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Pandemic Charade: WAKE UP! Bill Gates & Tony Fauci want you dead, but they have Vax to save you.

A year ago I reported on the hoax.

We know there is no disease, the Vax provides no immunity, and the test are fake, but you still ware a mask. GOD HELP US ImageImageImage
Great Reset Charade: Rejection!

Putin laughed at the “Great Reset”, a planned society through AI, robots & the merger of man & machine; policies driving the middle class to extinction over the COVID-19 pandemic will increase social and political unrest…
The Great Reset: What Every Smart American Know's

Biden wouldn't be the illegitimate president without the plandemic's mail in & electronic voting charade.

Like Florida's DeSantis, true leaders will tell him, force is not power, & he can get bent!…
Pandemic Charades: Bill Gates Deleted Documentary

Why did he switch from Microsoft To Vaccines?

A 400% return on investment is an obvious incentive, but being banned in over 20 countries proves his deadly experiments are really about population control.…
Pandemic Charade: Democide
1. German Nursing Homes: "Elderly Dying After COVID Vax"…
2. Ugly Truth: Massive Adverse Reactions & Death After COVID Vax…
3. Murder By “Vax”: Evidence Mounts…
Plandemic Charade: World Economic Forum Deletes Latest Video After Cheering Global Lockdowns that Pushed 100 Million Humans into Extreme Poverty…
Pandemic Charade: Why was the US investigating the coronavirus vaccine before the Western world even knew about it?

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: US Dr. Ralph Baric Was Reviewing Moderna's and Dr. Fauci's Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019! -- What's Going On?…
Pandemic Charade: Lying Eugenicist Tyrants

Fauci's Forever Moving Goalposts; Time For New Nuremberg Trials.

First accused: Gates and Fauci… Image
Pandemic Charade: British Medical Journal

"COVID19 Is Murder By Misinformation"

History is littered with atrocities which ensue when doctors abandon their traditional principles and judgement in favor of unquestioning subservience to government diktats…
Pandemic Charade "Fauci Is Wrong A Lot"

No lock downs, no mask mandates & no closed schools (only state). Fauci said they'd have 10k covid patients; there were 600. Her state has the best employment numbers in the country. If nothing else, listen @ 20:00!
Pandemic Charade: If you don't believe corporations usurp local & national laws, have become more power than many governments, & push the NWO Globalist agenda to make Chattel of you, this may help

Remember; the Vaxx does not protect, but may kill you…
The Pandemic Charade: END GAME

Fair allocation of scarce medical resources in the time of Covid19

"The Hippocratic Oath Should Be Junked. Doctors should no longer only serve patient needs."

- Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel; Comrad Biden's Angel of Death

Pandemic Charade: When Mass Hysteria Ends
Pandemic Charade: The Guinea Pig, "Trust the Science"

The CV19 VAXX is officially a stage 3 clinical trial. So, why isn't it tracked to measure efficacy? If you can mix formulas how is that measured? Known or not, participation in a clinical trial voids your life insurance. ImageImageImage
Democidal Maniac: Cover Up

MSM's glee in promoting numerous Cuomo Sexual Deviant allegations is diversion from His Ordering Covid Patients into Nursing Homes Killing Thousands

Gov Cuomo Accused of Violently Grabbing Staffers Bare Breasts During Pandemic…
VAX Charade: informed consent

People @ 62 don’t die from the virus. It’s unlawful to administer shots where its effects are unknown & informed consent is impossible

Former Pfizer VP To AFLDS: ‘Entirely Possible This Will Be Used For Massive-Depopulation'… Image
Remember Lockstep? This Is Unfolding Now

Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases; COVID-19 RNA Based VAX & the Risk of Prion Disease
SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasures Coms… Image
Pandemic Charade: I declare Schwab & Fauci war criminals

WEF globalist Klaus Schwab declares unvaccinated people a threat to humanity

Fauci's a dangerous sociopath who must be held to account for committing crimes against humanity
Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier

Moderna & Pfizer “vaccine trials” explicitly acknowledged their gene therapy has no impact on viral infection or transmission & merely conveys the capacity to produce an S1 spike protein by introducing of a synthetic mRNA sequence
…… Image
The Zombie Apocalypse: Vaxxers are the bioweapon!

The Plandemic: Not a test, not a drill.

They're here.

