1) A very few people have - often violently - commandeered our common resources. They own the Earth & our lives and rent a tiny part of them back to us extortionately - the price is our freedom and cooperative, caring natures. We're enslaved to provide them with free luxury which
2) damages human & planetary health. We're forced to fight against each other to survive - this is deadly capitalism. It causes needless, immense suffering, waste and degradation every minute of every day. We've got to fight back for the sake of all who suffer or will otherwise
3) suffer in future - those who will be born into this human-induced nightmare. We've looked and cannot find *any* political party that is working to achieve a fair society. They all - big or small - are *not* working against deadly capitalism. They all want to preserve the
4) present, unjust, class system with its propertied, rich rentiers who don't work but get others - the global exploited poor - to do body-breaking, mostly-harmful "jobs" for them for slave wages (or *less* - food banks are keeping workers alive!) in a time of high-tech plenty
5) What's happening is that better technology is being used to create an increasing, very-rich minority who benefit from exploitation & immiserating the rest - rather than increasing technology being used to make everybody's lives better. We have to fight back against this evil
6) So we need to try to found a FAIR SOCIETY PARTY - it will have capitalist might against it obviously but has to be tried - what alternative route to a fair society is there..? This is the plan: the party will be based on a constitution & policies only; there'll be no leader/s
7) The constitution will be not only socialist, but will include a pledge for all involved to pursue policies which take us to total democratisation of all land, resources, community activity and work/labour as quickly as possible
8) Due to the deadly capitalist web the exploiters have made sure we're all entangled in, resources can't be reclaimed for total fairness/democracy in 1 fell swoop. We'd need a transition period & policies. The 1st steps would involve ensuring we have decent state-provided public
9) services & decent-level Universal Basic Income ( #UBI ) which would benefit the "bottom" 60% of society - the poorest the most. UBI is a human right in a capitalist society in which land/resources have been stolen by thugs & provides a social dividend from our common resources
10) The Fair Society Party needs 650 parliamentary candidates - 1 for each constituency. The only qualifications to be a candidate in your home area is to be a member of the Party & to pledge to put forward & vote for the policies in the Fair Society Party manifesto/constitution
11) The Fair Society Party is exclusively a socialist party aiming to replace deadly, destructive and wasteful capitalism with life-giving, constructive, efficient & creative socialism that allows people to thrive, cooperate and experience the well-being this teamwork brings.
12) We will post an application form for membership soon - once a member, please do apply to be a parliamentary candidate for the next General Election. If elected Fair Society MPs will take home a median UK salary & will not be allowed to have a 2nd job or accept external funds.
13) Democracy & community cooperation for health of people & planet has been denied us up to now by the ruthless, enslaving capitalists - about 60% of the population are politically disenfranchised currently &...
14)..over 50% of us do not vote at all because we have no party to vote for. The Fair Society Party will correct this! 😊
15) TO BECOME A MEMBER of the FAIR SOCIETY PARTY: please reply to this tweet thread - state that you've read & agree with the founding socialist, anti-capitalist principles & you agree with the first steps of UBI + fully-nationalised public services for the 1st manifesto
16) ALL MEMBERS will vote on all future decisions. ALL MEMBERS must agree that they're against any capitalist, imperialist, exploitative entities (eg. the EU, Monarchy). Once you've agreed to all the above, we'll be in touch by DM and go from there😊 (Please do query anything)
17) The FAIR SOCIETY PARTY is serious - we aim to give the approx. 60% of the population who are currently disenfranchised, a party to vote for - a box on every ballot paper in the next GE which says FAIR SOCIETY PARTY πŸ”² Join us!😊
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