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Color me shocked.

“The GOP memo falsely pinned the El Paso massacre and other notable mass shootings on the left.”…
Article continued:
Congressional Republicans recently circulated talking points on gun violence that falsely described the El Paso massacre and other mass shootings as “violence from the left.”
A document obtained by the Tampa Bay Times and sent by #HouseRepublicans provides a framework for how to respond to anticipated questions like, “Why won’t you pass legislation to close the ‘gun show loophole’ in federal law?” and “Why shouldn’t we ban high-capacity magazines?"
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#Charlottesville 2 yrs old, myths live on. Is it time to consider charging #JasonKessler #UniteTheRight for sedition? His impractical #racist political strategy rejected by vast majority of #Republicans #Democrats, minority groups. "Fire in a crowded theater" is not free speech.
1. The case for sedition rests on premise that #JasonKessler was well aware, by virtue of education, that #UniteTheRight would fail. Motive obscure, but permit was obtained under false pretense. Recent history as #Democrat and #Occupy operative suspicious.
2. Damage to life and property in #Charlottesville rises to the level of a severe disturbance, 3 dead, 19 injured, property damage. #AntifaTerrorists arrival on day 2, not unexpected, showed callous disregard for public safety. Kessler UVA Charlottesville grad knew limitations
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10 years ago #DHS sent American law enforcement agencies an intelligence briefing warning of a rising threat of #domestic #RightWing #extremism, including #WhiteSupremacist #terrorism.
#economicrecession & election of America’s 1st #blackpresident fertile ground #radicalization
Military #veterans returning from #Iraq & #Afghanistan, would be attractive #targets for #recruitment, #Republican #politicians & #conservativepundits reacted with outrage & demanded a retraction. The small team of domestic terrorism analysts who had produced report was disbanded
and analysts were reassigned to study #Muslim #extremism, according to Daryl Johnson, the career federal intelligence analyst who had led the team, By the next year, Johnson had been forced out of the #DHS altogether..
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Yep, it's ANOTHER thread, this time about #studentloans and #debtcollectors.
Among all the usual stuff about how the whole "debt collection" business is 99% scammers and frauds masquerading as legit companies,…
and how the Trump administration is trying to legally protect their "right" to commit fraud, I found this stat that places a whole new spin on the "let's forgive student loan debt" argument.
#studentloans #debtcollectors
Show this to your angry older relatives who say "this will just reward lazy young people who got foolish degrees":
"According to a 2018 study by four bankruptcy law professors, the number of people ages 65 to 74 filing for bankruptcy has tripled since 1991,
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Star Wars in Iraq 2003 Silent Laser Microwave Energy.

What happened in Iraq, it was done last year in Paradise, wild fires that killed thousands of people & destroyed around 10k homes by the foreign Corporation The United States.
This clip below Lockheed Martin boast about their directed Energy Weapons.
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@Kris_Sacrebleu We should expect a ‘rhyming’ of our mid-19th century era surrounding our Civil War.
The #GOP (POTrump-#Republicans) shall end, leaving a blessed ‘conservative power drought’ lasting about as long as the Lincoln-to-Arthur 24-yr. GOP dominant era; we’ve no time for conservatism.
@Kris_Sacrebleu 👉🏼There will be far too much to prosecute, legislate for, and plan if we are to last another century.
Do NOT expect assassinations. Do expect continued domestic terror and prodding from, . . . wait for it . . . —RUSSIA.
The thing yoking America today, 👇🏼
@Kris_Sacrebleu 👉🏼 as much as slavery once did, is the scourge of #PartyPolitics which bred corporate control via sponsorship; #Democrats thankfully do acknowledge this, so look for the Dems to do the one thing they do best: self-dismantle their own power through #ElectionReform, 👇🏼
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Is a snake.
According to her You are RACIST
If you support
2nd amendment
(protecting your family)
Tax cuts
Against abortions ,
defunding @PPFA
I'm sick of this #Democrats
calling everything racist game.

@Cordicon @seanhannity @RealMattCouch
Has ALOT to hide.
We all know @realDonaldTrump
Is NOT #Racist
Thank You to social media, we no longer have to listen to #FakeNewsMedia
And washed up has been actors.
Race baiter Middler
@POTUS supporters
#Conservatives have no color
Together we are strong
They want us fighting over race, over colo.
These ppl are sick in the head.
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@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @IlhanMN #Israel is a theocratic apartheid military police state.

