I understand how desperately people want to believe that all of this was necessary.

For all of the misery, heartache, sacrifice and anger to have meant something. To have saved lives. Protected the health service. Helped us deal with a dangerous new pathogen.

But it's not true.
Lockdowns are immoral and disproportionate. They kill more people and those people are younger. They wreck economies. They change societies. They alter people's psychology in dangerous ways. They are undemocratic.

And once you have set a precedent for their implementation, you
will be forever living under the threat of your government stripping you of your rights without warning or justification.

But even if they did none of those things, they don't actually do the thing they are intended to do. They do not prevent hospitalisations and deaths from
respiratory disease. There is so, so, so much clear evidence of this now. We have conducted a year-long, worldwide experiment and the conclusion is that these measures are not effective. They stop viruses spreading. Of course they do. But clearly, that does not have the effect
that many predicted. The reason for this is basic evolution. By preventing the virus and all of its variants from spreading normally, we have given a massive advantage to the more dangerous mutations. It's exactly the same as overusing antibiotics. The effect of using these
measures longterm against viruses will be to create superbugs that threaten tens of millions of lives. The answer was not to do nothing. It was to encourage as much mixing as possible. Take the normal precautions with the elderly that we always have. But for everybody else, have
the mother of all parties. Put on Glastonbury for six weeks and get the government to pay for everyone's tickets. Flock to the pubs. Fill the night clubs, the theatres, the sports stadia. It's not just about conferring herd-immunity. It's about ensuring that the mildest variants
dominate. We have done the exact opposite of what was necessary.

The vaccine is not the key to regaining our freedom.
Our freedom IS the vaccine.

This has been the greatest mistake ever made in humanity's long history of great mistakes.

Let's at least try and learn from it.

• • •

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4 Feb
Mr Blair, thank you for joining us.

I would like to ask you about the greatest crisis you faced as Prime Minister.

Indeed, the greatest crisis we have faced as a nation since the Second World War.

In the winter of 1999/2000 a huge number of people were tragically killed.
They died from a totally out of control influenza virus, letting rip across the country. The end result was a level of all-cause mortality which absolutely towers over what we saw during 2020's 'deadly pandemic'.

I can only imagine how stressful it must have been for you.
Obviously, it goes without saying that you considered a national lockdown - I mean, it's so obvious that they hashtag save lives.
And obviously, you considered mandatory face masks. I mean, the science is clear. They just work.
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8 Jan
Why is nobody bothering to distinguish between the virus and the disease anymore?

Everything is meaningless if you don't do this.

We need to know who has Covid-19.

Not who might, possibly, have fragments of the virus Sars-CoV-2, that can lead to the disease, Covid-19.
I'm not interested in how many people in hospital or anywhere else have 'Covid'.

What the hell is 'Covid'?

Be specific.

Tell us exactly how many people are dying from severe pneumonia after contracting Sars-CoV-2.

That is the definition of a Covid-19 patient.
Clearly, this has been deliberate from the start. There are a lot of people on both sides who still don't understand the difference. People who think they've 'had Covid-19' because they tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. People who think a disease can spread around a country.
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4 Jan
You claim hospitals all over the country are full to bursting with people dying of severe pneumonia.
You claim that this justifies the destruction of millions of lives, the imposition of extreme poverty, the psychological abuse of children, the shutdown of democracy, the total &
quite possibly permanent demolition of basic freedoms and rights, the separation of families and thousands of deaths from other ailments.
It is not enough to have doctors on social media assure us that the situation is what you claim. It is not enough to have politicians sharing
graphs and fear-mongering anecdotes. It is not enough to expect us to trust a health service whose neligence kills babies every single day.
Let every broadcaster send journalists and camera crews into major hospitals all over the country and SHOW US WHAT IS HAPPENING.
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31 Dec 20
Cartoon Review Of The Year (Thread)

I'm just a cartoonist. What the hell do I know?
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22 Dec 20
1. Many people are saying they will not spend Christmas with family because it "just isn't worth the risk".
But how likely is it, given everything we now know, that a person without symptoms will pass the virus to somebody else, with fatal consequences?
2. First of all, given that you have no symptoms, what are the chances that you are infected with Sars CoV-2? The ONS estimates this to be 1 in 115, or 0.87%
3. Now, imagining you are infected, but you don’t have any symptoms, what is the probability that you will infect somebody else with Sars CoV-2? Recent studies show this is around 0.7%
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20 Dec 20
Some new pencil sketches available on my website: bobmoran.co.uk
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