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📌Running 🏃🏻‍♂️ is one of the most demanding forms of endurance exercise in terms of energy spent/minute. Let’s see how Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) training helps runners in building an endurance.
Before that, to understand how endurance is core part of marathon training, read/save my precious thread here:
➡️What if you’re asked to chose between a chopper 🚁 Vs turbo jet engine aircraft 🛫 to make fastest circles around the earth? Obviously a wise human would choose the turbojet aircraft, right? MAF is all about building the bigger aerobic engine to enable us run faster 💨
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[THREAD] Le move to earn @STEPNFrance 👟

⚡ Le Concept : Courez 🏃🏃‍♀️et gagnez des $GST

Toutes les infos à savoir sur ce projet très prometteur 👇

#Stepn #running #NFT
A 100 🔃 je vous explique comment obtenir votre paire gratuite 💰 (coût normal 8-9 $SOL) Image
Tout d'abord l'appli distingue deux portefeuilles.
🕸️ Wallet : c'est ici que vous envoyez vos $SOL, la cryptomonnaie indispensable au jeu
👟 Spending : c'est cette partie là que vous utilisez pour acheter vos #sneakers, recevoir vos #rewards ImageImage
Vous êtes prêt à acheter votre première paire de #baskets 👟

Il en existe 4 types :
- Walker 1-6 km/h
- Jogger 4-10 km/h
- Runner 8-20 km/h
- Trainer 1-20 km/h

À vous de choisir le type en fonction de votre utilisation 😉
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CROONICLE: Essential Tips When Choosing Affordable WorkOut Ac...… #fitness #workout
CROONICLE: Your Short Guide on Email Automation… #Automation
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I think Sports Bras are up there with Sexism, Gender pay gap, Periods, and Risk of sexual assault, in the list of the worst things about being female 😣
Literally squeezing the life out of us, one sweaty, exhausted gasp at a time.
At what point does 'tight enough to stop black eyes and unwanted attention from perverts' become 'too tight and inhibit efficient respiration'? 🤔
... and which should I prioritise??!!

#FirstWorldProblems #SportsBra #WomensFitness #Running #Boobs
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2 considerations for #runners who need a new perspective on training strategy:

New perspective:🔋

Considerations below 👇

First Consideration: #Running

This first consideration is the most obvious of the two. Runners of all races often make the mistake of only training within the constraints of their competitive distance.
So the question becomes, how might a distance runner benefit from training as a #sprinter, and vice versa? Remember, energy systems are dependent upon time and intensity. Like anything, these energy systems will adapt and become more efficient with training.
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The weirdest part about amateur #running is all the metaphysics running websites try to instill in an otherwise monotonous sport.

I run for things like weight control, cardio-pulmonary depth (VO2 max), & better health for my family, but according to the internet, I am a hero,

finding my true self, forging new paths, finding my fast, breaking barriers, and most recently, advancing progressive social causes like equity. Wow. I am doing all that just putting one foot in front of the other at speed?

I am not. Only ultrarunners with careers in the

talk like this; no one in my running club ever did. The rest of us are schlepping along.

In fact, these sites should be honest about the biggest problem with #running for amateurs - it's dull. Once you get to serious distances - 50+ miles a week - you need to learn how to

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#Running Twitter

Pretentiously complex to read that I need a 'layering strategy' for winter running

Don't understand why running outfitters don't make heavier jackets.Even my Craft jackets - despite that whole 'we're Nordic runners' schtick - are too thin

These are shells,

not jackets, so underlayers are doing the actual warming.

Some people might like plating up baselayer for 10 minutes in the morning,but how about an actual jacket for the rest of us? One that doesn't require so much more fabric beneath? And one where you can run in seriously

cold weather (0+ degrees F) if you do couple it with baselayer?

I figure Californians must make these 'cold weather' jackets, bc 35-40 degrees isn't cold, you wimps. 5 degrees is cold, but it's surprisingly hard to find running clothiers (as opposed to hiking outlets) which

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#Running Twitter,

Suggestions, please, for winter running base layer

Preferably heavy for serious cold, and snug, second-skin fit

Thank you
Please provide SPECIFIC links/product names.