Viral Replicants shedding and spreading
The Pandemic Charade is Medical Technocratic Tyranny; the same path as the early NAZI's! ImageImage

Johns Hopkins, a Rockefeller, UN & B&M Gates-Depopulation Institute front admits: Corona Virus HAS NO MEDICAL COUNTERMEASURE & calls to End The Nation State, p. 36 via Non Pharma Intervention

An experiment knowing push back is coming.… ImageImage
Pandemic Charade:

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules *unanimously* to *permanently* block OSHA's nationwide mandate effectively vacating Biden’s executive order.…
The Illegitimate President's Pandemic Charade:


The first rule of war is to know you're in one.

Everyone repeat after me:

Pandemic Charade:

Seriously Failing Vaccine Reports Mushrooming (Video)
VAERS Vaccine Injury Data Is More Shocking By The Month

Again. "The cure is Far Deadlier than the "disease"

We also stress *VAERS, a national vaccine surveillance program run by CDC, FDA & NIH confirm only 1 to 10% of injuries & deaths are reported. Image
"The Federal Government Has No Police Power. The States Have Police Power." - @GovRonDeSantis

People; we have to take back our local and state governments, period!
Klaus Schwab argues that a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance must capture democratic structures & institutions. – The end of sovereign states and individual rights

@GovRonDeSantis, OUR constitution & real Americans demand otherwise!

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair & Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro…

Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine/radiation holocaust unleashed against humanity. The spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATION
All lies; 3 orig. countries we ID-ed (Ap. May 2020) as suspect.

With recorded cases very low on March 5, WHO Director confirms outside China there are 2055 cases in 33 countries. Abt 80% of those cases were from 3 countries (South Korea, Iran, Italy).…
Criminals Among US: Pfizer

BTW: Indemnification does not apply if they knew prior to release. - They did.

Subpoenaed FDA Files - Shows Pfizer Documented 158,893 Adverse Events with 25,957 Nervous System Disorders in First Few Months of Distribution…
Pandemic Charade - Criminals at the top:

How Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Facilitated China’s Colonization of U.S. Research Programs

IP: @SpeakerPelosi had provisions in the 1st CV19 relief bill supporting the CCP's 1000 talents program.…
WAYNE ROOT: The Great Vaccine Mandate Scam

'The mandates are squarely aimed @ working Americans. If you have a job, you’re being threatened with losing your job, your income & your pension. Biden is threatening to destroy your life, to make you homeless'…
Pandemic Charade: A RICO murderous conspiracy.

March of 2020 we identified Peter Danzak's EcoHealth Alliance.

In 2015 he said; "A key driver is the media & the economics follow the hype."

Pandemic Charade: murderous conspiracy liability. 👆

The 2005 Prep Act shields manufacturers from liability, but inside the act is a clause that states if actions taken to declare a state of emergency are part of a willful misconduct or criminal conspiracy the indemnity is void Image
Pandemic Charade: The Unraveling?

Yesterday's Conspiracy Is Today's Medical Journal Headline: NEJM Explains How COVID Vaccines May Produce Spike Proteins that Lead to Myocarditis…
Fauci Is a mass murdering psychopath
THINK; We Are At War.

Pfizer, FDA to Release Documents; First Doc Dump Says Thousands Killed by Shot in First Month!…

Children are being prayed upon; WAKE UP!

Obama & Fauci visit grade school encouraging children to get the jab. ImageImage
Greg Reese covers RFK Jr's. Book:

"The Real Anthony Fauci" - Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

Fauci's Dead Babies and Mass Graves From the Past!…
Here They Come!

80 House Republicans Vote to Fund Federal Vaccine Database to Spy on & Possibly Round Up Americans

The 2021 Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act gives the federal govt your vaccination status for their next planned mandate.…
Pandemic Charade: The Powerball Darwinian Lottery continues, eliminating non thinking socialist and Stockholm Syndrome dupes in hoards

The hardest part of "two weeks to flatten the curve", is the first two years. Image
Pandemic Charade: Dr. Robert Malone, 500,000 American COVID patients didn't have to die

Inventor of mRNA gene therapy technology decries blocking of treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.…
Archbishop Viganò: those who resist the NWO will have the help and protection of God… Image
See Inflection Point's Bio Above

1. The following headline is misleading; billionaire controllers of our distorted reality do not earn wages.

2. ""Economic Injustice": 72% Of PPP Money Went To The Top 20% Of Earners In America"…
Pandemic Charade: Eating Their Own

"Melinda Gates Trashes Bill, Says Epstein Gave Her Nightmares"

BS: 'I met Epstein exactly 1 time... I gave every piece of myself'. Complicit she still works at the B&MGF.

