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Time for "Much More Than a First Aid Kit: Keeping Everyone Safe in the FIeld". Very excited! #TWS2020
Looks like a great panel. I don't have all their twitter handles unfortunately, but I do see @biologistimo is part of the panel! #TWS2020
Starting with Dr. Heather Bateman, 'An Academic Perspective: In the Field with Students. #TWS2020
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Zoom event: 'Small and Fragile Symbols of Hope': A Conversation@theRRC to share and celebrate ideas to keep the light bright this winter. The reintroduction of local #lockdown and concern about the impact of #COVID on our lives has left us all feeling anxious and vulnerable. 1/3
We have heard of churches exploring creative ways to be symbols of #hope* in our communities. Some of the conversations we have been hearing include online craft activities, High Street advent calendar, seed planting for Remembrance, celebrating unsung COVID heroes 2/3
These ideas may be small and fragile at the moment but we would love to share them so invite you to join us on Zoom: 10am on 12th October. Book via
*If you have an idea that you would like to share please drop us an email
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#Denmark is reporting 435 new #COVID19 infection cases in the last 24 hours. Since Friday’s update there have been 1,478 new #coronavirus cases (619 on Saturday, 424 Sunday, and today’s numbers). While there were no #COVID deaths in today’s update there were two over the wknd. ImageImageImage
The number of #COVID19 infected Danes in hospital (110) is up since Friday (+9) while those in ICU (17) is up (+1) those on a ventilator (11) have also edged up (+2). Yesterday there were 49,143 #coronavirus administered in #Denmark. Image
#Finland had registered 259 #COVID19 infection cases and two #coronavirus deaths over the weekend. The number of infected Finns in hospital (22) is up (+1) while ICU numbers (4) has also increased (+2). ImageImageImage
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Final #coronavirus numbers for Sept 27th. The world added 251,915 new #COVID19 while losing another 3,873 lives to #COVID. Total to date global virus deaths now exceed 1,000,000 lives lost. With a few exceptions numbers were down yesterday as we enter the Sunday/Monday lull. ImageImageImage
#India recorded 82,767 new #COVID19 infection cases yesterday while losing another 1,040 lives to the #coronavirus. Yesterday total to date infections in India passed 6,000,000. This week total to date virus deaths in the country will pass 100,000. ImageImageImage
The #USA registered 33,782 new #COVID19 infection cases while another 276 Americans lost their battle with the #coronavirus. The U.S. will pass 210,000 total to date deaths within the next day or two. ImageImageImageImage
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I spoke with the director of TGen North in Flagstaff, AZ last Thursday about #COVID19 PCR testing and cycle threshold. @justin_hart @Hold2LLC @AzWarren @AlexBerenson
It was a great conversation. He said 15% of their “positive” PCR tests had a CT of 35 or more. 2/
To TGen’s credit, he said they are going to start labeling tests that come back + with “high amplification,” that is a CT of 35 or more, with an asterisk * and recommendation that the person be retested. 3/
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What's up with all these automated melodramatic news tweets mentioning "heatmaps" and linking to futuredanger(dot)com? #SundaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
We downloaded recent tweets linking to futuredanger(dot)com and found a network of 16 automated accounts dedicated to promoting the site. Each account tweets via its own custom app, accompanied by occasional organic tweets from @FutureDanger6. ImageImageImage
The @FutureDanger6 account appears to be the hub of the network, and is mutual followers with the other 15 accounts (none of which follow any account other than @FutureDanger6). Image
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Une cuvée de graphiques #covid par tranche d'âge.
Premier constat: la pente des cas (bleu à droite) a la même accélération que la pente des décès en mars (rouge a gauche). Comme s'il n'y avait aucune mesure.

(Rappel: on mesurait mal la courbe bleu en mars-avril.)
#Québec #polqc Image
Chez les jeunes, la hausse des cas coïncide parfaitement avec la rentrée scolaire.
Notez les hospitalisations et décès, ils sont effectivement rares chez les jeunes, mais quand même possibles.
3 bambins de 0-9 ans aux soins intensifs en septembre. Imaginez si c'était le vôtre. ImageImageImage
Next 30-59 ans.
Encore virus peu mortel, mais mortalité possible. Les hospitalisations ne sont plus rares.
La propagation est plus élevée chez les 30-39 ans (encore plus actifs socialement, attendez de pogner le 40!).
À l'oeil, délais +/- d'une semaine p/r aux 10-29 ans. ImageImageImage
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I morti per #Covid-19 stanno aumentando. Image
La seconda ondata in Spagna... Image
Scusate, qui si vede decisamente meglio la seconda ondata in Spagna di #Covid-19... Image
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1/ There are clinically relevant differences between #COVID19 #Sepsis & typical bacterial sepsis, but they are Quantitative rather than Qualitative. That is, all clinicians have seen them before in other sepsis pts before this #virus 🦠 infected its 1st human.

