CFS MYSTERY FURTHER UNSOLVED: CFS is function of “severity” of acute infection, but not of psychologic or measurable physiologic parameters, and for a variety of viral disorders. Huh! How can this be? Impossible! Why?
Well, let’s look at what import “severity of illness” has for a host that evolves chronic fatigue. In the study, chronic musculoskeletal pain was common amongst CFS suffers, but the pain generators were not studied. Soft tissues are the most likely explanation.
Persons beset with musculoskeletal pain commonly seek a sedentary status in order to avoid arousing musculoskeletal pain transducers.
As little as two weeks of dedicated bedrest can lead to profound loss of muscle tone & mass. Widespread compensatory painful muscle spasms are likely consequences of widespread musculoskeletal weakness.
The authors did not quantify subject’s pain nor do Surface Electromyographic (SEMG) studies. That weak muscles beget additional bedrest is a good proposition. That additional bedrest begets greater muscle weakness is a good proposition.
Persons given to profound bedrest are usually indoors & bereft of exposure to the sun. Vitamin D, a hormone which when deficient has wide reaching physiological consequences, was not measured by the study authors.
Persons given to profound bedrest are invalid and likely targets for nutrient-deficient diets so common amongst residents of healthcare institutions.
Unable to fend for themselves, the study subjects might have been fed caregiver-convenient foods rather than fresh fare gathered from their own foraging labor, & fare suited to their own tastes, amounts, & pleasures of consumption.
The study authors made no attempt to characterize the nutritional status of their study subjects. Surely, an energetic person is product of a diet that provides nutrients participant in the Krebs Cycle & which are precursors of mitochondrial ATP.
Who knows what levels of dysbiosis-generated unhealthy CNS bio-chemicals the study subjects might have incurred at whimsy of a sluggish intestine deprived of upright posture & intestinal transit times not stimulated by gravitational effects on intestinal content mass.
Study authors offered no body weight summaries nor numbers of bowel events to reflect on these bodily functions. However, they substituted finite measurements of arcane cytokine ebbs & flows, which failed to reveal CFS causations.
CONCLUSION: perhaps study subjects experienced debilitation as iatrogenic injuries at hands of the troop of clinical practitioners who guided their convalescence & who gave inception to the study by reporting several & various severe viral illnesses within their patients.

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30 Dec 20
BOTOX FOR MIGRAINES: Key to success is depositing the Botox in the best tissue: mid-body & occipital insertion site of the most spastic Superior trapezius muscle; chronic spasm of which induces chronic muscle tension headaches and reflexive Migraine.
Way to discern spastic unilateral Superior trapezius muscle: look in mirror, view your auto driver license photo, & to pinch leading edge of each Superior trapezius to determine which leading edge is painful to pressure & also thicker; from supporting a chronically tilted head.
Looking in the mirror enables the person to view which shoulder is lower. The head usually tilts toward the lower shoulder side; causing Superior trapezius muscle on the higher shoulder side to be spastic from chronically supporting a tilted head (weighs about 10#).
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28 Dec 20
The exercise program is only for persons with less severe forms of Hypermobility (those who are still physically active) & who have not advanced to Fibromyalgia/ wasting disorders (who should begin an exercise only in warm water & until they are ready for walking on land).
My theory how persons with Fibromyalgia, wasting diseases & severe fatigue should exercise is that they should start with very gentle activities whereat gravity is negated & then through gradations of activities whereby exposure to gravity is gradually increased.
The first phase of exercise for persons with Fibromyalgia & wasting diseases should be similar to what was done with polio in the 1900’s: Warm water relaxes spastic muscles & enables joint range of motion exercises with gravity relatively negated.
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28 Dec 20
CORRECTION OF FUNCTIONAL SCOLIOSIS IN CASES OF HYPERMOBILITY SYNDROME: Recently, I had a young woman with scoliosis and Gastroparesis ask me what to do about her scoliosis.
This followed upon her reading about my theory that functional scoliosis is etiologic for Gastroparesis. Functional scoliosis is my name for a mild scoliosis that seems to occur in young women with Hypermobility Syndrome.
My theory is that a curved spine affects the autonomic nerves that travel next to the spine. I believe
that Gastroparesis is a dysautonomia.
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19 Dec 20
FUNCTIONAL SCOLIOSIS was a post of 12/5/20, & wherein I discussed etiology & exam for what I call “functional scoliosis”. I showed how this disorder, common in women with Hypermobility Syndrome, potentiates evolution of Costochondritis.
Functional scoliosis also underlies etiology of many dysautonomias, such as Migraine, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), POTS, Panic Attacks, Hyperventilation, & Gastroparesis. In this essay, I will describe my views of the pathophysiology of these disorders.
In my opinion, dysautonomias of the lower body, such as Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), & perhaps Endometriosis, arise from neural impingements affecting autonomic nervous system tracts that regulate the tissues of these organs.
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11 Dec 20
MICROBIOME AERODYNAMICS & SEDIMENTATION RATES are studied & known. Who would have guessed that studies would uncover cloud formation & precipitation phenomenon as function of bacteria ubiquity & size.
Korean scientists quantify lift off, descent, & propagation of various bacteria “species” in the atmosphere & as high as 1,000 meters. These micro-spaceships average about 8 micrometers (if I got that right).
Atmospheric density of bacteria particles relates, in part, to their ability to nucleate with other airborne particles. Scientists can even differentiate the aerodynamic properties of these bacteria from larger (factor of 10x) pollen spores & larger fungal spores (factor of 5x).
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8 Dec 20
SACROILIAC JOINT DISORDER causes people to sit like this. In a threadreader I published yesterday I discussed the reason people choose to sit like this.
These are exact postures chosen by hypermobile patients with unilateral sacroiliac joint disorder & low back pain on that side. One leg bolsters the other so as to hold up the hemi-pelvis on side the SIJ is subluxing; because it hurts to sit on that buttock.
Another posture that attends unilateral sacroiliac joint disorder in hypermobile people is the Trendelenberg posture. This is to sit flexed forward with elbows on both knees. When brought to their attention, many are apologetic, “I know I shouldn’t slouch”.
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