Should be:

1. Heavy

(I run at 5 am, so it’s quite cold in the winter)

2. Designed for running

(I run 60+ miles a week, so I’m looking for specialized product)

3. Top & Bottom set

4. Form-fitting

(Winter r clothes sd be tight)
I have Mizuno’s Breathe Thermo baselayer set. It’s warm but too loose
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How do u go from qualifying for Boston to running 100 miles? For me it was skin cancer, Covid, & a crazy ultrarunning trail partner. I've had time to mentally chew on bite-size pieces of my trek. See LONG thread for result (not sorry)... #ultrarunner #running @redtailseminole
*0-13 miles*
Heart pounding out of my chest out of pure excitement. Such a huge build up to such a huge personal goal. "Go sloooow to go far" and stop every 5k to snack and drink
*14-26 miles*
Body check: Amazing. "I'm doing the thing!" View check: Beautiful fall foliage. "I ❤ being outside!" Strategy check: crew told me to walk up the hills. Tried on 3 diff occasions & couldn't. Seemed easier to run up. There's that atmospheric moisture I was promised.
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இந்த pandemicல நிறைபேர்க்கு fitness conscious வந்திருக்கு. அதுனால workout/weight lossனு எதாவது physical activities பண்ண ஆரம்பிச்சிருக்காங்க. அவுங்களுக்காகவும் இனிமேல் பண்ண போறவங்களுக்காகவும் இந்த சின்ன fitness thread.

#Fitness #Running #Exercising
ஓடுறதுக்குக்கு (அ) எந்தவொரு activityக்கு முன்னாடியும் Stretching ரொம்ப முக்கியமான விசியம். To avoid injuries எல்லா activitiesக்கும் warmup and cool down கண்டிப்பா பண்ணனும்..இதைபத்தி நிறைப்பேர் கேட்டாங்க.
தூங்கி எழுந்திருச்சு, shoe மாட்டிட்டு வெளிய வந்ததும் ஓட ஆரம்பிக்க கூடாது. Better start walk on slow pace with arm swings and do some brisk walk for 3-5 mins. அப்புறம் கீழ இருக்க warm up பண்ணுங்க.
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1/3 Running.

This morning was grey, windy and I was still shaking off my vivid dream, where I was upset and angry at people not getting the depth of pain of not being able to have children. But I got out and stayed out, Image
2/3 in part as my wife is doing the couch to 5k, and in part as I didn't want to give up on myself and lose another day to loss. I ended up out for 6 miles. It felt good.

I know I am in a different place with my childless grief as I did something to help with my processing,
3/3 rather than running from it. That felt even better than the run.

#ChildlessNotByChoice #Childless #Childlessness #ChildlessCommunity #InvisibleGrief #Grief #Healing #Running #Run #SelfCare
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London Underground Photography Pun Thread


Paddington Station #london #paddingtonbear #Paddington Image
London Underground Photography Pun Thread


Bank/Monument Station #london #travel Image
London Underground Photography Pun Thread


St Paul's Station #london #architecture #photography Image
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London Underground Photography Pun Thread


Victoria station. #london #photography Image
London Underground Photography Pun Thread


High Street Kensington #origami #art Image
London Underground Photography Pun Thread


Tower Hill #SpiderMan #london Image
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"The seed of a single habit is a tiny decision." James Clear
A thread on #Habit formation from @shrayasr's on #running:… (1/15)
@shrayasr Your sense of motivation has to be anchored into a purpose. Therefore, clarify why are you taking up a habit. Get your intention right. (2/15)
@shrayasr Start small. Repetition is at the heart of habit bulding. It is only when you repeat that your body and your mind starts recognizing the activity and adapts to repetition. Do it until your habit activity is second nature. (3/15)
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0/ On #rebooting or starting again

Why is it so difficult to start again. A thread on #running, #startups and #founders.

Understanding founder mindset through road running.
1/ The difference between #stamina, #endurance and speed endurance

Stamina, the ability to perform a task at certain capacity, rate or pace.

Like running 5km in 30 minutes or 10km in 60.

Stamina is focused on maintaining a rate or pace for a certain duration or time
2/ Endurance is the maximum time you can sustain an activity without worrying about pace or rate.

Like going for a long slow run. Here distance or pace is not important. Maximizing time on road is.

Liking a 90 minute run. Focus on 90 minutes. Not distance or pace.
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Workout | 45 days

Also will share random thoughts along with the status.
+1 | Running (yesterday's entry)
+2 | #Running

I generally do a 200m sprint before finishing my run. And the immediate after effect is just so therapeutic. I would like to experience that more in the rest of the day.
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Thanks for all the great @BiomechanicsDay posts, videos & memories shared this week! Refreshing, energizing & inspiring! @CREATEatVandy & I posted on a few social media sites. Compiling here into #NBD2020 ode to #biomechanics! What biomech is to us...