#medtwitter #meded
2/ Quantitative septic findings are more commonly part of daily care for #COVID patients than we have been used eg, near total loss of the tracheobronchial tree’s muco-ciliary escalator due to destruction of ciliated respiratory epithelium.

#pulmcc #tipsfornewdocs #criticalcare
3/ Classically in #Influenza pneumonia/sepsis, this predisposes to subsequent superinfection from bacteria like Staph & Strep. In #COVID, we are always on the ready to begin antibiotics to cover such complications of what initially was a pure viral infection.

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Final #coronavirus numbers for Sept 26th. The world added 294,650 new #COVID19 infection cases yesterday while losing 5,306 more lives to the virus. Today total to date global #COVID deaths will surpass 1,000,000. ImageImageImage
Yesterday #India recorded 89,010 new #COVID19 infection cases while suffering another 1,124 #coronavirus deaths. So far numbers in India continue to slowly ease off albeit from insane heights. ImageImageImage
The #USA registered 43,206 new #COVID19 infection cases while another 737 Americans lost their lives to the #coronavirus. Total to date #COVID deaths in the U.S. could pass 210,000 by today and if not tomorrow for sure. #Trump ImageImageImageImage
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This thread on trend analysis for 11 districts that are in steady rise in #covid active cases in #TamilNadu other than Chennai.

#TNCoronaUpdates #COVID19 #coronavirus
@sumanthraman @sri50 @rameshlaus @kprabhdeep @RAKRI1 @srkias2012 ImageImageImageImage
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Speaking to @bbc5live Sunday Breakfast, UCU general secretary @DrJoGrady said universities need to act quickly now to move activity online and allow students to leave accommodation safely and without financial penalty.
She said that the government's refusal to guarantee funding for universities forced them to spend the summer selling a student experience they could never deliver, while the current crisis was wholly predictable.
She the bare minimum students should now expect is to be treated with dignity. The #Covid crisis has exposed how our rotten higher education system is not fit for purpose.
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I had an antibody test yesterday. I had symptomatic #COVID from 7/13 thru at least 7/20. I tested negative for antibodies (IgM or IgG). I'm honestly quite upset about it. Im seeing, on average, 2-3 #COVID19 pts per day. Was hoping (probably irrationally) that I had immunity left
Especially since my wife is pregnant, but this just further supports my views on our incomplete knowledge of immunity. Thankfully, my wife (37 wks pregnant) who also had #COVID at the same time, has a positive antibldy test. So let me update... 10 people got #COVID from our group
3 had negative PCR tests within 1 day of symptom onset. I do not have antibodies now. My wife does have antibodies. We have moved our delivery date up because of our OB's fear of COVID complications. And I continue to see people struggling from horrible neurologic complications
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1) Quebec’s top public health officer is asserting that during the #pandemic, the province has been hit harder than the rest of Canada partly because a more “invasive” and “lethal” strain of the #coronavirus is circulating here. In this thread, I will fact-check this assertion.
2) Dr. Horacio Arruda offered this explanation when asked by a reporter Friday why Quebec is still reporting more #COVID19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths than other provinces, even after the first wave. Arruda cited a study of the #coronavirus in his answer.
3) “There was a study done on the virus that entered Quebec," @ArrudaHoracio explained. "It’s different from the one that was in China. (This strain) came more from Europe and has a morbidity and mortality rate that is much more significant.”
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Took Rs. 1380 Crore in 2017 for @Infosys_GSTN but there is no end of errors. Enough of Representations to @FinMinIndia and @Infosys_GSTN. Its time to deal the corporate way. I urge all to post one error and tag one client of @Infosys and ask them if they also get such service ?
When @Infosys designed Softwares for you, did you also face same problems like delayed OTPs after expiry, need for customer standing in online queue while logging in and mistake in calculation,like we taxpayers face as GST penalties are calculated wrong?
@Accenture When @Infosys designs Software for you, as part of Technical support do they write "Our Team will get back to you and then leave a mystery ? #ExtendGSTR9C
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Just a reminder Sri Lanka with population 21.7 million has only 3300 cases and 13 #COVID-19 deaths.

