I hope you are enjoying #MakeErikPrinceFamous2021 weekend. It's refreshing to see the media start taking an interest in something I have been writing and warning about since...2006? The idea of mercenaries running (and screwing up) foreign policy. apnews.com/article/donald…
The idea that mercenaries would reframe themselves from guns with legs or covert destroyers to legitimate "regime changers" or "counter terrorism" tools of policy was adopted by the previous administration and turned our government into a criminal business.amazon.com/Licensed-Kill-…
Prince's spokesman was an Israeli UK based group then was his NY based lawyer Matthew Schwartz and now its so bad Erik has hired a Clinton-era flack to spin this disaster. Welcome to the parsing zone. foxnews.com/world/blackwat…
It has to be awkward when a patriotic guy working for the Communist Chinese pitching deals to the Russians working against the US and UN backed GNA in Libya has to remember which powerpoint he didn't have any part in creating or meetings he never attended. voanews.com/africa/un-repo…
Daily Mail jumps on the #MercenaryFail train.. Wait... no hot post divorce Kardashian pics??? dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9…

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21 Feb
Erik’s hometown newspaper joins in on #MakeErikPrinceFamous2021 weekend. Death Star article next week. hollandsentinel.com/story/news/202…
Maybe the Holland equivalent of Barney Fife will drag him home by his ear so that his mother can give him a good hiding for playing with his “Army in a Box” in Libya. Image
Like his HPSI testimony Erik goes on the verbal attack with denials and dismissals but with no actual factual support to counter two years of evidence gathered from over twenty nations. The UAE is not happy. Spigot has been turned off. #GaslightTime nytimes.com/2021/02/21/wor…
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21 Feb
The problems of systemic private sector failure of government, power grids, health care, disaster response, bailouts, "stimulus" and failure of systems are now laid at the taxpayers' feet. politico.com/news/2021/02/2…
Trillions were, and are, being thrown at hasty solutions in one of worst tax revenue periods in history (-25%). Obama had to print almost a billion to save corrupt banks in 2008 Biden hasn't even started to calculate what it will cost to fix the damage. ballotpedia.org/State_tax_reve…
Infrastructure, communications, education, the economy, jobs, health care, even fiscal responsibility has been ignored for decades now that we have a lost Covid generation will we bounce back? We need to look seriously at the impact. wsj.com/articles/covid…
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20 Feb
A few weeks ago I sat down with Irish citizen Sam Najjair in Libya to discuss what it's like to have a crew of Erik Prince's mercenaries hired to kill you. Anyone here seen John Bolton? ©RYP, all rights reserved.
When Arab dictators are dumb enough to pay $80 million to Americans like Haftar and $50 million to Prince to kill people it doesn't really matter who you kill. As long as the check clears and the team can di di mau on a RHiB before the shooting starts. aljazeera.com/news/2021/2/20…
There is so much more for the media to unpack on how Libya got to where it is today. And how corrupt and incompetent the former administration was. In a few weeks Jared Kushner and his dirty money crew will be front and center. This story is not going away.
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19 Feb
OK as promised: the "Make Prince Famous 2021" marathon begins this weekend. Dust off the gray lady paywall button and find your reading glasses. Bad war criminal high school dance video yet to be produced:
It's the big telephone book evidence finale for this:
speak of the devil. nytimes.com/2021/02/19/wor…
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19 Feb
Now that we have the space and time to argue about weather and how many Top Gun trailers are enough, we can include pole swapping. The Brunhes-Matuyama reversal was 780,000 years ago. The Laschamp event was around 41,000 years ago lasting 250 years. sciencealert.com/earth-s-magnet…
Those of you who still use compasses know what I am talking about.
And I don't mean those Made in India Brunton knockoffs. nagina-in.com/?product=3-bru…
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18 Feb
Media interest in Shitler's Post-Esper "malarky" is growing. November 10, 2020 - January 20, 2021. I nearby label this dark window of thievery as the "Forty Days of Fuckery." It appears that DoD is shutting down some of the Dallas contracts already. MBz & MBs getting shaded.
You might remember there was a secret June 8, 2020 meeting in London at Cheyne Place where Erik Prince pitched his "Air America" and an 11 country "Find Fix and Finish" operation from Mauritania to Mozambique. Then the November Dallas meeting to deploy into various contracts.
Tata's visit with the Saudi's was supposedly to knock loose Arab cash to fund certain entities and sign a "Defense Cooperation Plan." which allegedly knocked a bunch of cash loose for Kenya, the Moz operation and ? Lets hope the DoD is asking.
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