Open Comment next. Here's the list. Gonna take this opportunity to eat a bit of dinner, but I'll tweet what's relevant and/or interesting.…
Omg I think the city added a buzzer sound to indicate when speaker's time is up. Love it! Gong 'em all.
First two speakers against flood mitigation at CU South.

"We need flood mitigation, but not at this cost," says Kimman Harmon.
To clarify, she and others are against flood mitigation there bc CU will built another campus there. CU giving the city the land for flood mitigation in exchange for being added to the city.
Speaker 3 also of this mind.
Holly Carlson: "We're neglecting the issue of addiction and focusing on housing," when it comes to homelessness. Treatment is needed. Also very upset with the encampment behind Boulder High School for 2.5 weeks.
"You're putting the children of this city on the back-burner," Carlson says. "For what? Encampments??"
Anti-CU South speaker 4.
All of tonight's speakers (except for the Pottery Lab lady thanking Boulder for more arts $$) are Very. Upset.
Our first Boulder Rez speaker of the night! Sherri Norland
We've been over this. City council already OK'd the lease, like a long time ago, for a restaurant/bar at the Rez. The issue is now with the liquor license, over which council has no say.
So much mis-information out there on this one. Perfect example of something Boulder Beat could handle with another reporter.
Two more anti-CU South annexation speakers.
One more.
Tim Wolf is anti-Boulder Rez bar/restaurant Speaker No. 2. Since I *don't* have another reporter (yet) let me address some of the misinformation Speaker No. 1 shared.
The restaurant will operate until midnight. Technically in the liquor license yet, but not in the lease itself. Ditto with capacity and event provisions: Liquor licenses have to cover every possible event, scenario, etc. that might ever happen.
The lease, though, is more restrictive and enforces actual operating hours, capacity, events, etc.
Wolf got a double-klaxon for going over time, but he's the first. This thing WORKS!
It's loud, tho.
Two more Boulder Rez speakers.
Another anti-CU South annexation speaker. No...5?
Kenneth Nova says SoBo instead of South Boulder. Like, I might WRITE NoBo and SoBo, but I would NEVER say them out loud. Is this a thing? Do people say SoBo?
Misha Toor, who apparently attends Boulder High School, addresses Holly Carlson's earlier comments: I've never felt unsafe dealing with unhoused residents. "I can't say the same for your children."
Oh, snap.
Eric Budd from Bedrooms Are For People closing us out.
"We have a right in the city charter to a fair petitioning process. ... The city's online petitioning system currently doesn't work for a large portion" of residents.
He wishes Yates continued recovery from COVID. Nice try, bro, but that ain't gonna get him on your side.
"The purpose of online petitioning is to expand access to democracy, not to make it more difficult," Budd says. Asks for city to allow a combo of online/physical petition signatures.
Carr responds to one of the Boulder Rez commenters. The city IS involved in the liquor license process but COUNCIL isn't (and shouldn't be, legally).
Friend asks for Carr to go over rules for when council members have to recuse themselves. One speaker suggested Friend should from the CU South annexation vote, since she lives in the area that would be protected by the flood wall, dam and detention.
(As does Swetlik, I believe) But as Carr notes, they don't have to recuse themselves. It's not considered a personal benefit; it will benefit roughly 3,500 households, not just those two.
Plus, like, I wouldn't consider not dying a benefit...? More of, like, a right.
But I get smell what they're stepping in.
Damn extra word. I SMELL what they're stepping in.

• • •

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3 Feb
That's it for the council meeting. Sorry I kinda zoned out on the last couple of issues (city manager search update and city attorney search). I wish I could say it doesn't matter what Nagle said, but it does. It fucking hurts.
I will get over it because I know I did my job. But I am not going to be blamed for her saying something uninformed, hurtful and offensive.
It is my job to report what elected officials say — and unguarded moments offer just as much truth (often more) than what they say when they know people are watching.

I did what I do every single Tuesday. This particular Tuesday, the only thing new was what she said.
Read 15 tweets
3 Feb
Back at it with online petitioning. Story:…
Carr: We put this up for a test Jan. 22. "As anybody who's done any software work knows, you can test and test. We did. You can't discover everything."
Read 58 tweets
3 Feb
Up now: Upstream detention at South Boulder Creek. This has been turned down 3X prior; OSBT just said no thanks. Presentation:…
UGH, looking the least forward to this. Feels like we're just going through the motions, since OSBT already turned it down. Very unlikely council will do different.

This was initially schedule for Jan. 5 but got pushed bc that meeting went too long. My notes from that meeting are as follows:
Read 46 tweets
3 Feb
Maybe quick thread for appointment of the police oversight panel. Read more here:…
Council may briefly discuss.
Yates thanks the nonprofits who helped pick: NAACP and the Islamic Center of Boulder County.
Read 8 tweets
3 Feb
I hate moving on from this so quickly, but we're jumping straight into COVID. Presentation:…
There was a "short-lived" spike between Christmas and NYE, says Jeff Zayach of BoCo Public Health. Things trending back down since then.
Zayach: "We are now into a place we have the ability to do followup on contract tracing and case investigations. Across the state, looking good."
Read 121 tweets
3 Feb
Since I'm "the media" who captured and quoted those words, I'll say the conversation didn't last much longer than what I tweeted. She said what she said, I tweeted it, and then the meeting started.
Just gonna add one more and say there wasn't any context that I left out. I got her words. Of course, she may have additional thoughts, but I tweeted what she said. That's my job.
Back to the Holocaust/prairie dog discussion, if anybody has more to say.
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