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20 Feb, 4 tweets, 1 min read
These neighborhoods also coincidentally happen to be where the most elderly populations reside. Yes, older people tend to vote more Republican. Basically the scandal is that DeSantis is making sure the most at-risk populations get vaccinated.
Yes, DeSantis could have been less dismissive and left out the shot about complaints, but the whole scandal is just another smear by the press that has spent a year smearing him and getting things wrong. Governors getting needles in arms of elderly are doing their jobs.
Florida has more seniors than most states and is doing a relatively good job getting them vaccinated. That’s the goal.

But the press can’t drop their DeSantis obsession so they constantly look for an angle to make him doing his job into a scandal.
The real scandals are the states not getting vaccines to the elderly, wasting vaccines because of bueraceacy, or prioritizing things like teachers that won’t go back to work over the elderly. But those go under covered because these outlets have to find their DeSantis angle.

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21 Feb
This thread is false. As is usually the case with viral threads from this account. The EPA granted Texas the exact waivers they were asking for, just adding in reporting requirements.
You can read the actual order in the second tweet in the thread. As usual, that account invents a story based on partial facts.

The feds also granted the emergency declaration, which Abbott just announced:…
As for portion requiring at least $1500 MWH: That's just what the wholesale price has to be to retailers for the portion of power that exceeds regulations to discourage using it casually, but it's way below market right now anyways. Here is what wholesale market looks like now:
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21 Feb
This is just false. It’s mostly based on spin from a report the Cuomo admin released themselves as part of the coverup and ignores a lot of facts. Having alleged fact-checkers saying this nonsense & nodding along speaks volumes about state of media fact-checking.
Why is she ignoring that Cuomo admin didn’t just force sick patients to be discharged into nursing homes, but was only state in the country to name those homes from testing those patients?

Or that they allowed sick staff to keep working for months if they seemed asymptomatic?
Even that cover-up report couldn’t explain why “some 58 nursing homes did not have a single case of a sickened staff member or resident prior to the arrival of a COVID patient from the hospital”…
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21 Feb
The idea that the only Cuomo scandal is him hiding data on nursing home deaths is nonsense. Cuomo has had at least 10 different scandals throughout the pandemic that have been whitewashed or drastically donwplayed. That was just one of them.
You can start with Cuomo and BDB downplaying the virus and delaying effective lockdown measures by almost a week. They told NY residents the subway was safe.
Then there was the March 25th nursing home order. It didn't just require sick Covid-19 patients to be discharged to nursing homes, but even banned those nursing homes from testing those patients to see if they are contagious (NY was only state to do this)…
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17 Feb
I've still seen very few admissions that press overwhelmingly got Covid-19 coverage wrong. They rewarded optics over getting it right. They made a hero out of a Governor that consistently got it wrong, and a villain out of one that got the big stuff right.
It wasn't just one issue. That was my frustration with both the Cuomo and DeSantis coverage. Cuomo has had at least 10 different scandals that have gone undercovered. DeSantis took arrows for fighting for and being right re nursing homes, beaches, & schools reopening.
Officials in FL wanted to send patients back, DeSantis said no & instead ordered staff testing. When he opened beaches, giving people a safe outlet, he was accused of trying to kill people. He had to go to court against the union to get schools open, but he made it a priority.
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16 Feb
Interesting for a guy who just lost his re-election and only has one very narrow win against the least popular Dem nominee in decades to lecture someone that just won re-election by 20 points and has a long record of electoral success about winning.
Also, love the continued attempts to rewrite the history of GA Senate races. Only reason 2k was even a subject is Trump inventing the issue & actively trying to undermine GOP at last minute after 2 months of depressing turnout leading his own voters to not bother showing up.
And btw one of the main reasons R's lost GA is Trump spent 2 months almost exclusively attacking Republicans. Then blackmailing the GA Senate candidates into backing his dumb attacking. That's all the guy does. He has no influence with Dems or independents so he just attacks R's.
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14 Feb
Berenson consistently misleads people with partial or out-of-context data. Good example. We know that it takes several weeks for the vaccine to build up immunity.

2 weeks after 2nd dose, Israel has had 4 people die from Covid-19. All over 60 & cd have been infected before.
Instead of focusing on how a very tiny percentage of people who have gotten both shots have gotten seriously sick or died from Covid-19 compared to significantly more that have not, he misleadingly suggests it is a failure bc some still died after first dose or right after 2nd.
We are watching Israel's Covid-19 deaths drastically fall in real-time. All of the data shows the vaccines have been enormously effective at both reducing spread and reducing the seriousness of the virus. Anyone suggesting otherwise is not telling you the truth.
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