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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology JANUARY MALICE
January 2021 - Mars is on the warpath
✅Enters Taurus Jan 7 - pops 7x ending 31st🟥Sun
✅New Moon 5 day cycle starts 11th- peaks 13/14 w/ Sun conjunct Pluto & Uranus Direct
✅🌒 pops 6X Jan 21
The month of January is still under the direct influence of the #JupiterSaturnConjunction
#CV19 will not recede until the #FinancialReset is complete.
✅January may peak "window of oppty/reset" discussed at #Davos
money - values - sudden - force - violence - mobs - gov
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Saturn rules lockdowns - restrictions
Jupiter rules expansion - largescale
#JupiterSaturnConjunction = many people locked down
The effects of this alignment have been felt all year
As Dec 21 approaches, its coming to a head
Clue for backside reveal below
Astrologically, these rare alignments are oppty for good or evil ambitions. What concerns me most is the elephant in the room, the malice of the exact #MarsPlutoSquare
and subsequent Mars entering Taurus, popping off with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter, in that order.
The graph above describes the best possible timing to change the economy and force #KlausSchwab's #GreatReset
✅They got us with #CV19
They control
🚨Now all they need to do is #FinancialReset in January.
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"I am the only thing that stands between👌& 😨"

#DemoRATS🐀sacrificed lives of 📺SO⏰MANY📝humans💨🔔to📡create😷pretext💪vs🌎 #Trump 👉🌎 👻 #Soros💰💭🌏 #China#Biden💻 #CCP👑💨 #ChinaVirus🚠❄⏬❄📹⤴😵 plandemic. Election ri😫gg😒ed😯by #COVID911🚩gr💻8🐲re🎾 #KlausSchwab Image


#911Truth🚩 #COVID911

Operation #DarkWinter🚩


#Event201#China present
℅ 👆 #JohnHopkins 😈WEF & #GatesOfOblivion👻💉😨

#COVID19😟 #NewNormal😷


#WEF😈🌎 🌞🐲
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Global elites announce a partnership between their Big Corps and Big Religion under the guise of saving humanity.
#CIC Council for Inclusive Capitalism is #WEF 2.0
#UNAgenda21 #UNAgenda2030
#Bergoglio met w/ #CIC members at the #Vatican for the 1st time in 2019.
With the new partnership, the 27 leading members, called “guardians” will continue to meet annually w/ @Pontifex & @CardinalTurkson
Guardians, aye?
🚨BREAKING: Following #CIC guidelines, the #EUCO just announced it's agreement to follow #KlausSchwab into the 4th industrial revolution. The EU is well under the spell of the #CICGuardians
#NextGenerationEU #Davos #WEF
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Book summary and review:

“COVID19, the Great Reset”

By Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

#TheGreatReset #KlausSchwab #WEF
Authors (screenshots as already available on Amazon preview).
Contents (screenshots as above)
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Here's the list of all Canadian's in a position of influence who are on the forum for young global leaders created by #WorldEconomicForum founder #KlausSchwab ...

Like and share the crap out if this - Canada has a big problem!!! ImageImageImageImage
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Pt 1.
#Professor #KlausSchwab
Dressed as a NWO priest. Here's about the shown #Symbolism
Voice in video: KJ from ThatScariestMovieEver on YT
Its coming. Seek Jesus! More parts will come so stay tuned!
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Start here👇
There's no doubt in my mind that this plan has been in the making for some time now. But at what point did it become clear that 2030 would be end of game? I believe it was the result of Sri Lanka's Tsunami and subsequent World Bank bailout of 2004.
Sri Lanka lost 250+K lives. The United Nations and US POTUS Bill Clinton stepped in to implement a plan overseen by World Bank to solve the problems they faced. The #BuildBackBetter slogan was created.
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Post recente no Parler sobre a fraudemia no contexto do "Great Reset" e algumas falas do Herr Klaus Schwab, fundador do WEF. Traduzido

#Puppets & #usefulidiots empurra #lockdowns para destruir economias; promover #junkscience; forçar as pessoas a usar #mascaras que fazem
mais mal do que bem; plano para tornar obrigatório #vacinas não testadas e prejudiciais (abandonando assim o # princípio de #Nuremberg de consentimento informado; e banir / bloquear as #curas para #Covid.
Por quê? Temerosos das #elites tecnocráticas #globalistas, eles estão
seguindo uma agenda planejada anos atrás.