Is it about saving oneself from the Gallows?…
Coronavirus plandemic was declared, 3/11/2020. Today Pfizer was delisted from the NYSE

Today they acquired Arena Pharma., a clinical stage developer of therapies for treatment of several immuno-inflammatory diseases

Wars, Plandemics, it's all business!
U.S. Lied About Funding “Dangerous Pathogen” Research in Secret Ukrainian Biolabs, Newly Leaked Documents Reveal…
Virus Defense Charade:

The best defense is a good offense. 1 Create a GoF chimeric virus. 2 Broaden vax definition. 3 Develop an immunocompromising mRNA gene therapy, a mutogenic vector. 4 Call it a vax

Unrestricted, 5th generation, democidal #WarOnYou
The Pandemic Charade

NHS and WEF are like peas in a pod.
Democide - "the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command."

Mandates/ non informed consent are counter to the Geneva convention & must not go unpunished. Image
Barak Obama
Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
George Soros

Sans UN corruption they would be the 1st to face crimes against humanity charges.

Briefing: analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the U.S. on the territory of Ukraine.… Image
The Cull: Herr Klaus Schwab's Guru, Yuval Noah Harari,
Asks What To Do With All of These Useless People?

World Economic Forum Declares War On United States Sovereignty.

Watch: Davos Elites Warn "Painful Global Transition" Should Not Be Resisted By Nation-States…
Aware; I'm part of a FREE WILLED, Healthy control group. Synthetic messenger RNA is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy. Call it what it is.

Unless physically forced on me I will remain a PURE-BLOOD.

And to those participating, may GOD have mercy on you.…
The Pandemic Charade: RIP Dr. Zelenko -Truth has set you free. Image
Corporate Pharmaceutical Tyranny and the Great Reset Whores (Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab) Who Promote It:

"This Is Our Hill To Die On" - Dr. Zev Zelenko's Final Message To The World.

Godspeed Dr. Z. Thank you for informing so many early in this fight.…
THINK: the Monsters are not under the bed. They're out in the open. And America is serving up their children.

May God have mercy on us all!

In 2020 @Cobleone & again here we wrote of Pfizer's initial criminal trials in Adults & Children. Keep in mind, their indemnity is void, if they knew it would do harm!

Read & THINK:

It's democide folks. That means Pharma & govt. officials are complicit!
@Cobleone The Pandemic Charade and mRNA Cull.

Two and a half years in and there's finally push back.

Beware the Jab!

Leaked Video: Hypocritical Zuckerberg Caught Blasting 'Experimental' Covid Jabs To Inner Circle

He describes the jabs as “experimental”, warning his staff to be very cautious about the unproven “gene technology.”…
We Pointed Out the Plandemic's Predictable Consequences in March of 2020 (read this thread, search "@Penone10 Unrestricted Warfare" & "@Penone10 Presidential Charade").

The Pandemic Charade; an INFLECTION POINT Image
Pandemic Charade:

"Love this dude and so does the Universe, fighters are rewarded." - @CJ77944664

Pandemic Charade and UN-restricted #WarOnYou:

Pandemic Charade:

The Trump Vaccine

Why is Trump pushing the deadly vaccine; on children.

Listen, Pfizer's prior knowledge (limited testing), voids all indemnity. Why aren't injured Americans filling courthouses, filing suits?

Dr.'s, Trump?, Pfizer; follow the $…

Blackrock, wef LIARS, cLAIMS nET zERO aDHERENCE. gOOD bUSINESS DICTATES OTHERWISE. hYPOCRiCY? - "renewable energy (wind and solar) fossil fuels are saving power grids worldwide from collapse."

They think YOU'RE STUPID

It's how they win.…
The Globalist #FDA #DeathCult:

"Let history record the shame, the depravity, the corruption, the MALFEASANCE, the wrong doing by those in authority. Let's call it.

They work for us. This country is ours, not theirs!"
The Rise Of Fauci And The U.S. Biosecurity State — Who Was Behind It?

Cheney, as V.P., was responsible for putting biodefense research under the auspices of Dr. Fauci and the NIAID.

Since then "‘Biodefense’ has become a war machine against the public."…
So Twitter's news feed is trending "Resign". After denying the Nord stream 2 attack - when he said that's exactly what he would do, and after warning of Nuclear Armageddon, guess who isn't mentioned?

Perhaps the Twits who curate their news feed should "Resign"! Image
Death Cult Child Sacrifice: man made chimeric Covid 19, increased virulence to ensure wide spread infection.

mRNA jabs are known to be a deadly gene therapy experiment. Thus, the perps must include it in children's vax schedule for ‘liability protection’.
There's a compelling reason to vote criminal governor @gretchenwhitmer out of office.

