1. Hello and welcome! It’s episode 326 of #MrMrsBetterHalf. Mr. & Mrs Better Half is designed to strengthen marriages & relationships that will lead to marriage, with wisdom from God's Word. Mr and Mrs BetterHalf Relationship Series
2. Today I’m answering an interesting question from a single guy: “I keep asking ladies out but they never agree. Why do I keep getting nailed?” I think it’s a great question. #MrMrsBetterHalf
3. If you have failed repeatedly at a certain task it is important to take a step back and evaluate your actions. What could you be doing wrong or what should you do differently? #MrMrsBetterHalf
4. To do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result is a definition of insanity. Sometimes persistence alone won’t cut it- especially when you persist in doing the wrong thing. Wisdom is profitable! So get wisdom and try again. #MrMrsBetterHalf
5. Now by ‘asking out’ I presume that you approach ladies with a view to proposing to initiate an exclusive romantic relationship with them that will lead to marriage. #MrMrsBetterHalf
6. I’m taking for granted that at the very least you are not strangers to each other. It is one thing for a stranger to walk up to you and try to start a conversation and another for him to instantly declare that he wants to date you. #MrMrsBetterHalf
7. Strangers proposing relationships instantly are usually only caught up in chemistry. You should actually know a lady at least a little bit before taking the plunge to request a relationship with her. #MrMrsBetterHalf
8. What is her full name? What does she do for a living or if she’s a student, what is she studying? Who are her friends? These are not deep questions but they are enough to form a basis for genuine interest in wanting to know her. #MrMrsBetterHalf
9. Now concerning getting nailed, I’ll now highlight 5 things you should pay attention to when stepping up to a lady you are interested in. #MrMrsBetterHalf
10. (a) Your approach. (b) Your communication (c) Your preparedness (d) The company you keep (e) Your appearance. Note that you might score high on some points but low on others. Your mission is to raise your low points and try again. Let’s look at each point. #MrMrsBetterHalf
11. (a) Approach. Typically, decent ladies don’t like unserious people coming to ask them out. Approach a lady with respect. Greet her politely. Don’t objectify her. Don’t whistle at her or undress her with your eyes. #MrMrsBetterHalf
12. A decent lady wants to know that beyond her body, you are interested in who she really is- her mind, her interests, her dreams etc. Don't drool over her or you’ll come off as a clown. Be composed and respectful. After all, this could be your future wife. #MrMrsBetterHalf
13. This is a good place to point out that you must have focus. What are you looking for in a mate? Some guys ask out every available girl that they meet. Not only does it reek of desperation, but it also makes you a laughing stock. #MrMrsBetterHalf
14. Word gets around- don’t be that guy that is so desperate, he will date anything in a skirt! Take special care in knowing what you want and then go after a lady who is like that. She in turn will feel special because you chose her out of many. #MrMrsBetterHalf
15. Don’t approach her with pride- like you’re doing her a favour. A guy with a chip on his shoulder will come off as proud and insecure. This is not the time to be boastful and arrogant. Be humble and respectful. This leads me to the next point. #MrMrsBetterHalf
16. (b) Communication. Some people think the best way to sweep a lady off her feet is to bamboozle her with your self-importance. That’s when the name-dropping starts and when you boast of your bank account and the places you’ve been to. #MrMrsBetterHalf
17. If you rely on your car, house, wealth or connections to win a lady those are the things that you will have to use to sustain your relationship. A good woman doesn’t need you to inflate your importance- be yourself. #MrMrsBetterHalf
18. At the same time, please don’t approach a lady like she will be doing you a favour. You are not to be pitied. You have value. Don’t be proud but by all means, have self-esteem and confidence. #MrMrsBetterHalf
19. Start the conversation naturally. Talk about the things you admire about her and state why you would like to know her exclusively. That it would be an honour to deepen your friendship. Tell her what she also stands to gain. #MrMrsBetterHalf
20. I'll stop here for today, and continue next week with the other things you should pay attention to when stepping up to a lady you are interested in. #MrMrsBetterHalf
21. I hope this has been helpful. I will be back next week with a new question to answer. Feel free to ask your questions- yours might be the next one I pick to treat here on. #MrMrsBetterHalf

• • •

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