The whole plot seems to have written a ‘Lame PR exercise’ all over it planned by Congress, and the critical meeting with PR agency could’ve happened in RaGa’s quick Europe trip, seeing the timing. Aim is to generate anti Indian gov feeling across the world. #Farmer’s protest
protest issue is now being taken across the world to hit the popularity of PM Modi and present government. The PR agency handling this must’ve been paid to only focus on biggest Handles on social media, irrespective of what they do. Porn stars, IG influencers, climate activist,
musician, singer ...doesn’t matter. If you have followers, just go ahead and tweet. The language itself is a direct giveaway. Various tweets from these celebs are using words like ‘ Bhakts, Media censor, paid actors’ etc etc which doesn’t happen unless you’re deeply engaged and
Following the happenings day to day. And I have no doubt that Mia Khalifa has no time to ‘stand up’ and read about Indian politics and events every day. This is new low even for Indian opposition. They’ve indeed taken a leaf from US elections and how the Left managed info-war n
was able to control the narratives. But they forget that the fact remains that it’s Indians who vote in Indian elections. And for whatever good or bad, they are influenced by whatever is happening around them. The gov needs to resolve the issue with farmers and make sure that
they too are heard and get justice. Same way maintaining law and order is also important to ensure everyone safety. With majority of votes coming from rural India, someone needs to tell Rihanna that congrats on earning a good amount for your msg, but it’ll hardly make any
Difference to those who are gonna decide whom to vote for. While whole world is praising India for its efforts in providing Vaccines, a few celebs who are followed not for their political acumen but entertainment quotient might get a lot of likes and RTs( positive and negative,
and most coming from India anyway)but they aren’t going to change anything. Rather it’s become a joke. Messaging is critical n even more critical is who it comes from. This debilitated n desperate effort is from someone with lot of money, hate for gov n really low IQ! #GuessWho
Not sure if this was to come out exactly like this. The images give a clear proof that nobody tweeted on their own but was planned all long. Even before 26th ! Check images.
The Tweet, that gave out entire misinformation plan, and apparently a mistake from her side, stands deleted now.

• • •

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22 Jan
If citizens are the viewers of a movie called @PMOIndia in cinema hall called Gov, these are various types of critics on Twitter :
1. Genuine fans : They are fully committed and would criticise only when they feel the movie could be better. “ Great movie, but too many songs”.
2. Neutral lot : They view the government as just another government meant to serve the nation and people and save their criticism only on issues didn’t serve them well. “ It’s okay movie but I didn’t like the Hero at all. Mood kharab kar diya”.
3. Haters : They’ve been forced to watch the movie because it’s the only cinema hall and only movie and they will keep cribbing throughout the movie, irrespective of what’s good and bad. “ what is this stupid music ..what is this acting..why this scene..why that actor”.
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22 Jan
There’s a reason India has so far kept itself at arm’s length on chaos in Afghanistan and should continue to do so. Especially now, India definitely shouldn’t meddle in US- Pak-Afghanistan boiling kettle. For one, we can clearly see what happened to Pak, another next door
neighbour to Afghanistan once the violence started to spill over across the border. India also is pretty close to ground Zero, and Pakistan would be more than happy to divert Taliban’s/other factions’ action and attention to India, should we jump in. Secondly, we have a very
healthy relationship with Afghan government. Why would we create an opportunity of losing that bonhomie by aggressive stance? Our non participation is our support to them and it’s been appreciated so far. And finally, Biden will favour Pak a lot and expect it to take on the
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16 Jan
A very happy birthday to National Defence Academy #NDA , that made men out of all us boys and taught us some valuable lessons like:

1. Being hungry is state of mind. If you missed your meal and end up mentioning it, you’ll be made to do more exercise to forget about it.
2. Everything is mental. Only academics , academics are physical. If you don’t remember what is the answer to a question in exam, just shout your squadron name, it’ll come galloping to your mind. Like shouting “Limaaaaa” in my case ensured I passed all my exams. Such battle cries
in otherwise Peaceful and quaint exam halls are not considered weird.

3. Sports like hockey, football, basketball etc have a component called ‘ball’ in them just to distract you from main aim of the game. Bring the other players down !!! Focus on that, always!
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15 Jan
Just last Saturday I proved to my friend that there is no proof of this lady being in @Harvard and her profile shows that she is an Associate professor. Firstly, only would join as Assistant Prof, and after few years the panel would review your promotion to Associate Prof. The
process is mentioned on Harvard website if you go looking. All my screenshots ate from last Saturday as I was sending them to my friend to prove my point. Not only she’s not traceable on main Harvard website she was also not available on Faculty of Arts and Sciences, where she..
Claims to have been teaching. But there is no course called ‘Journalism’ at School of Arts and Science ! It’s under Department of History where she has no mention anywhere.

I was surprised as my friend but still we thought maybe it’s our mistake and we can’t search properly,coz
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12 Jan
The commentary on discovery that China has moved 10,000 soldiers from Rear bases is not only misplaced as a reason to celebrate but also needs to be reviewed strategically :

1. China moved ahead with massive deployment and creating infrastructure to not only intimidate
India, but also to match and counter the Indian deployment at later stage. This scale of movement, creating bases, infrastructure, helipads etc can take heavy toll on any economy and government.

2. With series of ongoing talks, winters and overall appeal for peace and
tranquility on LAC, it’s an evident stalemate and chances of large scale ‘action’ looks a near impossible event. One cannot deny local skirmishes and boxing matches, but those have been on for decades and its front line troops’ forte. Also, there is enough boots on ground for
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10 Jan
Even as one of the junior-most and very recent Vet here on Twitter, I’ll still say this to all my respected seniors -
1. Morality, Honesty, Commitment and Code of Conduct doesn’t come in shades. It’s absolute. The day you start behaving like a hooligan, you have earned the right
to be disrespected. And should you find yourself there, please don’t crawl your way out hanging on threads of ‘Veteran Flag’ that you yourself shred to tatters. Take the heat, apologise like man and understand that you hurt others with your words or actions.
2. The whole Country
gives us enormous respect and love. And that has very little to do with what you and I did personally. But a lot more to do with millions of soldiers before us who’ve made great sacrifices to keep this great Organization to such high standards. When we do something wrong, people
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