People are segregated and one segment of people are reduced to living in dire conditions, suffer human rights abuses and abject poverty. They are beaten back by the military when trying to assert their freedom.
@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @IlhanMN Why we would support ANY theocracy I have no idea, but we also support #SaudiArabia, a theocratic monarchy.

It doesn't make sense, if we support theocracies, why isn't #Iran our ally? Did we have to pick a side and decide to go with Sunnis instead of Shiites?
@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @IlhanMN If the United States separates Church and State according to our constitution, and is devoted to promoting democracy worldwide, we should not be ignoring our values in order to create alliances. If they want to be allies, these countries can change
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Americans are once again allowing the Republican and Democrat party divide us over race, when in fact race is not the issue! Please look at the foreign policies these woman support, and the policies they do not support! This is not about race & we must address the real issues!
@AyannaPressley, @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC.

I ask for Americans to please look at the human policies these woman are addressing. I ask Americans to actually research the US Foreign Policy that causes massive Refugees and Endless War.
I ask Americans to look at who is funding the election campaigns of their representatives. I ask Americans to question why we are continously at war, when it does not benefit the United States! I ask Americans to research the foreign influence that controls US policy!
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@JoeCunninghamSC Surely you’re aware #Lincoln wanted to send all Blacks back where they came from.
“But for your race, there could not be war. Many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Without slavery the war could not have an existence.”…
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln talks to influential Blacks telling them all Blacks should go back where they came from.
“we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. ...this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both,"
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln "I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
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White people and #whiteness are the center of the #tRump presidency. His primary concern is to defend, protect and promote it. Self-identified #Republicans absolutely love him for it.… via @NYTOpinion #RacistInChief #WhiteNationalism
#tRump is otherizing brown-skinned members of Congress by implying they are foreigners who may not love this country.… #Immigrants #RacistInChief #WhiteSupremacy #Republicans
When it comes to #race, #tRump plays with fire like no other president in a century.… #RacistTrump #Republicans #WhiteNationalism
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@abstractheory @4DreamLife @Empire_Gal @ida_skibenes @VP 1)
FYI Google makes it hard to find the truth. Why is that?

Here you go:

13th amendment that abolished #slavery. 100% #Republicans voted for it, 77% of #Democrats voted AGAINST it.
@abstractheory @4DreamLife @Empire_Gal @ida_skibenes @VP 2)
14th amendment gave citizenship to all blacks. 94% Republicans voted for it & every Democrat voted AGAINST it.
@abstractheory @4DreamLife @Empire_Gal @ida_skibenes @VP 3)
15th amendment grants blacks the right to vote. 100% Republican voted for it. Every Democrat voted AGAINST it.
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The professional politicians have done an excellent job of splitting up the issues to keep the citizens fighting with each other so we don’t focus on the fact that they are the problem, not us.
The professional wrestling promoters know that good fighting evil and prompting the audience to be involved in the action will keep people engaged. Our career politicians know it, too.

Without a crisis to engage the public, the career politician is less significant.

#ManufacturedCrisis are common in politics - They provide another more sinister advantage to the professional politician: misdirection and sleight of hand.

Both sides do it

They do it because there are no #TermLimits

#WeThePeople can put an end to it


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"De facto" is a type of law (Not true law- Legislative statutes/codes #Corporate policy) this current system operate on from the President all the way down to the lowest Village clerk. "Totalitarianism" describes their actions.
PROOF the current system is UNLAWFUL & usurped our republican form of governments during the Reconstruction Act of 1867 to force the 14th Amendment.

Read the description of the current system by the Supreme court.
Click below 👇.
The current system is totalitarianism and our Nations are occupied by usurpers 👉 #Democrats and #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37) via the Reconstruction Act of 1867 & The never ratified 14th Amendment.
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Fascism exists in all parts and parties in the Totalitarian system. Of course, if you do not support/100% with the right fringe conservative communists then you are a left wing socialist communist. But…if you don’t 100% agree with the left wing socialist communist. Then you...
...must be a racist, fascist right wing conservative communists. The fact is they are all fascist communists. ~ Steve

The current system is Totalitarianism and our Nations are occupied by usurpers 👉#Democrats and #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37) via The Reconstruction Act of 1867 & The never ratified 14th Amendment.
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This whole deep state thingy is hilarious. So many people are brainwashed to believe, for example, #Trump Vs Deep State/Communist-Left. The system will not go against their own. I mentioned many times the current system is...
...totalitarianism and our Nations are occupied by usurpers 👉#Democrats and #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37).
Think about it, you work for the mifia and you go at war against them. Wake up folks.

