1/10: My latest thinking after speaking with several important people on our current vaccine dilemma.
2/10: Right now, we just don't have sufficient vaccine supply to go around, and we need to clarify our goals. Later on as vaccine becomes available we can open it up to everyone but for now I think it helps to establish some national priorities.
3/10: Among the priorities:
1. Maximize reductions in hospitalizations and deaths, OR
2. Maximize reductions in community transmission, OR
3. Open the economy
4/10: While each reinforces the others, we still need to make some hard choices on what's most important to our nation. Also this needs to take into context, the horrible reality that the new variants are bearing down on us
5/10: Some like Mike Osterholm give us 6-14 weeks before the variants take over. In the meantime, news reports say that J&J and Novovax vaccines won't be here in the hundred million dose range until the summer, while mRNA in summer/fall.
6/10: Therefore, from my point of view, how do we best manage this from now until May.
7/10: Some are calling for single dose mRNA to spread it around. But my concern is that a single dose mRNA vaccine won't provide adequate or consistent virus neutralizing antibodies to protect against the new variants, whereas 2 doses look like some protection?
8/10: But this is squishy, some data would help. Alternatively, I understand we're sitting on tens of millions of doses of AZOx vaccine in the US? This was just authorized by the EMA for the EU. Even if it's not great for older populations, it could be released for 20-40 yos?
9/10: This might free up more mRNA vaccine for older populations and also help with transmission reduction. Another possibility, create more particle or recombinant protein vaccines through DPA?
10/10: These are really tough decisions. I think the Biden Admin had a good plan in place for the nation to vaccinate by the fall, but now with the new variants looming we need to find a way to accelerate our national vaccination program.

• • •

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7 Feb
The American people are smart but we are not mind readers: Now might be a good time to communicate the anticipated public health impact of the variants, the timelines for their emergence based on epidemiologic modeling, and detail the roadmap to vaccinating ahead of the variants
We went through piecemeal, one-off sound bites, 3-4 minute opinion-filled cable news interviews with in the last administration, this administration needs to find a way to communicate in a more substantive manner.
It's not complicated: It requires a single individual to summarize the current status, the biggest concerns in the coming months, what happens if we do nothing, what is being done to correct it. It's what I ask of my first year doctoral students.
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7 Feb
Wow, did @FoxNews @IngrahamAngle and the Murdoch Family give a prime time slot to the guy that publicly calls me on his Instagram the “OG Villain” (I had to look it up, it means the “original gangster”) and knowingly gleefully places me and my family in a daily path of threats?
They really do aspire to amplify Putin’s Russian systematic program of weaponized health communication designed to destabilize the US. I can’t remember when I’ve seen such deliberate contempt for America 🇺🇸
Fox must make a clean break with this nonsense. Otherwise they’ve abandoned all conservative values, or any awareness of how the greatness of our nation was built on science. If they don’t make change and unload the hate and antisemtism they are just in a race to the bottom
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5 Feb
30 million doses by April? 100 million by June? I thought the whole point of Op Warp Speed was to “manufacture at risk”? It was supposed to be ready to roll out on the day of authorization. American taxpayers supposedly paid $billions, what am I missing? nytimes.com/live/2021/02/0…
Same with Novovax. Now we’re not supposed to get that until summer as well? And mRNA in the fall? What’s going on? With the variants arriving we need these vaccines now. Our vaccine is available
Since the beginning of Op Warp Speed I've said need to balance their portfolio. Too much emphasis on innovation, we need more "old school" vaccines that we know we can make at scale. We needed a recombinant protein vaccine like ours + whole inact virus. We can still do this...
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31 Jan
As we head towards 10% of the US population vaccinated: could we create a #covid HIG (hyper immune globulin) program to harvest IG from a pint of blood from fully vaccinated volunteer donors. A gap program for those awaiting vaccinations in US or globally? Clinical trials?
Some hyper immune globulins like RIG (rabies immune globulin) or RhoGAM can be administered as a simple intramuscular injection
Every fully vaccinated volunteer who agrees to donate a pint of blood for preparing a national stockpile of #covid HIG will receive a $100 gift certificate from Amazon, which has profited enormously from this pandemic google.com/amp/s/www.broo…
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30 Jan
Actually no, the research for our vaccines is supported exclusively by nonprofit foundations and the @NIH. We receive zero pharma dollars or industry support.

The antivaccine lobby, that’s another story, follow their PAC, industry, special interest funding, how they spend it
It will make your head spin
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27 Jan
1/5: So my friends and colleagues arranged for me to zoom with my old professor ⁦@Yale⁩ I believe one of the first tenured African American full professors of basic medical sciences. The one with the baseball cap, now 85 born in the Deep South in 1934, went to @fisk1866
2/5: then @michiganstateu for his PhD and postdoc @RockefellerUniv maybe one of the first African American post docs there. His name is Prof. Curtis Patton he gave me my first job in science and taught me not only to be a scientist but to care about my colleagues and love them
3/5: we touched on many things today, but when we spoke about the insurrection, attack on the Capitol, Curtis spoke about the open display of racism and began to weep. We all followed, with the realization that as far as America 🇺🇸 has progressed, just scratch the surface...
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