This is a bad faith argument. Student loan debt is disproportionately held by those w/ higher incomes, and those in the lowest quartile own the lowest percentage of it.

Student debt forgiveness represents an enormous financial transfer from the financial have-nots to the haves.
Also, that money is disproportionately owed by those who took on debt to go to grad school - including just about anyone who owes over 50k.

Even if you concede AOC’s worldview (I certainly don’t), why is that decision something anyone should subsidize?…
There are lots of bad arguments about student loan debt forgiveness but the most frustrating (to me) part is that it does the opposite of what its advocates call for: it transfers money from poorer, more racially diverse people to wealthier, whiter people. It’s VERY regressive.
It is inconceivable that someone whose primary concern is economic and racial equity would support student loan debt forgiveness. I wish we talked about that more.
This issue really sticks in my craw because, as broken as American politics is, there aren’t a ton of issues that so obviously violate the worldview of those who support them. The double-think is astounding. AOC **should** hate a policy like student loan debt forgiveness.

• • •

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19 Feb

A lot of media outlets are more comfortable extending charity to terrorists than conservatives when they leave this life.

The passing of Rush Limbaugh was the latest reminder. If you don’t believe me, look how his obits stack up to Iranian butcher Qasem Soleimani.⤵️
I ask this earnestly:

If your only exposure to each man was @nytimes’s respective obituaries, would you rather be Rush “divisive style of mockery, grievance and denigrating language” Limbaugh or Qassim “master of Iran’s intrigue” Suleimani?
It would be one thing if this were just one outlet with an off-color and confrontational obit.

But it wasn’t. I mean. Cmon, @Reuters.

Limbaugh gets distilled down to a “Trump ally” but Soleimani “sought stability”
Read 17 tweets
18 Feb
This is peak ‘play stupid games win stupid prizes’ territory. I think Haberman’s general contention is probably true but it’s because people like Haley invest their time and energy trying to play sides/win favors rather than have principle/govern.
So if you’re a pol whose moral and intellectual center isn’t enough to ground you (see Haley, Nikki) then, yes, you’re going to get burned and snubbed.
Which I think is a feature, not a bug, of the system. It punishes fake people far more than it does people who are committed to something (even something you or I may not like) - people with some kind of through-line, like Romney or Larry Hogan, Cotton or Mike Lee.
Read 5 tweets
17 Feb

@NYGovCuomo’s fall from grace has been quick, dramatic...and deserved.

So it felt like a good time for a side-by-side to revisit how fawning (and downright silly) some of the media coverage was back in the Spring.👇
There’s no better place to start off than with @CNN & @ChrisCillizza. At left, we have a take from March. At right, we have last week.

Let me know when you can spot the difference.
Perhaps @ABC’s new reporting can add some context and color to this piece from March, titled “The coronavirus crisis is the moment Andrew Cuomo has prepared for all his life.”
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12 Feb
Does Nikki Haley even believe Nikki Haley at this point?…
Gonna do a thread that’s just Haley vs. Haley on all the things she’s changed her mind on.
Like whatever listen to the political consultants but maybe not make a new announcement every single time they change their mind?
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12 Feb

The walls are closing in on @NYGovCuomo. Last night, news broke that his office hid 9000 Covid patients sent back to nursing homes.

Why’d it take so long to come out? I’ve got a theory: The media wasn’t interested in accountability.

Don’t believe me? Take a look👇
Some context. @AP scooped that @NYGovCuomo & his admin had hidden the number of Covid patients his rules had returned to nursing homes - spreading the pandemic among the most vulnerable - to avoid DOJ scrutiny.

Nursing homes account for 1/3rd of ALL US deaths in the pandemic.
But you would have no idea that Cuomo was anything less than perfect if you spent your time watching @CNN.

It’s really hard to overstate not just the frequency of the coverage but it’s abject lack of anything that could be called honest journalism.

I mean. Look.
Read 34 tweets
12 Feb
The way the media covered Cuomo during the pandemic is the most shameful sequence of journalism I’ve ever seen.

If you don’t believe me, I’ve got troves of receipts coming tomorrow.
Usually I wait until end of day but I think these ones gotta come out in the morning.
Read 4 tweets

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