While you keep falling for the illusion of choice... when you go out & vote you are maintaining the same De facto/ Totalitarian system over, and over, and over.
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White women & Black women bought into gender politics. Hillary was supposed to win for her sex, not her politics or ability. Clearly she had no ability, no charisma, & no empathy for other women other than #Democrats Her big reveal happened when she called
2/ #Republicans “Deplorable.” We loved it. We wore it as a Badge of Honor. She couldn’t overcome her deliberate misuse & destruction of government property, or her deliberate mishandling of to secret documents. She proved incapable at the job. The only decent thing Jim Comey
3/ ever did was downplay her ignorant actions & report her “careless” disregard for agents in the field by putting their lives in danger. THAT raised critical questions about #Hillary ‘s ability, regardless of gender. She was unfit for office, man or woman. And she was ALWAYS
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It is time that we as #Americans take a long hard look in the mirror. The #Republicrat #duopoly has and is failing us. How long do we suffer oppression voluntarily under their thumb? Have we no self respect? No sense of self worth?
If we vote lesser evil over and over and are continually failed by those sworn to represent us do we continue to vote in the same way or do we 'throw off such government' and 'alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government'?
There are a number of ways we could 'institute new government' we could do it through bloody coup, a civil war... These are ugly and profane to American ideals. We could however vote for someone from a party that is not currently represented in the federal government.
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The Trump Regime approved the transfer of #nuclear technology to #SaudiArabia seven times!

Trump is risking #War with #Iran because he states, “we just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons - not too much to ask.” 

How can Americans believe this lie?
2015 Hillary Clinton's email.

What Israel military leaders really worry about -- but cannot talk about is loosing their nuclear monopoly!

The Yinon Plan, a strategy intended to ensure Israel’s regional superiority in the Middle East that involves breaking apart the Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Egypt into smaller & weaker sectarian states.…
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I read an article this afternoon in our local rag, the Star. The headline caught my eye, “Caravan Leader’s Absence Pervades Warren Trial.” The leader of last years’ caravan, in 2018, was Ireneo Mujica, who led the Soros backed group, Pueblo Sin Fronteras. (City without Borders)
2/ In 2018 he was scurrying around Mexico locating “migrants” & helping them cross the border. He did this multiple times, & was finally taken into custody, where the Feds knew of his activities but ultimately let him go. Now, he is unable to be found. The Warren trial
3/ involves Mujica, Warren & a couple of migrants ((Kristian Villanueva from El Salvador, & Jose Goday from Honduras) who entered a gas station at Why. This is near the the border towns of Lukeville, Sonoita, and Why, Arizona. On questioning, they said
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The current system is totalitarianism and our Nations are occupied by usurpers and illegal immigrants. #Democrats and #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37).

To verify Totalitarian Party
Here's a definition of a totalitarian from  Merriam-Webster 1828

Totalitarian 1a : of or relating to centralized control by an autocratic leader or hierarchy : authoritarian, dictatorial; especially : despotic
b : of or relating to a political regime based on subordination...
...of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation especially by coercive measures (such as CENSORSHIP and TERRORISM)
2a : advocating or characteristic of totalitarianism
b : completely regulated by the state.
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I know a lot of my followers can't comprehend how evil this system we empower and some of my followers get it. I want be clear when I say the current system is totalitarianism and #Democrats & #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 §...
...1101(a)(b)(37) & under the 14th Amendment that includes Trump or whoever sits in that oval office. I know half of my followers are right wingers & may not like what I stated. Folks, you want to take the next step towards freedom, then you must let go of everything what...
3) were told through public school or any university about the current system. What boils down to is your pride. So, which do you prefer pride or freedom?
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The current system is totalitarianism and our Nations are occupied by usurpers and illegal immigrants. #Democrats and #Republicans are both part of the totalitarian party United States Code Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37).
What I tweeted above doesn't registered to a lot of people due to your marxist programs. When I say the current system is totalitarianism that includes any sitting President under the never ratified 14th Amendment. If you read Title 8 § 1101 (a)(b)(37). The part "systems of...
...government". Anyone from the federal corporation to the state houses,court houses & police stations are part of totalitarian system. This is NOT the original system from the founders. I tweeted a lot on the Reconstruction Acr of 1867 that our republican form of governments..
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