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[evildoers] have trillions of dollars at their disposal and years of... Check who funds WHO, CDC, pharmas, NIH, NATO, CIA, US military, CFR, etc. 😢 Who are the BOD of big techs.
They have no regard for Humans. Look at 911 tragedy.

Thanks to: Liarpoliticians, UK has a rogue Parliament+police
Bloody outrage and utter hypocrisy - "force" the UK to have Nazi ID Cards, aka #VaccinePassports BUT NOT for themselves. This just like as WW2 Nazis did - the "Gesundheitspass" (Health Pass) #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Thanks to: Lady Skimmington
If it is passed, this is the division and discrimination you can expect to see.…
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Thread: Why they saved Israel for last:
1) Israel's Minister of Health(MoH), on behalf of the country of Israel, cut a REAL WORLD COLLABORATION AGREEMENT with Pfizer Bio N Tech to use the citizens of Israel as forced test subjects in their 'project' to COLLECT DATA and results...
2) ... from the administering of the 'product'(vaccine) in exchange for 'Manufacturing & Supply' of the 'product'(vaccine).
Direct from the Israel Gov website:…
3) Objective of the Project:
"To measure and analyze epidemiological data arising from the Product rollout, to determine whether herd immunity is achieved after reaching a certain percentage of vaccination coverage in Israel."
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🧵👇REINER FUELLMICH is bringing his team to help with our court case here in South Africa. The most powerful lawyer in Europe, the man who took down Volkswagon REINER FUELLMICH will take the elites and WHO in a #Nuremberg2 🧵👇
A few months ago, attorney Reiner Fuellmich spoke to Jerm Warfare about his plans to take the WHO to court for crimes against humanity. He is one of the most powerful lawyers in Europe and is currently preparing the largest class action case in history, also known as #Nuremberg2
A few days ago, Fuellmich spoke again with Jerm Warfare to review the latest state of affairs. "There is light at the end of the tunnel," he said. "We have won lawsuits and are going to win many more."
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"Safe and effective for most people."

"Don't listen to people on Facebook."

"Definitely not poison."…
Wow. The comments have already been scrubbed. 😦 Image
Oh, okay - they're still there, but you can no longer view them unless you are logged in to FB. Wonder why. 🤔😬
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Con i vaccini mRNA stanno impossessandosi degli esseri umani come han già fatto con i semi OGM.
Modificandone il DNA e con il consenso firmato dal soggetto, diventano proprietari della persona e dei suoi successori, possedendone loro i brevetti
È satanico!
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22/8/05 THE MORE YOU KNOW - Chloroquine is effectief in het voorkomen van de verspreiding van SARS CoV in celcultuur. Gunstige remming van de virusverspreiding werd waargenomen wanneer de cellen vóór of na SARS CoV-infectie werden behandeld met chloroquine…
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💌Return to Sender💌

An Embarrassing Question

"I am nothing special...I'm just a simple country doctor...
This email got me into a lot of trouble...I got a stern warning from the medical authorities that I was not allowed to say anything negative about this 💉...>
I've been a emergency and family doctor for 31 years. I've never had any complaints against me, this was the very first one. SIMPLY FOR QUESTIONING the ethic of this experiment. The REACTION was very STRANGE...>
In my patients that had received the Moderna 💉I started to see SERIOUS PROBLEMS. The first problems I saw were neurological problems...muscle weakness sensory loss, dizziness, Bell's Palsy, parasthesias.
They were all NERVE RELATED problems.>
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THEY think that THEY won
THEY THINK Trump is out

No THEY can go back to harming the world's children again..

