(1) Why do you believe fake news as long as it comes from your political side?

Someone sent me this opinion piece to support their assertions about 1/6.

In case you don't know, I've written extensively about political violence in the US since 2017.

(2) Let's look at the assertions made just in the introductory paragraphs.

The DOJ isn't arresting "anyone involved with the Capitol breach."

They are investigating & arresting those with court-ready evidence of law breaking. And NOT just for breaching the building.
(3) I've read many of the charging documents available at this point.

Bc I've been reporting on this type of crime for 4 years, I know the documents only need to include enough evidence for the preliminary stages. Don't make the mistake of thinking you've seen all the charges.
(4) Next assertion:

"Most face misdemeanor charges for trespassing or disorderly conduct"

No. There are specific charges for a federal "restricted area." And "disorderly conduct" is a broad charge used by LE all over the world that doesn't always mean they "dindu nuffin."
(5) The above sentence continues:

"but dozens are in jail and denied bond for the thoughtcrime of"

No. Those held in custody are charged with assault and more, and/or are one heck of a flight risk and/or danger to the community.

Here's one:
(6) If you can handle some more truth, here's my thread about the defendant Kyle Fitzsimons of MA.

There are plenty more like him.

(7) Multiple clauses in this sentence so I broke it up:

"in jail and denied bond for the thoughtcrime of believing the 2020 presidential election wasn’t on the up-and-up"

They're denied bond bc the judges know some of them can find even $2 million if they have to. D'oh.
(8) Obv., they're not in jail bc they believe the election was stolen. That right there should be a red flag that this opinion piece is fake news.

"Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is." Churchill
(9) I too, have my doubts about the election result. But I specifically warned that a march/rally on 1/6 would make it even harder to address that.

What did Trump think was gonna happen?
That's a very important question.
(10) "The [official] overseeing the investigation promises to apprehend hundreds more, however, it’s been two weeks since authorities have arrested anyone in connection to the probe."

No. There are arrests every few days. IDK why the author tried this lie. Poor research?
(11) The reason the DOJ can be so confident that "hundreds more" will be charged is bc of the very high number of people recorded rioting (& others who aided & abetted before and after.)

I find the level of excuse-making about 1/6 really bizarre.
(12) As you can imagine, I could take apart the rest of the article if I wanted to spend the time. No doubt the author is getting paid for her time; I am not.

I've never asked for donations, unlike so many conservative researchers & writers. I want to remain free of influence.
(13) I do this bc I was raised with the maxim "to whom much is given, much will be required." I happen to have worked for many years as a kind of PR fixer to various politicians in New Zealand. I can tell you all the similarities & differences btwn NZ & the US. Doesn't matter.
(14) Replying about my nationality shows everyone that you don't think you can support your substantive assertions.

I genuinely want to know who else in the conservative movement is trying to help those now questioning Trump's actions & omissions long before, & on, 1/6.
(15) Trust me, I know that most of MAGA Twitter fervently defends Trump & anyone associated with him concerning 1/6. Y'all remind me of this every day, lol.

I've channeled my efforts toward offering help to those having second thoughts, after all this time. You're not alone.
(16) Skepticism is healthy. It's true that many examples of Democrat lawlessness can be presented. That's called whataboutism.

It has a place, but not, IMO, when it comes to terrorism.

• • •

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18 Feb
(1) Love this. Been thinking lately that at times like this our forbears would say to each other "don't you know there's a war on?"

The pandemic + flow on effects make life extra hard for most people. For at least 2 years. Pace yourself.

Choose perspective, empathy & wisdom.
(2) I think almost everyone, if they're honest, will agree that the politicization of the pandemic is a bad thing.

I get few RTs these days because I started openly questioning the actions & omissions of former President Trump in Nov-Dec 2020.

And I don't support the left.
(3) If I'm proud of anything, it's my willingness to make political "conscience" decisions regardless of the fallout.

I used to think everyone was willing to do this at some point. Disheartened to learn yet again that most prefer to stay in their tribe.

Oh well.
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18 Feb
(1) I've been reading about some of those already charged from 1/6. I noticed this one because his photo was so... alarming.

In his case there's a range of comments and video to draw on. Including a softball interview from a local conservative media org...
(2) There's this video clip... what a douche. This is why most people don't want to run for office locally. You have to deal with this kind of person.

(3) One of the documents filed in court so far. Compare and contrast with the narrative he wants you to believe (next tweet).

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17 Feb
(1) We all knew there weren't the votes to convict Trump this month. That aside, the events reveal a lot of things about those who were involved.

I've learned how to spot abusive behavior: domestically & politically. This guy is a shocker.

(2) I watched his 7 minute interview with CBS after the trial. I was stunned by the amount of it that exposed van der Veen's attitude to his work.

Trump defenders lauded his performance, saying he "destroyed" the interviewer.

No. It was the opposite.

(3) Van der Veen comes across as a spoilt child. He doesn't need to; he would be far more effective in his work if behaved at least a little bit professionally.

He loses his cool and plays the victim.

Observing "playing the victim" is a very good way to spot an abuser.
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16 Feb
TY, longsuffering US Secret Service for all the times you have to go above & beyond for protectees, (incl Ds & Rs, BTW.)

Every time Trump drives close to crowds, esp. without warning, he makes their job harder.

Even if he paid for private security, the agency can't let him.
Just to clarify, the Secret Service protection for every former POTUS & FLOTUS for life is done for the benefit of the country.

The agency cannot end it when a protectee demands. If Trump wants that then Congress will have to decide what to do.

He should back the blue.
Trump promised to back the blue and used terms like "always" hundreds of times, including a few short months ago.

He broke this promise, multiple times, not just on 1/6, though that is the most egregious example.

That alone is reason enough to leave him. And it takes courage.
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15 Feb
(1) Thread: Why it might be a good idea for you to look at these photos and share the link.

Below I list some reasons and offer points on replying to the usual criticisms about it.

(2) Some of the pix are very clear and if you know of the person you will easily recognize them.

There's an old saying "snitches get stitches." We each have a choice whether we want to help the cops prevent crime & maybe even save lives, or not.

Both options carry some risk.
(3) It is possible to anonymously report info to law enforcement. If you want to, then don't use your own phone, etc.

Giving them your name and details can be helpful if they want more info later. Alternatively, putting it in writing gives you greater control of your message.
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15 Feb
(1) Thoughts from a radical centrist in 2021.

I never liked that kind of label but it's one of a few that partially express where I'm at.

I'm a conservative & not a "centrist" by ideology. But I become an independent to escape the extremism of the far right AND the far left.
(2) I say this bc my online life became less easy when I started speaking up about the events that led to the 1/6 Capitol riot.

I'm not complaining about that. I knew it'd happen & I did it anyway.

I was a firm Trump fan bc of his policy results. Then he let the mask drop.
(3) In before the far left tell me I'm evil because I once supported Trump...

Have you ever changed your mind about something? We all have.

If you want to stop the carnage you should embrace folk like me. We can help those who want peace.
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