Civil Service increasingly despairing of "Johnson's ability to focus on everyday govt" as he floats ever more stranger ideas - the latest a "giant roundabout under Isle of Man to connect UK countries via interconnecting tunnels" - as part of his "patriotic Union" plan.

Story starting to (partially) seep out now..


Civil service increasingly told to present information in "short easily understandable answers" and to research ever ever more fantastical ideas & "notions" the Prime Minister throws at them at short notice.

Tasked by Boris Johnson to find a way this could work officials have suggested 4 tunnels, starting from Larne, Stranraer, Liverpool & Heysham could be routed via a roundabout at the Isle of Man.

Civil Service staff have termed the scheme "Boris Junction".

It is understood Boris insisted on research for this plan after officials informed him that his previous idea - a direct tunnel from Stranraer to Larne - would be impossible due to the almost 2million tonnes of army munitions dumped in Beauforts Dyke over the last 80 years.

Boris Johnson has become increasingly impatient with his officialls for "not thinking big" & "hindering his plans".

Civil servants have been trying to eliminate the plan from publication, but it looks likely Boris may get his way and open feasibility study announced soon.

Civil servants "afraid to challenge" ideas from the PM on feasibility grounds as Boris Johnson views doubts on these as inherently linked to a defeatist attitude on Brexit and "that we are in danger of not believing in ourselves, not believing in Britain.’

A good graphic on this from the Times.

Apart from the insanity, what strikes me most is the 2 costly tunnels to England when one would do - given the short distance between Heysham & Liverpool.

The only conclusion I can draw is that Boris wanted the symmetry of 4 tunnels.

At this stage its perhaps worth recalling that one of the reasons the PM started floating the tunnel idea was that trade in one of biggest routes (after Dover-France) - the Dublin-Holyhead route - was heavily impacted.

Yet neither Dublin nor Wales are included in this.

• • •

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23 Feb
The British royal family were never really under serious threat from the left.

Most liberals & “do-gooding” lefties are suckers for people who look like they’re trying to make the world a bit better place.

It’s the right wing & nihilistic media that’ll destroy them in the end.

I think as well, many non royalists will be surprised what happens when the Queen passes on.

She is such a cultural & social icon theres likely to be the same effect as when a country loses a chunk of itself - which of course could literally happen at the same time as well.

The Queen passing on the same time as Scotland leaving the union is likely to concentrate minds in 🇦🇺🇨🇦🇳🇿 where the Generation that associates the “shared monarchy” with the war & the “British-heavy” migration of the pre-1970s will have faded into insignificance.
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22 Feb
This is a very curious tweet by the BBC.
To those who know financial sector this is a normal figure for registrations.
It doesn't mean what BBC language is implying.
Nobody expects the City to suddenly collapse - if it did the country would effectively be broke overnight.

The intention of this @BBCNews tweet was to cloud/decieve rather than explain.
The use of phrase "'set to open UK offices'" implies in most peoples minds something other than is likely to be the case in all but a minority of cases.

Its almost disinformation.

By "opening up a 1 000 offices" could quite easily refer to a thousand companies registered to a single address.

In fact after losing several trillion worth of business to Amsterdam this BBC tweet attempts to hide this behind a dodgy stat that most people wont understand..
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22 Feb

Stanley Johnson - the Prime Minister’s father - has had multiple discussions with Chinese state officials on behalf of his son incl. at Chinese embassy at ambassador level & above.

UK officials increasingly concerned Boris is running an “off-books” diplomatic policy.

This “off-books” diplomacy with the Chinese government via the Johnson family goes back “over a year”.

While some media comment has leaked out over the last year or so - most of the reporting - via FT or Guardian for example - has been careful or alternatively played on Stanley’s humorous image.

In fact this action is strictly prohibited precisely because of risks it entails.
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19 Feb
It’s one thing to select guests with a particular bias - it’s bad practice but not uncommon..

...but making this non journalist who simply made up stuff on TV as your political correspondent is signalling that GB News has dispensed with even the lowest of journalistic norms.

There was some talk that the GB News / FOX News comparison was overblown but it should be remembered that many Fox News staff do have a background in genuine journalism.

Tom Harwood is just a political operative who was shown up time & time again for simply making stuff up.

The decision to make Harwood the political correspondent is thus confirmation GB News won’t be run as merely a conservative minded media channel which you could make a case for - but as an anti-journalism outlet for Vote Leave.

Not just Brexit.....but “journalistic-exit”.
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16 Feb
There’s only ever been 3 real Labour govt eras & each time there was a common theme to how they started:

Attlee in the positive post war era
Wilson in the positive mid 1960s era
Blair in the positive late 90s era

Understand this & you get why Labour have to play this carefully.

In bad times swing voters (liberal-Conservatives & socially conservative Labour voters) retrench.

When everyone feels positive about things voters are prepared to be expansive. There’s enough room, money & resources to spend on everyone.
In bad times it’s “me & mine”.

Labours policy of showing competency to better manage Covid & Brexit is thus sound historically.

And, to some counter intuitively, Labour might stand a better chance of getting in if the post Brexit/post vaccine is not not a complete disaster.

How can this be..?
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16 Feb

UK govt has told the 25 leading heritage & culture bodies in UK public life to eliminate left wing “woke” thought & anti British actions which it believes is not in step with post Brexit sentiment.

Culture minister Oliver Dowden to personally coordinate the campaign.

Part of this camüpaign will involve coordination with Dept for Education to see that "all views represented" & giving speakers the "automatic right" to claim compensation should a university or educational inst. decide to retract appearance due to political considerations.

Govt plan is also based on outlawing any govt funding in heritage area that could “be used politically” or on “political themes.”

Upcoming coordination by culture & Dept of education planned for early next week aimed at “turning the tide” on culture.
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