After all,,,, it was NEVER ABOUT TRUMP OR AN was about Trump exposing THIER #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Wake the fuck up!!!
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The Deepstate Poisoning of Humanity...👀💥💥💊💊📢
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How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | The Corbett Report (05/02/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | The Corbett Report (05/09/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid | The Corbett Report (05/18/2020)  #documentary…
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#August21201, the day Western leaders, mostly @BarackObama, decided to abandon their eminent responsibilities and historical consciousness.
Everything that followed logically stems from this assumed will not to act—yes, a deliberate will.
Intervening would not only have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but would have also stopped the victories of the revisionist powers.
We decided, yes decided, to lose, which means that we decided to let the #crimesagainsthumanity continue until today—they are—, ...
but also to allow the revisionist powers to set the agenda.
There's a continuity in #Syria between the #Ghouta, #Aleppo, #Homs, #Idlib..., but also with the failure of our intelligence and will in #Georgia, #Ukraine, #Belarus, #HongKong & #Afghanistan.
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WATCH as three (3) #GoC representatives (attempt) to describe 'What Justice Looks Like' - FOR THIS GOVERNMENT.

BONA FIDE concerns of the families «DON'T» matter. This government has decided it's satisfied with mere reparations not criminal accountability

@ps752justice #PS752
WATCH as one #GoC (coldly) dismisses the honest question of one family member.

☞ Does a wry smile appear on the face of AKHAVAN as he raises what he purports to be a legal hurdle in this case? (2:03)

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"The Government of Canada does not consider this an intentional act."

* Used with permission of @shahin_mogadam
** Video has been cropped so as not to reveal other #PS752 family members participating in session with government legal team.

@ps752justice #cdnpoli
Session Co-Host and #GoC spokesperson Michelle CAMERON makes a statement in response to a question from @shahin_mogadam.

Also representing #GoC and visible in sidebar: Rebecca NETLEY and Payham AKHAVAN.

Mr. MOGHADDAM was a Plaintiff in Ontario Superior Court case.
[TOP Frame] Rebecca NETLEY is the Executive Director (United Nations, Human Rights and Economic Law Division, Legal Bureau @GAC_Corporate) and (Criminal, Security and Diplomatic Law).

Dr. Payam AKHAVAN, Senior Advisor Global Affairs Canada…
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IN MY OPINION - AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), the decision by @CommrRCMPGRC is unjustifiable. (Attached) She has sloughed off (or if one prefers, sluffed off) and shirked her sworn responsibility under the laws of Canada onto the Ukraine.
Maintiens le Droit [Fr, "Uphold the Right"], the official motto of the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE.

MY INTEGRITY, EVEN IN RETIREMENT, will not allow me to sit idly by or remain silent as this travesty

#JusticeIsNotNegotiable #PS752 #CrimesAgainstHumanity #RCMP #cdnpoli
of 'in∙justice' unfolds before our eyes. Enough said here, for now.

In the (lengthy) 16-Part Thread below, ask yourself after reading it: What is the likelihood that political interference has not cast its (ugly) shadow across this decision?

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L'article 7 du Statut de la CPI définit onze actes constitutifs de crimes contre l'humanité, lorsqu’ils sont commis « dans le cadre d'une attaque généralisée ou systématique dirigée contre toute population civile et en connaissance de l'attaque » :

- le meurtre <<< acté

- la torture <<< suspecté

- le crime d'apartheid <<< acté

- l'extermination <<< suspecté

- la réduction en esclavage <<< en prépa

- la disparition forcée de personnes
- la déportation ou le transfert forcé de population <<< en prépa
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1| I try to focus on a single story in every post, but I want us to have proportions. So let's compare and contrast #Israel's response to @benandjerrys's not wanting to be complicit in its #WarCrimes, to Israel's actual war crimes.…
2| The beautiful soul in this picture is 11 year-old Mohammad ‘Allami, who was executed by Israel's army, when he was convincing his daddy to go back to a shop to by him something. Mohammad's sister was also in the car, she wasn't physically injured.
3| Mohammad 'Allami is the 312th indigenous #Palestinian to be killed by Israel's army since the beginning of 2021, the 52nd to be executed in the #WestBank, the 76th #child executed in total, the11th child to be executed in the West Bank.
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2| There's probably not a single person on the planet who hasn't heard the earth shattering news:
Ben & Jerry's will no longer sell ice cream to Israelis living in occupied #Palestinian land.
3| Reminder: Transferring your civilian population to a territory your army is occupying "Attempts to alter the demographic composition of an occupied territory" and is "unlawful and engages State responsibility and criminal responsibility of individuals."…
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@sepidgar2 Philanthropic endeavours - a great disguise for terrible crimes