#Biomechanics is about improving lives. Improving mobility & independence for those w/ disabilities. Preventing injury & sustaining health in others.

We aim to advance understanding of how people move, & translate science/engineering out of the lab.

#Biomechanics is studying human movement and musculoskeletal loading to inform how we design #wearables, #exoskeletons and #exosuits to support and protect manual material handlers and other workers in physically demanding jobs. 

@EmilyMatijevich @lamers_erik @volgy
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#Running gait retraining is something many patients and clinicians discuss during their #telehealth #PhysicalTherapy visits. Keep in mind a few key concepts (1/n):
Here is a somewhat controversial slide. You could have an entire podcast debate on this topic. Most likely there is "better form for the individual" but one true ideal? Unlikely. So....(2/n)
If a runner is pain-free with running you should be very careful before changing their form. (3/n)
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#Covid19 🦠
🥼 Très chouette étude de @BertBlocken et @FabioMalizia88 (@LeuvenU/@TUeindhoven), soutenue par @ANSYS (@tmmarchal), qui prouvent que les mesures actuelles de distanciation sociale sont «insuffisantes» pour les joggeurs et cyclistes 🏃‍♂️🚴‍♂️ (1/4)
Exemple avec ce flux de microparticules qui est projeté au visage du second coureur malgré un écart de 1,50m entre les deux athlètes (2/4)
Ou encore ce flux de microparticules qui atteint toujours les vêtements du second coureur malgré un écart de 4,50m (3/4)
#Covid19 #Coronavirus 🦠
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#Neuroscientists worldwide are increasingly studying #myelin and its amazing impact on rapid #learning, mastery, and neuroplasticity. So keep your circuits strong with deep, focused practice, but remember: #myelination requires quality versus quantity.
What Is #Myelination?
Myelination is the process of “insulating” a new neural pathway to strengthen it and to forge new default #behaviors. Heavily myelinated neural pathways are up to 300 times faster.
They’ve been optimized for speed and #efficiency. Increasing #myelination via intentional #practice helps us become more emotionally agile.
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Will be part of the panel on 10th talking about #FitIndiaMovement

Any movement gets success only when public become part of it& take it as its own responsibility.

Isn't #fitness about our own health?

Give your points,how to make #FitIndiaMovement a success?

In series of tweets I'll share my journey of #fitness.
From death in #KargilWar
1stAmputee marathon runner
1stBlade runner
1stSolo disabled Skydiver

&how thru @majdpsingh_TCO amputees are being enabled to be #fit using #sports

I have 50 bomb particles in my body(1 in liver)

Rt leg is amputated& lt underwent open knee surgery and its thigh&calf muscle are sliced by bomb.

Knee&ribs pain 24x7

Intestines partly removed leading to indigestion troubles

Phantom pain


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Couch to #running 5 km for middle age folks.😅

Start walking 10 Mins a day

Inc gradually to 30 min a day

Gradually increase pace

Start running 1 min intervals in middle

Increase running portion daily by say half a minute
In abt 2 months u will be running 30 mins a day. That will be abt 4kms at pace of 8 km per hr.

If can do min 5 days a week, thats good enough.

I am at 8.5 mins running currently. Restarted after a while. Have earlier done 10k runs😎

Got to 9.5 mins of slow jog at 8kmph today running within 30 min walk at 6kmph routine. 🏃🏃
Will stick to discilpine of half min inc per day. Lets see where we reach

These are disclosures to keep my own self motivated.

Troll me if i dont update here on 5 out of 7 days😃
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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You go for a run down the street.
You feel the ground force on your feet.
You may think these reveal
The bone loads that you’ll feel,
But this thinking is just incomplete.

Read more in our #biomechanics pub. #running #stressfracture #wearables
This paper reflects 2 years of fun, thought-provoking collaboration w/ @leonscottmd @EmilyMatijevich & Lauren B. The paper also benefited greatly from feedback & conversations on Twitter -- we even formally thanked the Twitterverse in Acknowledgements section -- so thank you! 2/n
@leonscottmd approached us a couple yrs ago asking if #wearables could be used to monitor & prevent bone stress fractures -- painful microcracks due to repeated bone loading -- in hopes of reducing the number of injured #runners showing up to his clinic each week. 3/n
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