून - अर्थात मोठ्या अडत्या कडून
सर्वात मोठा अडती कोण -सुखविंदर एग्रो
सुखविंदर एग्रो कोणाची- हरप्रीत बादल यांची.
सगळ्यात जास्त गहु कुठे सडतो- FCI गोडवून मधे.
सडलेला गहु कोठे कामाला येतो - दारू बनविण्यासाठी.
सडलेला गहु कोण विक्री करतो आणि तेही अत्यंत कमी क़ीमतीत- FCI
सर्वात जास्त दारू कुठे खपते-पंजाब
अन्न प्रक्रिया खाते नेहमी कोण घेते -हरप्रीत बादल
असेच महाराष्ट्रात चालू आहे.
दारू कारखाने कोणाचे - काँग्रेस +राष्ट्रवादी नेत्यांचे
साखर कारखाने कोणाच्या ताब्यात काँग्रेस व राष्ट्रवादी नेत्यांच्या
साखर कारखान्यातून काय उत्पादन होते - साखर आणि अल्कोहल.
अल्कोहल कुठे वापरतात - दारू बनविण्यासाठी
असे हे साधे गणित आहे आले का लक्षात
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3 Dec 20
I don't know whether she is dancing before marriage or after. As guruji and Pooja material is visible most probably before marriage. Isn't muhurat going awry by such acts? I am not against enjoying dancing in marriages at all hut timing has to be followed. We have also started /
Having संगीत ceremony with mehndi like north India in marathi weddings. Nothing wrong in that. But we have our own serious rituals during marriage which have roots since vedic times. So better we follow them properly first and then do all the naach gana you wish to have. /
And the song chosen by girl is nowhere for sanctity of marriage.. Better you dance on such numbers inside your bedroom to seduce your partner.. None is objecting to it.. But here you are in front of hundreds of people who think you both as लक्ष्मी नारायण and bless you./
Read 5 tweets
2 Dec 20
We see Flex boards in every size all around us. Do we know how hazardous they are to environment? They are totally non ecofriendly material to be used around. So why none utters a word against banning them? Is it because it is convenient for pol parties to settle scores? /
The ink used to print these is so dangerous for the people who are printing it. Its fumes can cause even cancer with continuous exposure.
The material used to print is not at all biodegradable. It remains like that for years to come. So these flex after their work become roofs /
Of slums and wherever possible. What happens with smaller flex boards? None knows.

This menace is more prominent in villages where pollution is comparatively less, these boards increase them.

When we speak so voraciously against single use plastic we conveniently forget flex/
Read 7 tweets
2 Dec 20
सगळ्यात हास्यास्पद वाक्य कोणते असेल तर ते हे.. Bollywood उत्तर प्रदेश मध्ये घेऊन जाणार 😂😂अरे ती काय पेटी आहे का उचलून न्यायाला? मूर्ख लोकांचे डोके तितकेच and तिथेच चालणार. असो..

सर्व राज्यांचे मुख्यमंत्री Corona मुळे झालेले नुकसान भरून काढायला आणि आपले राज्य भारतात no. 1/
कसे होईल या ध्यासाने झपाटून कामाला लागलेत. याचाच भाग म्हणुन योगीजी मुंबई ला येऊन चर्चा करत आहेत. एकदा आधी online चर्चा करून सुद्धा ते पुन्हा भेटायला आलेत यात त्याचं गांभीर्य दिसते आपले राज्य प्रगत करण्याचे, रोजगार सृजन करण्याचे. आता सुद्धा 80% हिन्दी चित्रपट मुंबई /
बाहेरच shoot होतात, हे लोक कोणत्या स्वप्नात आहेत अजून पण विनाकारण विरोध करायला? यांना UP वाले लोक इकडे आलेले नको आहेत ना मग त्यांचे राज्य विकसित करायला उलट तुम्ही मदत करायला हवी. जाऊ देत ना जात आहेत तर परप्रांतीय.. तुम्हाला नकोच आहेच ते तसे पण.
यांना Bollywood ची इतकी काळजी आहे /
Read 6 tweets

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