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19 Feb, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Members of the Mask Religion arguing with me: “No one is saying masks are that effective, they’re only one part of Covid strategy”

Former CDC Director & other experts: “I might…say…this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine”
Current CDC Director: Masks are “one of the most effective tools we have against COVID-19”
Former CDC Director: “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus”
This is all to say that The Religion does not get to move the goalposts on mask efficacy.

Masks were supposed to be extremely effective, the MOST effective intervention. They completely failed.

Pretending otherwise is a lie.

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21 Feb
Well everyone. It’s time.

It’s officially been two weeks since the single worst thing that’s ever happened to experts & media…maskless Super Bowl Celebrations

They’ve been wrong SO many times…surely THIS is the time a huge maskless gathering becomes a “superspreader”

Oof Image
This one is just too spectacular to not do a full thread on, so let’s have some fun shall we?

NY Post: “Maskless revelers”

Quelle horreur!
An “MD MPH” from UCLA who combined UK variant panic AND even used a hashtag to designate the Super Bowl as the “#SuperSpreaderBowl
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19 Feb
If you want to know how intellectually dishonest the mask religion is, just imagine their reaction if my graphs showed the opposite of what they do

If similar locations showed a large difference w/masks or if maskless gatherings actually mattered

They’d never stop posting them
Even when the CDC has tried to do the same thing that I do, they’ve had to cherry pick dates to fit their agenda, or specifically ignored the control counties, like in Arizona…or come up with mind boggling, misinformation level criteria like their most recent embarrassment
If masks were so effective, why doesn’t every graph I post look the opposite of the way that it does?

And most importantly, just imagine how the religion would be using them…endlessly…as proof of masks working.

It’s not science, it’s a cult.
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15 Feb
Since “re-opening” 8 months ago Los Angeles has tried universal masks, closing dining, a tier system, curfews & a stay at home order

And yet the results have been dramatically worse than Stockholm, despite Stockholm being very high density w/few restrictions & almost no masks
Not only has LA done worse cumulatively, but in the time period where interventions & specifically masks, should make the most difference, the fall/winter surge, they accomplished essentially nothing.

How can this be if masks are so important and effective?
There is simply no logical explanation for why, if masks save lives, deaths in LA should skyrocket despite 10 months of masking with 99% compliance inside and 80% virtue signaling compliance outside, regardless of distancing.
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8 Feb
Back in October and throughout November, LA County health officials blamed Dodgers and Lakers fans for increasing Covid numbers.

Locals here know San Diego HATES LA. Especially the Dodgers.

So why did San Diego follow the exact same curve? Why would they be celebrating for LA?
Here is an LA Times “health reporter” and an “MD MPH” from UCLA also discussing this, literally yesterday.

Complete insanity.
This is what’s so insidious about the media allowing public health officials to lie. It’s easy for them to check if what the health officials are saying is factually accurate or makes logical sense. And they just don’t do it. They refuse to do it.
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7 Feb
I posted about this yesterday but I wanted to revisit it because it cuts to the heart of what’s so insidious about the vacuous media coverage and the dangerous dishonesty of “experts”

According to the experts quoted in this story, Iowans were “scared” into mask compliance.
They credit Iowa’s mask mandate in November for bringing the curve down, using anecdotal stories about increased compliance in grocery stores as “evidence”

They say there are no “anti-maskers” when the numbers go up. Because obviously the peasants start listening.
The experts in this unbelievable article are guilty of astonishing levels of misinformation. They just ignored that South Dakota followed the same exact curve and peaked at the same exact time without a mask mandates or increased compliance. Just ignored it.
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6 Feb
It’s been over three weeks since Alabama won the College Football National Title and had huge, maskless celebrations in the streets

Sports media, predictably, hysterically overreacted, predicting Covid disaster in Alabama two weeks afterwards

So what’s happened there?

Here’s a selection of stuff published immediately afterwards
@ByPatForde and @JGilesComedy did some good work
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