As is the #CrimesAgainstHumanity currently committed under the disguise of “sustainability “
@sepidgar2 Including funnelling children into abusive social care system via increasing false accusations of factitious induced illness & medically unexplained symptoms ,under the guise of “parity for mental health “ & “sustainability” of private NHS joint providers of health & social care
@sepidgar2 Including negative affects of geo engineering on the natural world & #climate
Seeding oceans, stratospheric aerosols , blocking the sun with dust, to “save the planet from climate change”
As we “save the NHS” through #MUSviolationsHour of the chronically ill & vaccine injured
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TWENTY-NINE (29) WORDS were all Prime Minister Trudeau needed to complete the steering away of his government's narrative from justice AND SHIFT TO negotiations and reparations.

TAKEN TOGETHER, the 'Forensic Report' [hereafter, the 'REPORT'] and the RCMP

Commissioner's letter [the 'LETTER'] to the families of the victims of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 #PS752 < CLEAR THE WAY > of the only potential obstacles and hindrances that might have prevented this (cunning) shift.
DON'T OVERLOOK these eight (8) seemingly innocuous-looking words in personal 'Message From The Prime Minister To The Families.'

NO MENTION of justice, ONLY reparations. The families view this as [quote] "blood money" in the absence of criminal culpability and prosecution.
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ONE DOESN'T HAVE to be trained in linguistic text analysis to be able to see any anomalies indicative of deception.

THIS LETTER contains a number of (glaring) anomalies.

AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice (Ret'd), I received specialized training in forensic interviewing.

First of the anomalies is actually a 'Biggie'

HERE @CommrRCMPGRC purports to answer a specific (but carefully-crafted and unasked) question. [Yellow]

LIKE THOSE fabricating a story,the Commissioner's (supposed) answer is simple and brief.[Green]
LIKE ANY DECEPTIVE PERSON, she is minimizing the risk of exposure. Essentially, the fewer the facts that might be proved false, the better.

IN FACT, it doesn't answer the only question of any importance at this juncture, what I'll refer to as the 'actual' question, namely:
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The decision by @CommrRCMPGRC has been made in what can only be described as a «CLEAR DISREGARD» for the provisions of the Criminal Code

... AND THERE is none more serious than the innocent lives of 55 Canadian citizens, murdered.

THIS DECISION, which for appearances, will be (grimly) portrayed as having originated solely with RCMP Commissioner ...

What is the likelihood that the Commissioner made a decision « AS CONSEQUENTIAL AS » whether 'to launch or not open a Canadian criminal
investigation' herself (and herself alone)?

TO BE CLEAR, and supposedly without the 'input' [italics] and without any direction from PM @JustinTrudeau (and very probably @BillBlair @DavidLametti @MarcGarneau @OmarAlghabra).
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and as a Canadian, I am outraged.

WHAT FOLLOWS is my opinion.

@CommrRCMPGRC has recently conveyed her decision NOT to open a Canadian criminal investigation into the murder of 55 Canadian citizens aboard Ukraine

@ps752justice #cdnpoli
International Airlines Flight 752.

WHEAREAS,the attack upon Flight #PS752 has been ruled as "intentional" and "act of terrorism" in a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling.

AS SUCH, it's the second deadliest terrorist attack against Canadian citizens in Canada's history.
THIS ATROCITY is second only to the bombing of Air India Flight 182 (1985).

IN MY OPINION, this decision by RCMP Commissioner is clearly unreasonable as it has been made with a clear disregard for the provisions of Criminal Code of Canada.
#CrimesAgainstHumanity #terrorism
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