O # 4º Reich está se esforçando para afirmar o domínio e eliminar a oposição. Se isso soa exagerado, leia e ouça os plotters EM SUAS PRÓPRIAS PALAVRAS.

Aqui está o #WEF founder #KlausSchwab:
"Agora é o momento histórico, não apenas a
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KLAUS SCHWAB: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity" #TheGreatReset #4IR
Klaus Schwab, born in 1938 Germany. Founder & Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. Employs over 700 people HQs in Geneva, Switzerland, offices in New York, San Francisco, Beijing & Tokyo
Through the WEF Schwab controls all of this media:
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14 November 2019:
The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, met the Executive President of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Martin Schwab at Palazzo Chigi.…
4th June: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: "Today I announced additional contributions from Italy to #GAVI"
This is how GAVI THE VACCINE ALLIANCE is linked to KLAUS SCHWAB of the WEF:
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A lovely photo of our masters, the architects of #TheGreatReset: Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab. Can we have three cheers please for our great transhumanist leadership?
Another lovely photo of our masters, the architects of #TheGreatReset: #BillGates & #KlausSchwab. Can we have a hip hip hooray please for our great transhumanist leadership?
Wonderful photo of our great technocratic leaders, here we have Klaus Schwab (WEF) & Marc Benioff (Salesforce, TIME). Don't they look happy?
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A massive new social struggle is about to begin, in which the vast majority of humankind will resist the techno-slavery being imposed on it by the fascist 1% elite.

Don't believe us? Then read the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the capitalist WEF:…

“We are at the threshold of a radical systemic change that requires human beings to adapt continuously. As a result, we may witness an increasing degree of polarization in the world, marked by those who embrace change versus those who resist it. Image

"This ontological inequality will separate those who adapt from those who resist—the material winners and losers in all senses of the words.

#GreatFascistReset #slavery Image
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St #Greta of #Davos in a vision to the faithful, showering us with more of her incomparable insights into the evils afflicting our world.
#KlausSchwab of the #WEF is SUCH a genius at mass programming. #Climate #COVID19(84) & all the -Isms being forged into chains of #Green&Red
And - as predicted by yours truly a couple of years ago - the evil minds behind this now want to use #crypto/#blockchain to track everyone on the planet under the pretext of delivering the mythical #COVID19(84) #vaccine. Image
One jab to rule them all; One jab to find them
One jab to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.
In the Land of #Davos where the Shadows lie.
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The pernicious facet of this is that a small coterie of CEOs are not punishing the Tech oligolpoly (which many cheer, if only from Schadenfreude) for being too #Left-biased but for not being censorious enough.
Did the C-Suite Sanhedrin ever consult shareholders or ask customers?
This is is the curse of virtue-signalling ‘on office time’, using Other People’s Money (property) & generally acting ultra vires to gain plaudits from the narrow circle of one’s peers by pandering to extremists & activists.
#KlausSchwab’s 4th International may be telling you we have ‘moved beyond #capitalism’, but until you put it to a vote of your ultimate owners, it is not something to which you have ANY business paying attention. It is not YOUR company, nor the role for which you were hired.
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We really DO have less than 12 months to “Save the Planet”
#KlausSchwab’s push for Crony Communism goes into overdrive, conflating #Climate, #COVID19 & -inevitably- racism to usher in a Global ‘Stakeholder’ Soviet at #Davos 2021.
As well as the Useful Idiots like Charles Windsor, and the Lear-jet Leninists who populate the C-Suites, he’s enlisting a Red Guard of ‘Global Shapers’ and wiring them in to digitally harass the dissenters at the next meeting. #wef21
Enjoy your #NewNormal folks - Gore, Soros, Carney, Thunberg, Bergoglio & Sharpton to be your new rulers. ImageImageImageImage
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And, timed neatly with the protests, the 4th International #WEF #Davos in full cry. Croesus-rich gerontocrats calling on 'Youth' to 'revamp all aspects of society'.
Congrats, #KlausSchwab You've almost managed to out-Mao, #Mao and launch a novel form of misrule, Crony #Communism Image
The Face of Evil himself.

Note too, the usual trope of the Wreckers that we have 'only a narrow window' in which to act.

#CulturalRevolution 2.0 #Davos #wef20 Image
No lack of ambition here. The wire fences around our prison camp will be high, impenetrable, and all-encompassing, if this sinsister clique has its way.

#Davos #wef Image
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