Must be because it's an island, I guess.
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1. News: Voters tell CNN why they’re supporting President Trump,

“The president is making every effort to do his best for people of color…the president is bringing us together.”

“He’s doing a phenomenal job... Thread 9.26.2020

#Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #WalkAway
2. News: Kim Klacik: "President Trump is bringing this country back roaring. He’s bringing the American Spirit to life -- for all Americans."

3. News: Herschel Walker @HerschelWalker: "Growing up in the deep south, I have seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn’t President Trump."

@realDonaldTrump #BlackVoicesforTrump
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RT if you believe ALL Senate Republicans must BE VOTED OUT for ignoring the GOP's 2016 precedent and the clear WILL OF THE PEOPLE in advancing the nomination of religious zealot Amy Coney Barrett! #VoteThemAllOut2020 #BidenHarrisLandslide2020
RT if you agree @seanhannity should be sued for Negligent Homicide for knowingly spreading #COVID19 misinformation that has killed tens of thousand of Americans.…
Two leaders of a Massachusetts veterans’ home were indicted on charges of criminal neglect in connection to 76 #COVID deaths.

RT if you agree @realDonaldTrump must be held accountable for the criminal neglect that has led to 75,000 nursing home deaths.…
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Here's a list of companies that the government has wasted taxpayers money on relating to #Covid.
1 - Randox - Unsafe test kits £133M
March 2019 it was reported that former cabinet minister Owen Paterson, who was a consultant to Randox , had helped to lobby the govt to seek contracts for them. This violates rules stating that an MP may not lobby on behalf of a paying client.
2 - Ayanda Capital - £250M for faulty face masks. Govt did not follow proper procurement/tendering procedures amongst other things…
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Final #coronavirus numbers for Sept 25th. The world added 317,952 new #COVID19 infection cases yesterday, the 2nd highest daily total to date, while losing 5,818 lives to #COVID. Total to date global deaths now surpass 990,000 and could pass 1,000,000 by Sunday or Monday. ImageImageImage
#India registered 85,468 new #COVID19 infection cases yesterday while losing 1,093 lives to the #coronavirus. India’s numbers while still sky high continue to slowly edge down. ImageImageImage
The #USA saw daily #COVID19 infections surge over 50,000 again yesterday, 53,629 new infections to be exact, while another 895 Americans lost their lives to the #coronavirus. The U.S. will surpass 210,000 total virus deaths in the coming week. ImageImageImageImage
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LFG it's the best time of the year again!

We let people enjoyed the summer packed on each other on the beaches, #COVID you better not fuck with my ski season(#FirstWorldProblem - I know).

Can't wait.

@crypto_iso - It's time soon!
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This is of course - how most politely to put it - poppycock. Yes, the official so-called active cases count is dropping but that is not because India has the epidemic under control. New cases, officially, are at 85 k plus per day, deaths at 1100 a day.
Unofficially, of course, no one has a clue what the real numbers are. This is just the kind of false optimism and pseudo-science that today's Lancet editorial is all about. India is shoring up big real problems.…
This fetish with recovered cases is a peculiar affliction of those who want to put a falsely positive spin on the #epidemic. #Coronavirus infection is an illness that naturally recovers, (unless it kills). Recovery does not mean a bounce back to vigorous health for 10-15% of..
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1) Quebec posted 637 #COVID cases Friday — a number not seen since the #pandemic's first wave — placing the entire greater Montreal region in an orange zone. Yet authorities won't impose any of their own proposed public health restrictions. In this thread, I will highlight them.
2) On Sept. 17, the government made public a previously secret “working document” on #pandemic restrictions the day after analyst @Patrickdery published them on Twitter (scooping me). The summary lists “potential” restrictions in a color-coded alert scale. See the chart below.
3) According to that chart, the government would have closed bars, taverns and casinos by now in the orange zones. Contact sports and competitions would have been banned. People would not have been allowed to eat in restaurants. But none of those restrictions have been imposed.
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On the day @GovRonDeSantis rejects the experts and all reason by forcing Florida into Phase III, a 12 year old girl from Atlantic Beach lost her battle with #COVID and died. She was in the sixth grade. Just started school back to at Mayport in Duval. #ThisIsThePrice
More details to come. Friends of her family have set up a GoFundMe that I'm waiting to verify will go to the family. I'm not releasing her name without permission. Not waiting on @HealthyFla to confirm two months from now cause they may just delete her like the boy from Escambia
Less than a month after @GovRonDeSantis forced schools to reopen via executive order, which led to his top epidemiologist quitting after 15 years at DOH, children are dying.

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