The health and well being of your CHILDREN depends on it!

Choose life over Whitmer's Cult of Death.
'Nothing better highlights Fauci's incompetence & lies than ignoring pre-vaccination, children were at small risks from COVID, and vaccination uptake amongst kids was entirely irrelevant since they do not prevent infection or transmission.' Still so!…
81 million Joe Biden's White House dot gov, or, that's right is promoting/ committing DEMOCIDE - Front and center. WTFU! Image
The Pandemic Cull: Amnesty.

Hell No! Those who perpetrated this on the world knew they were committing #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

Government officials who went along violated the Nuremberg Code & committed DEMOCIDE.

Emily Oster; your complicit!

No Amnesty for Lockdowners…

'We knew ... the nature of the threat & historical experience & common sense, the deep damage that would be caused by the lockdowns. The plea of ignorance here simply doesn’t hold up to any evidentiary standard.
Pandemic Charade and the Sociological Response
to the WHO - WEF's (Globalist), Death Cult Fix!

Amnesty? - No; #Nuremberg2! Image
No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty”

“Sooner or Later, Everyone Sits Down to a Banquet of Consequences”…
BioDefense: the new, long planned #WarOnYou

"COVID-19 is the latest example of how biological threats can devastate communities across America and around the world, resulting in millions of deaths and trillions of dollars of economic losses globally."… Image
Democidal Maniacs: millions have "Died Suddenly"

I.P. warned in March of 2020. Now govt reports prove COVID Vaccination is causing Hundreds of Thousands to ‘Die Suddenly’ every week & Confidential Pfizer Docs. confirm your Government knew it would happen… Image
The Fauci, Gates Vaccine Charade, Death!
Prior knowledge of the harm it would do before release negates Big Pharma's "vaccine" immunity.

Start with mRNA gene therapy, it's not a "vaccine".

And the bureaucrats were complicit.

Dr. Zelenko (November 27, 1973 – June 30, 2022) rest in peace.

Trans-humanism vs Pure Bloods.

To save humanity from WEF rapist we must build alternative systems/ economies.

International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries - Demand for "Pure Blood" Skyrockets…
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Kamala Harris Is Now Making Joe Biden's Head of State Calls for Him.

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The Kingdom of God is built on the faith and action of martyrs and heroes."
"Our battles today are against formidable diabolic foes who illegally took control of the While House. These minions of Satan will soon launch a full-scale assault on churches, begun with the COVID shutdown, and as they've already done to the public schools. "
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1. The Revolution: US is in 5th generation unrestricted warfare. Kinetic 3rd & 4th gen beats it

Radar tracking shows @POTUS evacuated D.C. aboard his “Nightwatch” advanced airborne command post, arriving @ Air Force Global Strike Command near Abilene,TX… Image
2. The White House publicly released the National Strategy For Planetary Protection on 4 January.

Preparations began in Dec-2020 after the CCP warned they were planning a rapid expansion of their “weather modification” efforts.… Image
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Pandemic Charade: Now it's the 'VAX'!

With no clinical testing do on the elederly, what did former FDA Chief & American Enterprise Institute fellow Dr Gottlieb say? -

"What we do now determines the lives we save. ELDERLY FIRST!" ImageImageImage
Dr. Francis Boyle Author of US Bioweapons Law Warns DARPA Is Illegally Experimenting on US Citizens.

Dr. Boyle breaks down past experience with similar bioweapon vaccine disasters, and how history is repeating.

DARPA, funded Moderna's Covid-19 VAX.…
100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose CV 19 Vax

Doctors are uniting against the synthetic pandemic, which is turning into a worldwide genocidal push.

You have a choice. You can face this evil or be consumed by it, there is no third option.… Image
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Nov 19, 2020
The Pandemic Charade: The Lock Down is the Great Reset To Destroy Local Economies. And it's based on a lie.

A Portuguese appeals court has ruled that PCR tests are unreliable and that it is unlawful to quarantine people based solely on a PCR test.…
Pandemic Charade: Reset

1 Lockdowns — That Destroy Small Businesses While Profits for Global Corporations Soar…

2 Top Canadian Pathologist Tells Alberta Govt COVID Is "The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public"…
👆A short wake up thread about the WAR ON YOU. For God's sake Rise Up.

When you see an ad from Amazon or some other big corporation talking about how "we are all in this together", keep in mind that they are literally laughing at you. - @greg_price11
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