Blame @FoxNews. This needs to be emphasized a lot going forward.

Broadcast TV Fox reaches & dissuades moderate conservatives who otherwise might accept that alterations in power to the Democrats are not the apocalypse.

The furthest right quintile is unreachable. The American

hard right has been lost in conspiracy theories for a century: FDR as Bolshevik, fluoridation, Trilateral Commission, New World Order, birtherism. Mercifully, they're served by narrowcast radio & social media of limited reach.

It's Fox TV reaching the next, softer right,

quintile which is the problem. These voters are church-going conservatives w/ intense preferences on stuff like abortion, taxes, & immigration, but crucially they are not hard-right bananas. They know Trump was flawed & that the Capitol sack was terrible.Their post-sack drift

is what finally pushed T's approval rating into the 30s.

But Fox is broadcast TV, somewhat reality-based, & therefore credible, so they keep hearing the wild exaggerations Fox puts out there. Even if they don't watch Fox, their friends do. & GOP pols desperate for Fox airtime

for their career advancement increasingly mirror Fox talking points. So these voters keep hearing, if only downstream, @ the wars on Xmas & the police, Benghazi, H Biden's laptop, & so on. They don't believe it all, but these seem like questions which should be answered. And

of course, Fox provides no answers, only more hyperbole.

It is not clear what the answer is. Fox News' business model is based on exaggeration. If the rest of the media is not corrupt, dreadful lefties, then there's no reason to watch Fox. Even if Fox staff know empirically

that much of its news is hyperbole - a few antifa protests are the same as the Capitol sack; the 'Biden crime family' - the financial interest to continuing to scare the daylights out of its aging viewers is massive. If the network were to move to hard news, it wd go bankrupt.

That's why so much of the opinion stuff feels like an act. Carlson, Hannity, & Ingraham aren't dumb, aren't Waters or Pirro. U can see in their smirks & smiles that they know a lot of their stories r absurd. But as Pesci wd say,it's always the dollars…


• • •

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21 Jan
#Running Twitter

Pretentiously complex to read that I need a 'layering strategy' for winter running

Don't understand why running outfitters don't make heavier jackets.Even my Craft jackets - despite that whole 'we're Nordic runners' schtick - are too thin

These are shells,

not jackets, so underlayers are doing the actual warming.

Some people might like plating up baselayer for 10 minutes in the morning,but how about an actual jacket for the rest of us? One that doesn't require so much more fabric beneath? And one where you can run in seriously

cold weather (0+ degrees F) if you do couple it with baselayer?

I figure Californians must make these 'cold weather' jackets, bc 35-40 degrees isn't cold, you wimps. 5 degrees is cold, but it's surprisingly hard to find running clothiers (as opposed to hiking outlets) which

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21 Jan
With Trump out, his wake should pull with him so many sycophants who had no business ever being taken seriously.

A partial list of people I never want to hear from again:

- Giuliani
- Don Jr
- Ivanka
- Jared
- Eric, Melania & the rest of the family
- Guilfolye
- Lewandowski

- Diamond & Silk
- Pirro
- J Waters
- C Owens
- Lahren
- D Bongino
- C Kirk
- Bannon


- Levin
- B York
- Greenwald
- K Pavlich
- Dobbs
- Bartiromo
- Gingrich

If T Regan can be banished, they can too. The post-T right desperately needs better,less hackish voices

Who would you add? I’m sure I missed some MAGA greats in there.

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16 Jan
#Running Twitter,

Suggestions, please, for winter running base layer

Preferably heavy for serious cold, and snug, second-skin fit

Thank you
Please provide SPECIFIC links/product names.

Should be:

1. Heavy

(I run at 5 am, so it’s quite cold in the winter)

2. Designed for running

(I run 60+ miles a week, so I’m looking for specialized product)

3. Top & Bottom set

4. Form-fitting

(Winter r clothes sd be tight)
I have Mizuno’s Breathe Thermo baselayer set. It’s warm but too loose
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21 Nov 20
It’s ridiculous how expensive running is as a hobby. I had no idea when I started
My stuff:

- 5 shoes
- lots of compression & base layer
- lots of shorts & singlets
- lots of running socks
- Apple Watch
- bone conduction headphones
- Oaklies
- creams/gels/pre
- assorted gloves, headbands, winter hats

And I’m still slow. Pretty absurd
Many of the comments suggest this a lot. It's not actually. Most of the serious runners I know have gear like this and even more, like heart straps or recovery boots. I am only semi-serious at 50+ miles/week.

Multiple pairs of shoes for different purposes (racing, weatherized...
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13 Nov 20
2 Korean security conferences in 2 days:

Yesterday with doves (Catholic progressives), today with hawks (a think-tank aligned with the defense ministry).

Fascinating contrast of interpretations of North Korea: we can work w/ these fellow Koreans vs. they are the opponent

A lot emphasis today on North Korean nuclear weapons, asymmetric warfare, and trilateralism (Korea-Japan-US).

@duyeonkim was on my panel and made the good observation that S Korea and US need a joint strategy on NK ‘grey-zone tactics.’ I like that term for its oblique ops.

My talk was that N Korea had a unique opportunity in two, overlapping dovish presidencies in the US and South Korea. Both Trump and Moon really wanted a deal. It was a unique constellation, a great chance for PY to push for a good deal.But they blew it by not offering enough

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12 Nov 20
Speaking at the Catholic Institute of Northeast Asian Peace on Korean security today.

Flyer is below.

Conference is streaming live on YouTube now:

I’ll post from this event, including my presentation’s argument, in this thread as we go.

The bishop of this diocese just referred to the Church in North Korea as the ‘Church in Silence.’ Interesting term; never heard that before.

Also, there is one Catholic church in NK. But no priests, so no mass.

When I was in Catholic school in the 80s, the nuns told us that the Soviet Union was tying to destroy the Church

Catholic opinion in South Korea is divided over N Korea in a way American Catholicism never was over communism during the Cold War. This event is very progressive

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