Reading can be one of the best things that u can do to yourself. Chance discovery of The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown was one such book last year. Since then have read portions of it 3-4 times. My biggest health discovery last year was nasal only breathing
I started it with my low intensity spinning sessions and found that my performance soared. I could endure more power output for significantly longer at my max aerobic fitness heart rate. What I learnt is that breathing through nose delivers more oxygen to the working muscles
thereby maximising performance. Like most I also used to believe that breathing through mouth delivers more oxygen to lungs. This assumption is entirely wrong. As we all must have during oxygen checks with oximeter that blood is almost fully saturated (95-99%)
To maximise oxygen delivery to the working muscle we need high concentration of Co2 in the blood. With mouth breathing, we over breathe and exhale too much Co2 which reduces oxygen delivery. Over time with my tolerance improving I incorporated it in my running. This can be a
game changer for your health and not just aerobic function. You may like to read the book to know and understand more. A good way to test would be a Max Aerobic fitness test. As per Dr Phil Maffetone who was coach to 6 times ironman winner Mark Allen, your aerobic HR is 180-age
for people between 16-65. If u r on any medicine or have been hospitalised in last two years minus 10 more. So for me it is 125. After a 15 min warm up do a walk, jog, cycle for 20 minutes and record distance at the MAF heart rate. Do most of your training breathing thru
nose. Most athletes do 80% of their training around MAF HR and just 20% anaerobic. Do test after a month on same surface and time. You may see a vast improvement in distance covered. Once this aerobic capacity gets better, training and subsequently health gets better.

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9 Feb
It’s now 8 days without sugar. When I say Sugar, I mean everything which masquerade as sugar from honey to gur. Once u realise how harmful sugar is u really would not like to go back to it Do u know our intake of sugar has gone up by 400% from 1970.
And it’s now not in just the obvious places like candies or sweets. It’s in salad dressings, sauces, healthy sports drinks, low fat healthy yoghurt & what not. It has sneaked into almost every packaged food. Real sugar is toxin. It’s probability as chronically harmful as tobacco.
I believe once you eliminate sugar from your diet, you craving for sugar will actually vanish. I used to take my tea and coffee with sugar and last few years stopped it and now can’t even have one sip with sugar in them. It tastes yuck and leaves a bad taste in the mouth
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9 Feb
Exercise has been touted as a cure for just about anything that ails you. Frequent colds? Exercise. Poor digestion? Exercise. Knee pain. Exercise. Sleep issues. Exercise. Feel depressed. Exercise. Exercise is trigger that release endorphins, our built in happiness drug.
Morning workouts offer numerous benefits to your health and schedule that exercising at other times of the day cant provide. A closer look at the benefits
1. It enhances your metabolism. Your body burns more calories after your workout through out the day.
2. Morning workout cultivates consistency. Nothing interrupts your workout schedule. In the evening u run the risk of getting stuck at work or feeling overloaded with errands that must be done and u may miss exercising
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8 Feb
Let go of perfection. Be better consistently every day. My focus on workout has always been on consistence progress. Always listen to your body. Data is key to understand your body. Always collect and review ur data
Your regular blood test data gives you information on your vitamins and minerals. Helps u to know if u need to supplement. Is there anything going on in your body that you should be aware of? You get two types of data - Quantitative and qualitative
Quantitative data like weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure , pulse etc helps u reorganise and correct. Qualitative data is important. Thirst, exhaustion, hunger, exhilaration. Ur body gives regular signs. If u keep ignoring them it becomes too late to course correct.
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7 Feb
Few years back after I completely recovered from all my lifestyle diseases without any medication, doctors or nutritionist. Reading and understanding human body, lifespan, became a fascination. Over the last three years I have read hundreds of books , journals,
researches, podcasts and blogs. It has given so much confidence about the healing power of our body. Your body is a marvel. It’s possible to reverse lifestyle diseases living a normal life. Life is chaotic and only thing which is there with you always is your body.
माँ बाप भाई बहन , दोस्त, customer( जिनके साथ एक पेग नहीं लो तो networking नहीं होती) कोई साथ नहीं देता । आपका दर्द आपकी सेहत उसकी तकलीफ़ सिर्फ़ आपकी है। Your body is the only place where u get to live.
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6 Feb
Most of us who exercise want to lose fat. Doing this long thread on what & how u can . Your weekend read. My framework for exercise has four components - strength, stability, aerobic efficiency and anaerobic performance. Heres my last 12 weeks workout data.
Explaining today Zone -2. Zone 2 is defined as the highest metabolic output/work that you can sustain while keeping hour lactate level below 2 mmol/L. A healthy person when at rest has a lactate level of 1.0 mmol/L. Usually doing your daily chores should not increase this.
But doing a little strenuous workout you are going to start making lactate. Even the best athlete in the world will. The fitter the person is the more work they can do with less lactate. Zone 2 is the level where you can understand how metabolically fit you are
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4 Feb
Longevity is a balance of lifespan ( living longer) and health span ( living better). 80% of non smoking population die because of heart attack, stroke, cancer and accidental death. Health span is decline of three main things
1) Physical decline - decline in mobility, muscles, strength, aerobic functions, movement, sexual function, freedom from pain
2) Cognitive decline - decline in memory, processing speed
3) Emotional decline - decline in sense of purpose, mindfulness, social support
While death is inevitable, the three points of health span are not. You can easily manage them. It’s in your own hand and not very complicated as most marketing and SM influencers make it out. It all depends on prioritising these five things. Make them your life goals
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