ONI: Yet another play-through from around c375 forward. It's c4395, and it's, again, space time.

No pics yet, you've seen it all.
Backstory. In the second pass, I learned even more than in the first, and tried a different space design, the intricate Francis John version. But it's a *lot* of work, and feels very touchy and unmodular.
I also found a kinda cool crusher build for space, which is more compact, seems cheaper, is *definitely* easier. I've modified it to have two layers of door, one to crush, one to drop below to a safe area for pickup.
The trade-off: with this build, you're giving up the bazillion tons of regolith, which means you can have far fewer groomed voles. *But* voles reproduce even as they starve, so even *one* tamed/groomed vole will eventually swamp you in meat.
The modularity is a big plus for me: I can get two modules for two scanners and the telescope, then slowy build the rest of the modules for solar power.
Also learned: 1) My petroleum boiler counterflow was big enough and it's a massive pain to alter it after the fact. 2) Infinite oil storage is pretty irrelevant, one less cell in liquid ring.
3) If your space wall is vertically compact enough, you can *easily* put scanners quite high and solar down below and get the best of both worlds.
4) Running a rail up to the surface is mandatory, cuz you're going steel crazy up there. Keep one canister of steel handy down below, and sweep the rest to the surface.
I'll alert you when I get the first module of the space wall built. :)
Oh, and 5) The fact that lots of things made out of lead melt easily doesn't mean that all things do. lead wire seems to work just fine up to 370c without fails. I need to seriously confirm this before I go for it, but the machines fail well below melting point, and wires don't.
Tomorrow I have one meeting and I'm shooting the next Real Programming, so I'm sure to be blathering off and on about ONI by mid-afternoon. :)

• • •

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24 Jan
Because microtest TDD is more a "way of geeking" than a technique or a received body of knowledge, building one's faculties is a long and sometimes perilous effort. Let's talk about learning.
(I, too, feel a little relief just now, tho not as much as some, because recent events aren't an ending, they're the beginning of a lot of work.

Black Lives Matter.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay angry, stay kind.

Let's keep changing this.)
I want to approach the question(s) of learning TDD in some ways that are a little different from others I've seen. I've written two TDD curricula myself, and am involved currently in helping with two more. I see all of them, including the current ones, as "interesting failures".
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24 Jan
ONI: c456, space wall nearly complete. I've already sent up the two steam rockets. Now waiting for the research from them to catch up so I can switch to petroleum. Image
I like this new space wall rig, but tho it doesn't look more steel-expensive than the two prior rigs, it is, seemingly by quite a lot. Note that I'm not even close to being able to build the second layer of steel doors yet.
I'm going to go back to just pre-space and go with the Francis John model. It's much more intricate, but uses prolly half the steel. I'd be done with it by now.
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22 Jan
ONI: c415. It's an experimentation time. I liberated this off the internet, it's one of two automation parts to this rig. Sadly, the 'splainer reddit that had all the settings has gone the way of all bits. Image
A helpful person on the Klei forums divided the logic into two parts for me, and this part is the part that sequences the door crushing. We will simulate the signal from the other part, and tinker with timings until it does "the right thing".
The right thing is to open-close the four doors from center to edge order. The timings are the thing to figure out.
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17 Jan
Microtest TDD is an effective change strategy because it dramatically improves our performance at comprehension, confirmation, and regression detection, all critical factors in handling change quickly & safely.
I know how comparatively little geekery matters right now. Sometimes I need a break, and maybe you do, too, so I share.

Black lives matter.

We can fix this. We're the only thing that can.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay angry. Stay kind.
We've covered a lot of ground in considering TDD recently. The five premises, the need for a change strategy, the increasing collaboration, complication, and continuity of modern software, and some high-level less-obvious aspects of the practice itself.
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16 Jan
ONI: It's c423. I'm nearly done with this wavy space frame from Tony Advanced. This is a quarter of the sky.
The concept: have a thin layer of petroleum constantly running down that staircase. When the doors open, the regolith drops at 300c, and rapidly dumps its heat into the petroleum and the tempshift plates.
The now very hot petroleum is pumped into a steam turbine chamber, which gives some power, but also deletes the heat. Unusually, this is a pure heat-deletion rig, no active cooling.
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11 Jan
I got one of those messages I sometimes get from a reader, telling me that including my politics in my muses/blogs is off-putting.
As a general rule, I don't bother to respond to these. I gain and lose followers all the time, everyoen who makes content does, for all sorts of reasons, and that's just one more.
Today, though, surrounded by <waves hands> all of this, I feel like I want to give a more full statement on the matter.

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