Just to be clear:

In January, Texas Republicans introduced a bill to secede from the United States.

Yesterday, the Texas governor and both senators (including .@tedcruz) asked Biden for an emergency declaration because their private electrical grid failed.
Texas created a privatized grid to avoid any federal regulations. (Maybe instead of building a wall they should have built a better grid... just a thought.)

Several years ago, Cruz voted against federal relief for New England states affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Last year during rolling blackouts in California, Cruz, and several other Texas Republicans shredded California Democrats for supposedly being at fault for the outages.

Texas, a red state, did not go for Biden.

However, President Biden granted the emergency declaration
without making fun of Texas, or bringing up the secession bill, or pointing out all the shit Cruz has said about him, and without criticizing the state’s decision to get off the national grid to evade federal regulations.

He just did it.

Which is what REAL presidents DO!
And he didn’t pat himself on the back for it either.

Or brag about it.

He just did it. Because Texas are Americans, and hurting, and he's president of ALL Americans - not just the ones who voted for him.

Just to be clear.

• • •

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15 Feb
For everyone upset because the Dems did not call witnesses (I was) here's some clarification from several sources, including Del. Stacey Plaskett:

1) We would not have seen witnesses testify in the Senate, the way we saw them testify in the House during the first impeachment.
The Senate rules do not allow for that. The witnesses would have given depositions, which would have been entered into the record.

2) It was not certain that the possible witnesses were willing to testify. If they were unwilling, subpoenas would have to be fought out
in the courts, and we know that could have dragged things out for weeks, or longer.

3) Because these witnesses had not been pre-examined by the House Managers, they were not certain of exactly how they would testify. We all assume that Pence would have been a great witness
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14 Dec 20
Posted by a poll worker:
It was only a small thing, but it was important to me.
I worked to help make sure that every vote, EVERY VOTE, was properly cast and counted. I trained for and worked the Voter Protection lines for ALL voters.
I answered questions and logged issues and looked up regulations and doubled checked registrations and ballot acceptance without prejudice for party affiliation.
I did the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons.
And now this President, along with 126 members of Congress, are saying that my work was a part of, and party to, a fraud. That I helped rig an election. That my work was dishonest and dishonorable. Along with all of my fellow Voter Protection workers,
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8 Nov 20
This great post is from #RebeccaSolnit, all her words, not mine:

"The middle ground is not halfway between Nazis and antiracists. The reasonable position is not a compromise between rapists and feminists, slaveowners and abolitionists, Natives and General Crook.
The truth is not midway between the liar and the truthteller. That has to be a factor in all those calls for reaching out and unity.

"The murderer and his intended victim don't have to agree on what's right.
The people who were harmed don't have to reach out to those who did the harming. The people who told the truth don't need to make liars feel better about themselves or what they said. Those who were targeted by this war don't have to do all the peacemaking.
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7 Nov 20
Thread on White House Transition process:

On March 4th 1801 the second president of the United States - John Adams - refused to hand over office to his main rival at the 1800 election, Thomas Jefferson.

The rule of "midday January 20" had not yet been written.
Despite his stubbornness, THE OFFICE SIMPLY LEFT HIM!

Adams was the first president to reside at the new official residence

After Jefferson's swearing in - which the incumbent refused to attend - White House staff began removing Adam’s belongings from the WH.
All security organs ended all official communication.

All presidential staff stopped taking instructions from Adams – THE OFFICE MOVED.

Since then, all WH incumbents prepare early to leave in case they see signs of losing,
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30 Sep 20
From Bill Svelmoe, history prof. at Notre Dame.

A few thoughts on #AmyConeyBarrett

- She's a done deal. Dems shouldn't waste time attacking her character, or her religion, or on how she will vote on hypothetical cases.
The #PeopleofPraise isn't a cult. I've had half a dozen of their kids in my classes... these have been among the best students I've ever had. Extremely bright. Careful critical thinkers. Wonderful writers. I loved having them in class. So don't go after the People of Praise.
By all accounts Barrett walks on water. I've had that in a roundabout way from people I know at Notre Dame, including from folks as liberal as me, who actually look forward to seeing her on the court. I have no first hand knowledge of her, but take the above for what you will.
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