I feel the deepest pangs for the ones who look at crypto charts, see parabolas & say we're in a bubble

they don't realize they're looking at charts that shouldn't exist


such charts weren't possible before the birth of #bitcoin

such charts display the financial progression of an idea from conception

to implementation

to adoption

sers, such charts cannot resemble the financial charts of the past

looking at such charts is to gaze into a black mirror where you could have bought and sold shares in Uber from the moment Uber was first conceived of as an Uberish idea

If Uber shares were available from Uber's very genesis...

that chart would probably look a lot like what defi charts look like today

so the question a ser or lady must ask is

what if this is merely the beginning?

what if we're simply repricing projects from seed round to series A?

what if one's visions of tulips and parabolas make one sell not days or months early but years?

this I know...

crypto has changed the capital formation game...

& that means it has changed the charts in those fancy college ๐Ÿ“—s

all who understand shall lap at honey

all who understand shall confiscate $$$ from ones who don't

โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข

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7 Feb
Sers, what a strange, wicked, beautiful journey crypto can take us mortals on

It appears we'll soon have a tradeable $DEGEN token

It will = a basket of 10 of the fastest-growing, most promising small cap tokens in crypto

& it will run on indexed.finance $NDX

More ๐Ÿ‘‡

$DEGEN will be a community-driven index of small cap tokens journeying from obscurity to blue chip-dom

It will make it easy for everyone to be a degen without having to put in degen hrs and have a degen history of fโ€™ing around in this space for years

You'll simply have to buy $DEGEN to get exposure to 10 fire-breathing small cap tokens

When I first posted about $DEGEN 10 in December, I thought it'd be a fun way to track the market

It quickly morphed into a brain dump of knowledge from many of crypto's giga-brains
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20 Jan
One ๐Ÿคกs reactions to the $YFI

1st thought: That's $220 million+... jfc

2nd thought: Well, maybe they'll get rid of the mint

3rd thought: They're not getting rid of the mint

More ๐Ÿ‘‡
4th thought: They're adversarial AF to investors who are holding something w hardly any cashflow

5th thought: What's to stop them from coming back to mint another quarter billie?

6th thought: I'd rather own token x at this point
8th thought: Don't you do that, $YFI... don't you compare yourself to other projects. You can't. You're different. You play a different game than all the rest

9th thought: Wow. I think about crypto too much to be feeling this emotional
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15 Jan
A lot of people bitch about whales, but small traders have advantages, too

1 = Time

You can use it like a shank and stick it in the sides of the less patient and/or more active traders by holding long-term

2 = Ability to enter tiny projects

More ๐Ÿ‘‡
It simply isn't worth a whale's time to look at low MC projects (say anything less than $10-$50 million)

There usually isn't enough liquidity there...

If you're holding $10m, putting $10k into a high-risk investment doesn't move the needle much
Sweet spot = entering a tiny project that's here for the long-term

I visualize projects as moving through plateaus. You can ride that climb

Plateau 1 = the true degen traders who buy tiny presales and do a lot of Uniswap flipping
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12 Jan
๐Ÿคก musings (not f'ing advice) on defi + adoption + #s

1/ It's January, and a single country (the U.S.) is already floating the idea of a $3t stimulus package

2/ Defi has done about a 27x in TVL over the past year to hit $22b lol

More ๐Ÿ‘‡
2.5/ If the defi trend continues over the next year, we'd be approaching $600b in TVL

3/ Sound big? Consider that there's $18t earning negative yields atm ($600b is just 3.5% of that #)

4/ Let us be reasonable bulls and say $BTC and $ETH triple this year That alone would take the crypto industry to $2.5t

5/ If the industry hits $2.5t and 20% of that finds its way into DeFi, we're at $500 billion TVL
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3 Jan
Sers, the results are in

May I present to you the official $DEGEN10

These are the Top 10 tokens (excluding $BTC and $ETH) that many of the most diehard crypto OGs think will dominate in 2021...

More ๐Ÿ‘‡

The 2021 $DEGEN10

$SNX (102) @synthetix_io
$AAVE (79) @AaveAave
$SUSHI (76) @SushiSwap
$RUNE (71) @thorchain_org
$YFI (71) @iearnfinance
$LINK (50) @chainlink
$DOT (41) @Polkadot
$UNI (39) @UniswapProtocol
$GRT (35) @graphprotocol
$SYN (35) @SynLevdefi

๐Ÿ‘† (parens = # of votes)

I'll track the performance of the $DEGEN10 vs. $BTC, $ETH and $USD regularly

142 entrants in total

Current plan = track the performance of the contributors' individual picks to see which degens rule them all at year end...

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1 Jan
legends were born this year, sers

and legends extinguished

and i was here with you to see it all

10k followers in 7 months. Mineself is honored and astounded

mineself once was lost

but now i see

the walls around the halls of power look so very thick and mighty

but they are made of cake

and we have shown up hungry

a single tongue fills many mouths

it speaketh the freest language the world hath ever known

words come out in code

1s and 0s disturb the iron claw

from Dalian to Memphis... La Plata to Tallinn

we do not let the $$ lead us astray

for we are only partway there

after 12 years of building, the true fun begins

this year, sers we fucking take it to the people

we reach a hand into the future and pull ourselves forward by a generation

we change the order

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