The situation is Texas is absolutely abominable. But I want you to also know that this Native community in Alaska has not had water for 35 days.
It took @GovDunleavy THREE WEEKS to declare a state of emergency. Well, actually the community declared it themselves. But he still has NOT SENT ANY HELP.

He apparently believes that hauling ice from the river, polluted by nearby gold mining btw, and boiling it is 👌🏾

35 days.
Of course when the small town of Haines, AK had heavy rainfall that led to landslides this time last year, the Coast Guard was immediately sent with aide. Haines is 80% white, 10% Native.

The people of Haines have sent supplies to help Tulukvak. @GovDunleavy has not.
As of 3 days ago, the community only had 2 bottles of water per person left.

There were 14 pallets of water waiting to be flown to their airport from Anchorage. Their choice was $23K shipping or $35k shipping.

They begged the state to help them ship it. They are still waiting
Please follow @AdriftAlchemist (Tlingit Alaskan Tribe/Lakota) for updates. She has organized the relief efforts including gofundme and Amazon wishlist. She is also advocating between the tribe and the state as well as the tribe and corporate donations.…
Update: the 14 pallets of donated water made it there. 🙌🏾
@AdriftAlchemist Ugh! I meant Dakota! She’s Dakota not Lakota! DUH NOT LUH!
To be clear, I am certainly not saying the situation in Alaska is *worse* than Texas. I do not mean to make a comparison. But I hope people will be as aware of the situation that is happening there as they are of Texas. My point is only that they are *both* in crisis.

• • •

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9 Dec 20
Women do so much emotional labor for men and then when you are going through something they are like “Ew. ✌🏾”
Women do so much emotional labor for men and then when you are going through something they are like
Women do so much emotional labor for men and then when you are going through something they are like
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6 Dec 20
That’s not even the whole conversation. I just. Like...

Is this why no one wears a mask?!
GUYS. Image
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14 Oct 20
The comments on this thread are INFURIATING. It is people (mostly Black Americans) saying that Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal people), Torre Strait Islanders, and Melanesians are not allowed to self-identify as black.

Let me give you a quick lesson on why they can and do.
First Europeans arrived in Australia in 1606, permanent settlement by British started in 1788. They identified indigenous people, whose skin was black, as black people. So in our racial system, they are black. They were called black and refered to themselves as black just like us
Present-day Aboriginal Australians, Torre Strait Islanders and Melanesians come in many different shades, like American black people, bc of same traumas that caused intermixing here. They were subjected to genocide, then slavery, then apartheid/segregation, and now incarceration.
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11 Oct 20
*Yawn* 🥱
Call me when it’s Hatshepsut or Nefertari or Nzinga or a Candace of Meroe or literally any other African Queen.
Hatshepsut - ruled Egypt c. 1479 – 1458 BC. Took the religious ideology back to a female godhead to show the legitimacy of her authority. Eventually declared herself a man and ruled as Pharoah. Most prolific builder of architecture in ancient Egypt. And she had many lovers.
Nefertari, the Great Royal Wife of Rameses II. Unusually educated for a woman of her time, she could read & write in hieroglyphics. Bc of this, she aided the King in diplomacy. He had a temple built in her honor and she has the largest and most elaborate tomb in Valley of Queens.
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19 Aug 20
I’ve talked a bit about my family, the Pamunkey tribe’s historic anti-blackness, and the enrollment case for which we have enlisted the help of Congresswoman @RepGwenMoore and a tribal lawyer, but now I want to take time to explain the whole story.
First off, here is an article with an interview with my cousin Jasmine Anderson that will provide a lot of background. It’s two pages,
The Pamunkey are a tribe in Virginia. We are the tribe of Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan, first contact with the English at Jamestown. At that time we were a Confederacy of over 30 independently governed tribes in villages and cities in what is currently MD/VA/NC.
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23 Jun 19
Native American history is largely unknown in this country. Like deeply deeply misunderstood.

White people don’t know Native history.

Black people also don’t know Native history because they learned it from white people.

Please understand that.
My sist & i have been helping an elder Wampanoag woman build her website. She is a master Chef trying to secure funds to open a living history site that would teach traditional, sustainable agriculture and foodways.

I have to start by explaining what the hell a Wampanoag is.
Like literally, the Wompanoag were the first to meet the Pilgrims. They are the reason they survived.

Every Thanksgiving Americans eat Wompanoag foods - roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, acorn squash, Indian pudding.

You know nothing about them. Nothing.
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