Japanese fighting game roundtable with members of Namco, Capcom, SNK, Arc System Works & Arika begins in ~2 minutes, English restream here twitch.tv/bandainamcous

there will be announcements from multiple companies in the latter half of the show (some of which /haven't/ leaked)
re: the EN commentator's claim that Tekken pioneered wifi indicators in Japan... didn't DOA do that way before they did?
announcements are starting now, expectations will be s h a t t e r e d
Tekken DLC chara teaser... (fictional) Polish prime minister lady?
Fighting EX Layer Another Dash for Switch!
they posted a JP blurb for all of five seconds but it seems this is basically based on the beta build you may have played on PC several months ago, I saw "the best of both worlds" so maybe it'll also include the OG version?
they started this port a month ago(!) and it'll either be out on, or have a release date, by April 1
SNK "announcements":
SvC Match of the Millennium trailer
Chamcham gameplay reveal
Guilty Gear chara's coming to Samsho season 3! (gotta be Baiken, right?)
Chizuru's in KOFXV, Sacred Treasures team confirmed
Arksys announcements:
big Blazblue sale on JP Switch eShop
various merch (Seiko GG watch, nendo, etc)
you know which character they announced
Capcom's just walking through the SFV presentation they did the other day, far as I can tell
they're showing the V-Shift tutorial in English, I think this is new?
watching on and off so sorry if I missed anything... they showed those fan-designed Juri costumes in-game, pretty sure that's new too (or not, I super do not play this game)
they're also doing more discounts and another free trial window

• • •

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18 Feb
the maniac at netlab who wrote the article about how Capcom had to reissue 19XX got to interview the developers of Capcom Arcade Stadium about, among other things, why they decided to include 19XX nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/21…🇯🇵
the genesis of Capcom Arcade Stadium was an edict from Capcom boss Kenji Tsujimoto, who wanted to make Capcom's back catalog more widely available; from 2019, they basically investigated every game Capcom had released to see precisely what could & couldn't be reissued, either...
...due to prohibitive or ambiguous rights issues, technical issues, etc & from there, Capcom Arcade Stadium was devised as a means of releasing something substantive asap

this is the first shot towards mass archival & is separate from the likes of Belt Action Collection et al
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how are y'all liking Capcom Arcade Stadium? if this is your first time experience any or all of these games, or you just want to learn about the making of some of Capcom's all-time classics, there's a ton of relevant material on the @shmuplations archive (thread):
in this article, Capcom arcade leaders Yoshiki Okamoto & Noritaka Funamizu discuss the then-new CPS-1 arcade platform, alongside dev comments for every Capcom arcade game from 1984 to 1990, as well as comments from many of their signature illustrators shmuplations.com/cps1/
here's another, more casual 1991 retrospective with Yoshiki Okamoto, Noritaka Funamizu & Akira Nishitani on the origins of Capcom and many of the games they'd worked on shmuplations.com/capcom1991/
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15 Feb
Kodansha Game Creators Lab, a program offering twice-a-year grants of ¥5m for up to 2 years for select indie devs, as well as one-off ¥5m payments for runners-up, has announced their first batch of winners (bumped up to 7 in each category due to demand) daysneo.com/info/GCL202102…
primary grant #1 went to Hytecka, a dev with a popular following on youtube who's been attempting to make "the world's most interesting action-RPG", taking cues from Monster Hunter, For Honor, Souls, etc
primary grant #2 went to ramuramu of Fantasy Factory, creator of freeware RPGs including their latest WIP effort, the action-RPG Yuuen Monogatari (fan-translated as "Faraway Story") fa2.s372.xrea.com/es/download.htm
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9 Feb
Sega AM2 veteran Daichi Katagiri spoke to IGN about his origins, his dual love of games & cars, working under Yu Suzuki, his involvement with series like Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA & his love of the "real-time puzzle game" Outrun famitsu.com/news/202102/09…🇯🇵
on Akira's infamous Doppo Choushitsu input: the initial plan was to give it a 2-frame input window for the negative-edge G at the end but the programmer, who was still thinking in relation to 30FPS a la VF1, said a 2-frame window would be too wide & went with 1 frame, & when...
…he had Katagiri, who was the team's best FG player, test it out, & instead of saying it was ridiculous, he was like "it's tough but I managed to do it", and so it stayed as-is

(for the uninformed, you have to press K+G & immediately release G within 1 frame to do Akira's knee)
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29 Jan
former Raizing designer Mitsuakira Tatsuta has been unearthing lots of old sketches and character concepts from the original Bloody Roar🇯🇵 he says he drew ~300 character ideas in that time, with some (like this koala girl) received more coolly than others
an early version of the mole design that eventually became Bakuryu
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28 Jan
M2's patched six of the Sega Ages titles for Switch: Thunder Force IV/Lightening Force, Phantasy Star, Outrun, Gain Ground, Puyo Puyo and Virtua Racing🇯🇵 changes as follows: (thread)
Thunder Force IV: fixed a bug in the opening where a vertical scroll trick wasn't being properly reproduced

Phantasy Star: fixed some PSG noise bugs, as well as other minor fixes

Outrun: fixed a bug that caused ranking data to disappear when the attract demo was left to run for a while, as well as other minor bugs
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