in december, i proposed a new method for measuring electoral strength (see quoted tweet). now here is the data, updated with new york final results and corrected new mexico results, with analysis and highlights:

so the best-performing dem incumbents are:
case (hi-2), 8.26% above biden
golden (me-2), 8.19%
higgins (ny-26), 7.20%
cuellar (tx-28), 6.79%
meng (ny-6), 6.29%
brindisi (ny-22), 5.65%
peterson (mn-7), 5.54%
s garcia (tx-29), 5.14%
harder (ca-10), 5.07%
chuy garcia (il-4), 5.05%
best republicans:
stewart (ut-2), with his opponent 14.21% under biden
katko (ny-24), 10.4%
lahood (il-18), 9.8%
a smith (ne-3), 8.97%
g graves (la-6), 8.95%
curtis (ut-3), 8.39%
fitzpatrick (pa-1), 7.98%
upton (mi-6), 6.67%
bacon (ne-2), 6.02%
crenshaw (tx-2), 5.82%
we see this as a combination of biden's hispanic/asian weakness/strong incumbents, and also mormons in utah.
weakest d incumbents:
omar (mn-5), -15.21%
mfume (md-7), -6.15%
veasey (tx-33), -6.11%
waters (ca-43), -5.12%
d davis (il-7), -4.88%
cox (ca-21), -4.66%
cisneros (ca-39), -4.62%
craig (mn-2), -4.54%
roybal-allard (ca-40), -4.18%
mccollum (mn-4), -4.11%
here we have strong challengers/weak incumbents (california), strong third party challenges (minnesota, but omar's drop is too big for that to explain it all), and money funneled into viral r candidates (waters, mfume). i'm curious about veasey, in a majority hispanic district
weakest rs:
mooney (wv-2), -4.18% (4.18% d overperformance)
miller (wv-3), -3.26%
desjarlais (tn-4), -2.70%
young (ak-al), -2.48%
lamalfa (ca-1), -1.99%
hagedorn (mn-1), -1.76%
gaetz (fl-1), -1.60%
hudson (nc-8), -1.17%
mckinley (wv-1), -0.82%
joyce (pa-13), -0.79%
we've got the usual suspects in desjarlais/mooney, but the whole wv delegation is here, and now i'm wondering if @lxeagle17 might have some thoughts with this residual downballot performance relative to stabilization of elasticity of the state

and who's john joyce?
now for the losing incumbents (all dem) and the freshmen (mostly r; 34 of them). with this we want to see just how strong the incumbents really were, and how potentially weak the freshmen can be. recall the average adjusted relative performance is -0.69%:
losing incumbents:
dem freshmen (look at frank!):
r freshmen:

(and issa/sessions aren't true freshmen, so their relative strength speaks a lot about their opponents/their personal weakness)
now we explore, in the runup to performance relative to ideology, just a very linear graph of the whole caucus as of the end of the last congress:
and then we have dem incumbent performance in r-contested swing districts (d+5->r+5 per daily kos, including all d incumbents who lost) relative to ideology (greater is more conservative). the slope is slightly positive.
there are, of course, caveats--the sample size of votes isn't great, because dems only controlled 1/3 of elected government, for one--but the trend is there.
then the democratic misses:
columns are district, r-incumbent, d-challenger, 16/20 DK PVI, and adjusted relative performance:

which goes to show that for all the contention about kara eastman on here, dana balter should take like twice the heat
@Aseemru not sure if you're interested in the arizona performances

• • •

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18 Feb
16 members of the majority coalition have received chairmanships. this includes seat-flippers schrage (25, community+regional affairs) and snyder (27, HSS). of the 16, ivy sponholz holds two chairmanships; map of chairs below
red--1 chair
blue--2 chairs ImageImageImage
this is a map tracking number of committee memberships, which is a good way to see seniority/leadership/marginal members.

red-1 seat

only rep. drummond (d-18, anchorage) has 4 memberships; this includes a committee chair. ImageImageImage
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23 Jan
there's a lot of punditry about the relative strength of progs/mods in swing districts floating around the tl, so here's some data i collated to help center the discussion around data instead of preexisting ideology. the greater the ideology score, the more conservative (1/2)
this sample is of dem incumbents in districts r+5 to d+5, with a three extra inclusions of incumbents targeted not in that range (mn-7, me-2, ok-5)
more analysis of adjusted relative performance to come tomorrow. questions welcome
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22 Jan
janet yellen should have a more difficult confirmation, but should be fine, getting at least, i think, 53 yeas;
collins, murkowski, young

R-can't tell:
sasse, burr, grassley, romney, lankford
update: grassley said that he'll vote yea, which leads me to believe that yellen will probably get 8+ r votes. still relatively narrow, but nothing we won't see with neera tanden
committee results:

Ayes: Grassley, Crapo, Cornyn, Thune, Burr (proxy), Portman, Toomey, Scott, Cassidy,
Lankford, Daines, Young, Sasse, Wyden, Stabenow, Cantwell, Menendez, Carper, Cardin
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22 Jan
it's unfortunate to see that the jones act enjoys substantial support in congress; sen. cantwell confirmed buttgieg's support for it this morning; pete defazio supports it too

perhaps once puerto rico is enfranchised, they can unite with alaska and hawaii to protest it
it's like the most prescient example of protectionism fucking ourselves over, but it's not like puerto rico or distant territories are truly american anyways lol
in any case i expect buttigieg's confirmation to be ~84-16; opposing:
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riqui puig is already tearing shit up
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-this commentator on premier sports 2 is incompetent
my god koeman really took puig off what the hell
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